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"We are living major history in the making. The deeper you dig and the higher you climb, the more you will learn."

digging deeper, climbing higher, more aware


Grandfather Jon's Homemade Song Videos

Grandfather Jon is recording homemade, close-up videos with his phone, practice performances of original songs. Enjoy the social analysis and life insights of holistic philosophy and thought expressed in these creative songs as they are occasionally improved. Jon is a longtime storyteller, songwriter and performer of acoustic music - blues, ballads, life and inspiration.



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Join the movement to stop the psychopaths. There are many people working to expose their evil deeds, some of which are much worse than described here.

Spreading awareness is primary. Groups are forming everywhere for planning and tactical civic action.

Please pray and meditate on divine assistance. God is helping us.

Be grateful for the opportunity to help expel and eradicate evil from this dimension at this critical time. 



July, 2024:


Double Duping? - (on Brighteon)

 Double Duping? - (on Rumble)

Many online researchers and analysts are convinced that we are not seeing the real Joe Biden, and maybe not always the real Donald Trump either.

Most world leaders have doubles to fill in at events when the real person is unavailable or as a security measure. This has been done for centuries.

With modern high-tech masks as demonstrated in movies and on TV, as well as voice duplication devices, and probable secret cloning technology in play, we can’t be certain who we are really seeing in political or celebrity appearances.

The most important current example is the Biden candidate for president, who may not be the real person appearing on camera in speeches, debates, press statements and interviews.

Many believe the real Joe Biden has already passed on, and that multiple replacement actors are playing the part. Some are convinced that Trump is sometimes represented by a double as well.

Then there is the theory that Biden was never properly inaugurated anyway, and that he is not really the president. Is Donald Trump still the Commander in Chief?

Is there a major historic military-led operation going on to root out traitors and imposters in important positions?

Who is who, and who is making presidential and military decisions? What is really going on?



double, real, leaders, events, security, high-tech, masks, movies, TV, voice, duplication, cloning, political, celebrity, candidates, president, camera, speech, debate, press, interview, replacement, actor, traitor, positions




June, 2024:


Aware More Resources, June 30, 2024 - (on Brighteon)

 Aware More Resources, June 30, 2024 - (on Rumble)


Viruses & Vaccines:

COVID Vax & Sudden Death:


Dr. Drew on Futility of Masks in Preventing Spread of Disease:


Dr. Martin Addressing EU Parliament on COVID:


Dr. Martin on Liability of Pfizer & Moderna:


Ivermectin is a Poison:


Methylene Blue for Parasites, Pain & Brain, Blue Lotus for Calming, Sleep & More:


Other Issues:

Amazing Revelations of Reality Behind the Scenes (poor quality video, but good audio):


Linda Mouton Howe Explains ET Manipulation:


Reptilian Vril Invaded Humanity:


Time Travelers:


Narcissism – Dr. Durvasula:


Historian Mike King Interviewed by Ron Partain:


Mike King on with Patriot Underground about Q and the Show:


Harley Schlanger on the End of the Empire with SGT Report:


Kerry Cassidy Update with Patriot Underground:


Kerry Cassidy Sets the Bar for Truth:


Transhuman Body and Brain Plan of World Economic Forum:


The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg (free PDF)


RF, EMF and Microwave Weapons Against Us:


Liver Cleansing:


Dr. Huberman on What Alcohol Does to You:


Juan O’Savin’ Update with Scott McKay:


Who Is the Real President?:


Mel Carmine with Michael Jaco on XRP & Quantum Financial System:


Roundtable on Behind the Scenes Operation to End the Conglomerate Empire:


virus, vaccine, COVID, vax, death, mask, disease, ivermectin, poison, parasite, quantum, financial, system, liver, alcohol, reptilian, vril, empire, transhuman, EMF, microwave, weapon, president, truth, narcissism



Silent Weapons Against Us - (on Brighteon)

 Silent Weapons Against Us - (on Rumble)

The secret planners behind the cabal that think they are in charge of us all, have a long-term goal of depopulation and control.

Their planned and implemented programs, poisons and frequencies target especially old folks no longer useful in their debt slavery system.

To further their control, they also poison children and young adults to reduce their intelligence, lower their fertility and generate health ailments leading to future medical treatments and profits.

Subjected to fluoride, geo-engineering sprays and other environmental poisons, injected with poisonous concoctions, or killed or harmed in wars, many are weakened or eliminated, and impaired from having children.

