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An Urgent Warning to Save Your Life

Video (10:02)

In my career of over five decades, I have researched and presented a vast amount of information on natural health and well-being, as well as about public poisons, conspiracy and deception. It is understandable yet disappointing to me that seemingly few of my friends and relatives have realized the importance of and investigated this crucial information.

I believe we who are alive at this time are here for the purpose of participating in a major transformation of humanity to a higher awareness.

However, we have been seriously misguided and manipulated by an international criminal cult, a cabal of elitists with wealth and power that controls finances, food, technology, the media, the medical tyranny, and many major corporations, governments and militaries.

These hidden controllers have used falsehood, bribery, seduction, blackmail, threat, fear, mind control and murder to drive their agents, placed in institutions throughout society, and guide the rest of us to a false reality of nescience (inability to know) or ignorance (unwillingness to know) regarding what is really going on.

In an incremental secret war against the people, these psychopaths want massive depopulation of the planet and full spectrum control of those remaining.

For decades they have been using psychological, legal and financial tricks, fraud, propaganda, brainwashing, unneeded regulations and secret technologies, as well as electromagnetic frequencies, vaccines, medicines and other public poisons, all to implement this totalitarian system.

My websites, ebooks and courses provide much background, details and resources for understanding all this. We must learn about it to break their spell, raise consciousness and move on to greateer awareness and a better planet. Otherwise, the evil cult may eliminate real natural humans.



The urgency is now so great that I must urge you to jump directly to a more intensive level of knowledge regarding the dangers of the current “pandemic”.

We are being seriously misled about COVID, which is a technology, NOT A VIRUS, the shot, which is NOT A "VACCINE", and even the PCR "test", which is not a valid means of diagnosis.

The injection is designed for genetic modification of those who receive it as victims of depopulation eugenics, setting up future immune distress, infertility and possible early death. Another purpose is to infest the recipient with nanobots, leading to survivors gradually becoming mind-controllable cyborgs through advanced nanotech.

This may sound like a sci-fi novel, but it is reality.

Do not trust the untruthful officials at the CDC, FDA, WHO, Fauci, Gates, etc., or their falsified numbers and the fear-based propaganda fed through the controlled media and complicit government functionaries.

The ties of the pharmaceutical industry to the media and to longstanding organizations favoring eugenics and depopulation needs to be understood. It is all controlled by a cultic cabal of corrupt psychopaths.

It is crucial you explore this information as soon as possible to have a hope of protecting yourself and your loved ones from complete domination by biological warfare and artificial intelligence. You must learn what the media and false authorities are not telling you.

Distraction, normalcy bias, cognitive dissonance and ignorance are no longer options or we will all soon be hybrid cyborgs -- biological robots with no personal thought or soul connection to others and to God.



The long pre-planned COVID project incorporates hidden technologies for insidious purposes.

Regular vaccines have been fraudulently promoted and administered for population control purposes all along. However, the rapidly-developed COVID products are NOT REALLY VACCINES.

A vaccine is a preparation that when administered is considered to prevent infection and transmission of an agent of disease, such as a bacteria or virus. However, none of these promoted “vaccine” products do that. In fact, they transmit a much worse disease.

Further, these insufficiently-tested new technologies are only approved for “emergency use” by the FDA. Those taking them are like guinea pigs in an unprecedented mass experiment.

Like all medicines and vaccines, these contain poisonous chemicals and biological contaminants.

Worse, these MRNA type products, never before used on humans, are forms of genetic modification that will set up additional medical treatment down the road and foster infertility, unless or until it results in early death.

Synthetic biology nanobots, programmable microscopic robots with carrying capacity, will deliver agents into cells that can alter cellular DNA to produce foreign proteins that may evoke chronic auto-immune stress, inflammation and possibly death.

These nanobots are also able to self-assemble into structures and affect the nervous system, which would lead to serious trouble ahead. Programmed by artificial intelligence through wi-fi, these high-tech invaders could gradually influence thoughts and emotions.

Grasping this may be a shock, especially for those who have already accepted the gene modification treatment being falsely promoted as a vaccine that will protect you.

Whistleblowers claim that the effects of this intervention are irreversible. Do not despair though, I believe that there are advanced holistic natural protocols that can help.

Awareness about this attempted takeover of humanity is growing rapidly. An expanding network of good people are cooperating and organizing to reveal more and more details of the secret cabal and their evil plans and deeds, and exploring options for making things better.

We are on this planet at this time to experience and correct this elaborate exploitation of humanity, which also includes despicable human trafficking.

When enough people are awakened and informed, this great crime of human history can be stopped. The sunshine will expose the creatures of the dark and chase them away.