Life-span and fertility are limited as health deteriorates to early death.

Since the cabal’s strategy booklet for recruited insiders, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, was developed a half-century ago, their secret weapon technologies used against us, the people, have evolved.

Frequency weapons, nanotechnology, AI, fake personality doubles and deceptive media have been added to the poisons, germ scares, illness, staged events, disasters, distractions, financial fraud, false narratives, and psychological programming they have used to undermine health and thought for decades.

Do you want to be a walking battery powering an internal syn-bio antenna for external control by AI?

We are becoming much more aware of the strategies of cabal planners and the actions of their operatives. The more this awareness expands, the less influence they will have, even to the point of their manipulations being eliminated.

 Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”

5th Gen Warfare










directed energy

artificial intelligence


fear, threat of harm                          division & order out of chaos           

problem-reaction-solution                deception & confusion

economic servitude & poverty        debt-based financial system

taxes & inflation                               money, banking, bonds & interest

crime, criminal operations              fraud, bribery & money laundering

corporate government                     bureaucratic agencies

limited education                              false information                              

propaganda & censorship               media & entertainment       

staged events                                    psy ops & mind control

disasters, shortages                          social disorder

war                                                       reduced rights (eg, Patriot Act)

intelligence operations                     surveillance & interference

politics                                                 legal system

poor food choices                              insufficient nutrition                         

public poisons                                    fluoride, pharma, ag-chem, SAI

technology (nano, syn bio, AI)         medical tyranny & “pandemics”

frequencies                                        cell phones, wi-fi, targeting


weapons, war, cabal, depopulation, control, poisons, frequencies, debt, slavery, fertility, health, medical, fluoride, geoengineering, nano-technology, AI, media, disaster, financial, psychological, wi-fi, crime, politics, legal, pandemic

Public Poisons

a learning module



The Bird Flu - (on Brighteon)

 The Bird Flu - (on Rumble)

“Bird” is the word. You are hearing “bird flu”, also known as “avian flu”, repeated in the deception media frequently now.

The propaganda is underway to suggest another dangerous, highly transmittable “virus” is popping up like popcorn. Is this setting the stage for a new declaration of a “pandemic” before long?

Most of us have not fully realized yet how terrible the COVID experience has been, and especially not how horrific the results yet to come could be. Are the injected slowly developing serious ailments as well as passing harmful toxins to others?

Another round of lab-created biological poisons in the forms of a “virus” and related injections may be devastating.

Like the preplanned COVID experience, which was a dual attack on health and finances, the next intentional disruption is already having its secondary effect. It is decreasing the food supply with the needless culling of many thousands, perhaps millions, of chickens and other livestock.

Will this get to the point of another round of closures, lockdowns, masking and injections? Will the World Health Organization (WHO) take control of our lives and compel more technology shots? Would the horrors that could follow be unbearable?

The crisis that we already face is a greater challenge than any we have faced collectively in our lives.

This medical deception and tyranny must end for humanity to survive and thrive. It is absolutely crucial for enough of us to grasp the gravity of the situation to get this biological horror show stopped before another stage of attack is rolled out.



Cold – Flu – Polio – Epstein-Barr – Lyme – AIDS – SARS – MERS – COVID – Bird Flu – Ebola

genetic modification (GMOs)            nanotechnology

syn bio (modified parasites)            graphene oxide

self-organizing neural networks      frequencies


“At the same time while dealing with a COVID-19 pandemic, we are also on the verge of a hunger pandemic.”

The “World could see famines of ‘biblical proportions’ within months.”

-         David Beasley, Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme


“At least four billion useless eaters shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation. Energy, food and water shall be kept at sustenance levels for the non-elites starting with the white populations of western Europe and North America, and then spreading to other races.

The population of Canada, western Europe and the United States will be decimated more rapidly than the other continents, until the world’s population reaches a manageable level of one billion, of which 500 million will consist of Chinese and Japanese races selected because they are people who have been regimented for centuries and are accustomed to obeying authority without question.”

Klaus Schwabe, COVID-19 - The Great Reset, World Economic Forum


Public Poisons

a learning module



bird, flu, avian, propaganda, pandemic, horror, COVID, poison, virus, injections, health, finance, food, supply, lockdown, mask, control, technology, shots, crisis, medical, ebola, genetic, graphene, nanotechnology



Ending Fascism is the USA - (on Brighteon)

 Ending Fascism in the USA - (on Rumble)

Fascism is an alliance of power between secret societies, government, and/or organizations, and/or corporations in attempted dominance of the population. It might be called falsely legitimized organized crime.

Fascism has been growing in the USA throughout our history, especially since the Civil War. “Operation Paper Clip” that brought Nazis from Germany into positions in the USA after World War II, embedded fascism here more deeply.

Socialism, Communism and Capitalism can and have been blended while tending to fascism.

Fascism is represented in symbol by a hard-to-break bundle of sticks, representing a united coalition. Find the fasces symbol on the back of a dollar bill in the bundle of arrows held in the talon of the phoenix, and in the bundled sticks on the back of a dime, now in the form of a torch.

Fascism in the USA includes leaders of secretive groups, government officials, spy agencies, many bureaucrats, many lawyers, and portions of the media, social media, the military, the courts, the Federal Reserve and major banks, the medical/pharmaceutical conglomerate, and many large corporations in key industries such as oil, chemicals, technology and defense.

The first step of ending fascism is recognizing and exposing it.

Common elements of fascism include:


~ control of information                   ~ deception & fraud


~ control of media                            ~ control of institutions


~ control of law & courts                  ~ control of policing


~ control of money & banking         ~ control of military


~ generation of war profits              ~ control/seizure of property & assets


~ control of taxation                         ~ control of major industries & tech


~ limiting of civil liberties                 ~ ridicule/suppress opposition                 


~ curtailing of rights                          ~ blackmail, threat or termination


The Conglomerate Empire

a learning module


fascism, power, secret, government, corporations, crime, spy, agencies, lawyers, media, military, courts, banks, medical, oil, technology, defense, symbol, money, banking, war, profits, liberties, opposition, rights



May, 2024:


 Aware More Resources - May, 2024 - (on Brighteon)

 Aware More Resources - May, 2024 - (on Rumble)

These resources have been selected to increase awareness and understanding of the current circumstances of our lives and how to deal with them.


parasites, viruses, vaccines, poisons, frequencies, euthanasia, false, bird-flu, narrative, nanotech, bio-weapon, mind-control, chemicals, plastic, bank, failures, squatters, weapons, consciousness, planet-X, cyborg, control, crisis, fluoride, covid


Eleven Great Falsehoods - (on Brighteon)

Eleven Great Falsehoods - (on Rumble)

We live in an era of many false concepts. Most of these have been generated and promoted by the control cabal.

False narratives produce a false reality, in which most people participate, mostly to their disadvantage.

If we can realize the invalidity of some of these false ideas and spread the knowledge, we can break the spell of the fraudsters, protect ourselves and move into a life of reality.


11 Great Falsehoods 

~ U.S., Inc. in Washington, D.C. as legitimate government

~ politicians, bureaucrats, media stars & corp execs as authorities

~ honest, accurate narratives being presented by government & media

~ Federal Reserve Notes & Treasury Bonds as real money

~ Federal Income Tax & IRS as legitimate

~ history & science being accurately portrayed

~ climate change being due to modern lifestyle & carbon emissions

~ “viruses” being a real threat requiring “vaccines” to protect

~ “false flag” staged events like 9-11 & COVID being as described

~ shootings caused by guns being legal to own

~ a religion being the only valid one


falsehood, control, cabal, false, narrative, reality, USA, Washington, government, Federal Reserve, Treasury, money, politician, bureaucrat, media, 9-11, climate, change, lifestyle, shooting, gun, virus, vaccine, religion


 Aware More Resources



Stop the Bio-War - (on Brighteon)

Stop the Bio-War - (on Rumble)

An ongoing series of attacks on the people of this world has been conducted for more than a century by those in positions of power.

Military wars with armaments have been somewhat obvious. However, many of these attacks on the public have been behind-the-scenes in the forms of a “bio-war” incorporating various public poisons, hidden technologies and harmful frequencies.

Biological weapon attacks continue to include poisons in public water, the food supply, the air from pollution and aerosols, and in pharmaceutical medicines and vaccines.

At the same time, since the late 1800’s, a sequence of frequency effects from electric wires, power stations, radio, television, transmission towers, cell phones and wi-fi, have caused physical and mental stress that diminishes health.

Beyond that, mind control methods were developed and expanded with staged terror events, false narratives and propaganda.

Directed Energy Weapons are also at play in weather manipulation, initiating fires and intentional destruction. These attacks often traumatize and even kill people, expanding stress levels.