We must work together to raise consciousness and end this awful tyranny with determined action out of loving kindness and dedication to the creative awareness of God.

Please take the time to view the powerful videos below for disturbing revelations about the COVID operatrion that you must know and share immediately.

Then you can research the rest of the information about this and many other challenges and responses I have compiled for you through other posts here as well as ebooks, articles and resources at and my other websites.



Injuries from the COVID Shot:


Real Experts’ Opinions on COVID and the "Vaccines":

NOTE: Some of the professionals appearing in the video above still accept other vaccines as beneficial, without realizing that they have been previously misled. Nearly all vaccines are contaminated with serious health-threatening poisons, and now flu shots and childhood vaccines may have the hydrogel with polyethylene glycol and nanobots added as well.

Experts’ Opinions on COVID and the "Vaccines" Update:


Powerful Video on Dangers of COVID Test and the "Vaccines":

(NOTE: The narrator is too harsh on those who have been misled, but the information is extremely important.)


WHO Whistleblower + Intl. Legal Team on Gates, GAVI, WHO and the "Vaccine":


MUST SEE!: Wise Doctors Give History of False Vaccine Theory & Its Consequences:


Humans in Great Danger - Audio - Listen (7:33)

warning, cabal, depopulation, control, pandemic, COVID, vaccine

Learn more about the staged pandemic, the cabal of control and the many other challenges we are facing at: (NOTE: I provide a vast collection of resources regarding viruses and vaccines linked at the end of the pandemic article.)

Please visit for outstanding natural health information and products.


Whole Health

Listen (5:16)


The concept of “holistic health” was developed in the 1970’s. Greater understanding of the effects of mental and emotional states on physical health and vice versa was explored.

Better health on every level of our being is the purpose of the holistic approach. Improvement in well-being is achieved in attending to the health of the “whole self “, understanding the effects of diet, poisons, stress and lack of exercise on health.

The real self is the center of our awareness and the individual agent of our holistic natural wisdom. That wisdom is enhanced by shared knowledge and experience. One’s true self can be the guide for the process of life improvement.

This will be greatly facilitated by pursuing the principles of holistic natural health wellness.


Distress is the Disease

A basic maxim of holistic natural health is that there is only one dis-ease, “distress of the organism”. Like a shaky card table that would easily tip over from imbalance with faulty legs, there are four interrelated vulnerabilities of distress that can undermine health. These are toxins, malnutrition, tension from anxiety and inactivity.

Stress and anxiety create acidic body fluids. The waste byproducts of many of the foods that are commonly eaten are also acidic. With all the public poisons in our lives, most of us are quite toxic.

An overly acidic toxic body is unhealthy. The immune system is weakened, there is more free radical damage and greater susceptibility to cancer and other degenerative disease when the body is under stress and too toxic.

The distress disease can be countered by applying the four basic principles of the holistic natural health wellness protocol: detoxify, nourish, relax and exercise. These principles can be pursued on all levels of the whole self, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of both the individual and society.


Holistic Renewal

Relaxing tension and clearing the concern for what stresses us leads to a calmer approach to life.

Reviewing past problems and traumas with an attitude of acceptance of reality, forgiveness, learning and gratitude for improvement, helps us move on to new experiences with less impairment from recycling our past disturbances.

A healthy attitude, creativity and good thoughts, such as loving kindness, are important.

At the same time, detoxification needs to occur and nourishing nutrition with mostly organic raw natural foods is essential for the physical form to have a long well life.

Walking, hiking and biking outdoors, especially in nature, is holistic exercise that has mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. Yoga and other forms of contemplative exercise are beneficial as well.

whole, health, holistic, natural, nutrition, self, relax, detoxify

Please visit for outstanding natural health information and products, and to learn more about the many challenges we are facing.


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Nutrition, Health and Harmony

A 40 Year-Old Classic by Jon David Miller

In 1978, over 40 years ago, I completed and published Nutrition, Health and Harmony, which was among the popular books of the expanding natural health movement.

The information was new to most people then. Those of us into natural living, recycling, organic foods and gardening were considered eccentric by others. However, we were exhibiting a growing wisdom that continued in other modalities of holistic healing.

Nutrition, Health and Harmony: A Handbook of Natural Health exposes many denatured foods and public poisons. It explains the principles of natural health, and suggests good nutrition and health practices.

A free copy is being included with anyone's first order over $25 in product value (not including shipping) of super foods items sent from our office. This will continue as long as our supply lasts. Only one book is intended per customer.



Holistic Reality Learning Modules


The World's Finest Organic Flax Seed


Super Foods: Flax, Greens, Spirulina, Pollen + More


Superior Home Water Purification



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