We need to learn about all this and work together to educate others and stop the perpetrating cabal and these programs seeking to eliminate or control us.



chlorine, fluoride                               lead, mercury, aluminum, barium

sugar, white flour, margarine          junk food

pharmaceuticals, vaccines               nuclear radiation

pesticides, herbicides, DDT              GMOs, glyphosate

plastics                                               household & personal care chemicals

environmental pollutants                 geoengineering aerosols

syn-bio parasites (“viruses”)            nanotechnology, graphene, hydrogel


electric grid                            telephone wires

radio                                       television

radar                                       cell phones

wi-fi                                         transmission towers

                                                         Directed Energy Weapons


    mind control ~ depopulation


bio, war, power, poisons, frequencies, water, food, air, pollution, aerosols, medicine, vaccine, electric, radio, television, cell-phones, wi-fi, nanotechnology, fluoride, nuclear, GMO, glyphosate, geoengineering, parasites, graphene

 Aware More Resources



Deceit Programming - (on Brighteon)

Deceit Programming - (on Rumble)

Deceit is a major tool used by the cabal of control for manipulation of the masses.

The methods, programs and tools of mental influence include: movies, radio, television, mainstream news, pro sports, entertainment, politics, fluoride, aluminum, aspartame, vaccines, medicines, geoengineering aerosols, smart phones, EMF, RF, wi-fi and more.

Most world leaders have doubles. Clones can make an appearance, but may not be able to speak very well.

Many news-dominating events do not happen as described by the advance planners in their narratives.

My policy is to avoid believing what is said or said to happen in politics and the mainstream media.

Those of us awakening to the deceptions would do well to develop creative ways to share this knowledge with others who are less aware.

With enough people knowing the scope of the deception and who is behind it, the process of organizing teams to help change things for the better will be strengthened.


Deceit Programs

“Divide-and-Rule” – “Order-out-of-Chaos” – “Problem-Reaction-Solution”

Deceit– Dis-mis-information – Propaganda – Disruption – Disturbance

Illuminati –Jesuits – Royals – Secret Societies –Think Tanks

United Nations – World Health Org – World Economic Forum

Council on Foreign Relations – Trilateral Commission

Intelligence Agencies – CIA – FBI – MI6 – MI5 – Mossad – etc.

War – “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” – 5th Gen Warfare

Psychological Operations (psyops) – Mind Control Programming

Religion – Media – Sports – Radio – Television – Internet

Politics – Political Parties – History

Consensus Science – Controlled Opposition – Alt Media

Financial Fraud System – Fake Money – Federal Reserve – Corporate Fascism

Economic Crisis – Defaulting Bonds – Inflation

Depopulation – Denatured Food – Public Poisons

Water – Food – Medicine – Air

Syn-bio “Viruses” – Vaccines – GMO – Frequencies

Geo-engineering – “Climate Change” – Weather Warfare – Directed Energy Weapons

Agenda 21 – 2030 Agenda


deceit, deception, propaganda, civil war, FED, income, tax, Internal Revenue Service, Social Security, United States, mind control, science, citizen, corporations, poisons, depopulation, medicine, weapons, geoengineering


Aware More Resources 



April, 2024:


Defeat Deceit - (on Brighteon)

Defeat Deceit - (on Rumble)

In the aftermath of World War II and the rise of Communism, there was a clear perception by most thinking people of the propaganda used by totalitarians and others in positions of influence. People were inclined to question articles, editorials, speeches, etc.

In the 1950’s and 60’s there was still a significant measure of critical thinking built-in to the education process. The ability to identify faulty logic and propaganda fallacy was commonly taught.

Over the last 50 years a gradual transition in education has made it primarily a process of following instructions with authorized information delivered uncritically to be memorized.

The educational system has been modified to be compatible with mind control “psyence“, the public poisons for the brain, mass hypnosis and the subtle propaganda of controlled media.

We are presented with the narratives of think tank created concepts, embellished spun stories and staged events. Universities offer the officially prepared versions of most academic subjects, especially history, economics, psychology and sciences.

Deceptive manipulation is the modus operandi of the elitists behind the Complex Conglomerate Empire. The tentacles of deceit run deep and wide, influencing those who believe it, as well as those they agree with or influence.

To the degree that people allow themselves to be subjected to the modalities and technologies of preoccupation, deception and mind control, they are thinking and operating within false realities.


Deceit Events

Civil War – United States, Inc. – District of Columbia – United States Territories

FED – Income Tax – Internal Revenue Service – Social Security – United States Citizen

Statutory Maritime Contract Law – Corporations

Spanish-American War – Lusitania – World War I – Pearl Harbor – World War II


Assassinations – Lincoln – Kennedy – King – Kennedy

Korean War – Viet Nam War – 911 – Afghanistan War – Iraq War

Gladio – Al Qaeda – Osama Bin Laden – ISIS

Smith-Mundt Modernization Act

Sandy Hook – Parkland Florida – Las Vegas – etc.

George Floyd Police Brutality – BLM – ANTIFA

Diseases – Heart Disease – Cancer – Diabetes

Multiple Sclerosis – Parkinson’s – Alzheimer’s – Dementia, etc.

“Viruses” – Flu – Polio – Epstein-Barr – Lyme – AIDS – COVID – Bird Flu – Ebola

Jan 6, 2021 “insurrection” – Impeachments – Congressional Hearings – Trials


deceit, deception, propaganda, civil war, FED, income, tax, Internal Revenue Service, Social Security, United States, mind control, science, citizen, corporations, poisons, depopulation, medicine, weapons, geoengineering


Aware More Resources




Avoiding Public Poisons - (on Brighteon)

Avoiding Public Poisons - (on Rumble)

For more than a century, the population has been subjected to a growing variety and increasing amounts of mass public poisons. We are routinely receiving multiple poisons in small doses on purpose. Some of these are harmfully affecting you and your loved ones continuously.

The depopulation agenda of the cabal has resulted in development of a variety of harmful biological weapons. Through water, food, air, medicines and household products, we have been attacked by a sequence of chemicals, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and frequencies to reduce intelligence, foster illness and shorten lives.

It is time to stop dissemination of these harmful attacks, introduce benign replacements and detoxify the accumulated poisons from our bodies and environment for better health and restoration of nature.

Public Poisons Must Stop

            chlorine, fluoride, bromine                           lead, aluminum, mercury, cadmium

          denatured food, refined sugar                     food additives (corn syrup, aspartame, BGH)

herbicides (glyphosate, atrazine)                 pesticides (DDT, organophosphates)

petrochemicals                                              propylene glycol, sodium lauryl (laureth) sulfate

          plastics (BPA, BPS, micro-plastic)               industrial chemicals (PCBs, dioxin)

          pharma meds, vaccines, venoms                geoengineering (barium, aluminum)

          syn bio (COVID, parasites)                            genetic modification (GMOs)

graphene oxide                                              nanotechnology

          electrification                                                 cell towers, wi-fi, frequencies


poisons, depopulation, biological, weapons, water, food, medicine, chemicals, nanotechnology, frequencies, nature, fluoride, aluminum, mercury, herbicides, glyphosate, pesticides, propylene glycol, plastic, geoengineering, GMO, graphene oxide, wi-fi



False Flag War Events - (on Brighteon)

False Flag War Events - (on Rumble)

From more conventional wars like World Wars I & II, Viet Nam and Iraq, to today’s unconventional hidden warfare, false flags are commonly used to start and/or intensify them.

A false flag is an intentionally-developed trouble event ascribed to a party or cause other than the actually responsible party. The term comes from the practice of a pirate ship flying the flag of a ship they were approaching to attack.

In recent years we are experiencing disasters that are false flags that most people do not realize are war events. Some of these are considered natural occurrences or accidents that are really purposely developed or directed.

Examples of Probable False Flags

                        Pearl Harbor                                      Gulf of Tonkin

                        9-11 World Trade Ctr                                    Various shootings

                        Directed Hurricanes                          DEW attacks

                        COVID                                                 Border Invasion

                                                Key Bridge, Baltimore


Aware More Resources

false flag, war, disaster, accidents, shootings, border, Pearl Harbor, 9-11, DEW, hurricanes, COVID, Key Bridge, climate change, geoengineering



March, 2024:


Survive the Emerging War - (on Brighteon)

Survive the Emerging War - (on Rumble)

We are in the midst of a wide-ranging war for control of our social systems and minds. Much of this war has been hidden from public attention as it involves mostly unconventional warfare.

Poisons, biological weapons, Directed Energy Weapons, nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, infiltration, surveillance, data-mining, psychological operations, mind programming and disinformation are in play, as well as conventional military equipment.

What are called the “white hats” are those working to expose and stop tyranny by the cabal of longstanding wealthy families and their operatives. Great progress has been made, and a growing number of people are becoming aware.

However, those remaining evil actors on the dark side still have the potential to generate mass chaos with the agents and technologies they control.

It is crucial for people to understand that no matter how our lifestyle has been for many years, major changes can occur rapidly, even suddenly. Every household needs to be prepared for disturbances in the normal avenues of distribution of food, water, electricity and other necessities.

If the power were out, how would you get food or water after a couple of days? What would others in your community do? How far could you go on just the fuel in your tank if none were available to buy or trade?

What if natural or unnatural disasters caused roads to be blocked or destroyed so delivery trucks could not get through? What if there was little or no access to fuel? Transportation systems would be disrupted, and deliveries of food, water and other supplies would be curtailed or very limited.

It is possible for the power grid as well as batteries of most types to be knocked out by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). It could take years to restore the grid to normal functioning after massive damage. It may take even longer to replace vehicles and appliances damaged by an electro-magnetic zap.

The amount of food stocked in local grocery stores would be gone in one day or less as people realize that supplies may not be replenished. They currently only stock enough of most items for about 3 days of routine sales. They would not even be able to operate without power.

Disaster scenarios have already happened on a large scale in many areas in the U.S.A. and around the world. Food supplies for much of the world have been short for many years now. A major setback like flooding in the Midwest can cut the food supply severely. How long before such a disaster makes food an urgent concern for almost everyone?

What if temperature extremes greatly reduce the areas that crops can grow to maturity? What if there were a mid-summer freeze, or the other extreme of burning heat and drought, that kills plants in the fields?

What if a major volcanic eruption blanketed the world in an ash cloud that ruins production of crops?

What if a pandemic prompts the authorities to lock down people in their residences?

Federal and state emergency services are woefully inadequate, and may barely function in a situation such as a major earthquake, a tsunami, a volcanic blast, a poisonous gas cloud, or loss of all electrical power.

Food storage and storing water are at the top of the list of preparedness. It is crucial to keep enough of these on hand for several weeks at the very least for everyone in your household. Some of those who have already prepared for such emergencies have enough survival supplies for six months, a year or more, which is wise.

It is also wise to have viable vegetable seeds, tools, soil building aids and other materials on hand for subsistence gardening, even indoors if necessary.

With increasing awareness of the possibly difficult years ahead, people are now more inclined than ever to put up food supplies for times of shortage, and to take steps to have pure water to consume, alternative methods of warmth and waste management, and other necessities.

Major crises are happening now. These could get worse, and other looming troubles may develop. You can avoid the shock and panic of sudden changes. Preparing is very sensible and important.


Survival Concerns

Cultic control cabal               Financial disruption

Public poisons                       Depopulation - jabs

Geoengineering                     Climate change

– not global warming, not carbon emissions, not caused by human overpopulation and activities -- Grand Solar Minimum + weather manipulation

Directed Energy Weapons    Destroyed foods, shortage, starvation

– weather manipulation, reduced sun, supply chain disruption, paid not to plant or harvest

Wars, staged events              Social chaos

Cyber attack                          Power outage

Mind control                          Nanotechnology, AI, transhumanism

Eclipse, meteors                    Earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, wind                                                                  

Survival Essentials

food & water storage            supplements & meds

seeds, garden, chickens       tools and equipment

detoxification                         natural health & healing practices

alternative heating                alternative power

warm clothes, blankets        candles, oil lamps, batteries

exchange items                     foods, tools, silver coins

support community               protection plan


Aware More Resources

survive, war, social, poisons, weapons, nanotechnology, AI, data-mining, psyops, mind, disinformation, military, cabal, depopulation, geoengineering, climate, cyber, power, transhumanism, eclipse, earthquakes, alternative, food, water, survival



Changes- (on Brighteon)

Changes - (on Rumble)

Changes are inevitable. They are affected by both internal and external factors.

The greatest challenges are in identifying when changes are manipulated intentionally by hidden influencers to our detriment, and figuring out who, why, how and what to do to block or counter those plans.

The secret societies, think tanks and corporate boards of the transnational complex empire, owned and operated by extremely wealthy power players, are attacking the rest of us on multiple fronts.

From the planned and staged multi-front distribution of public poisons, to the wars, the geoengineering weather manipulation called “climate change”, other Directed Energy Weapons disasters, the economic crisis, the pandemic and shots, food source destruction to create famine, and the long-practiced deception and psychological operations, we have a lot of changes to sort through and correct.


Survive the Changes

public poisons                                  detoxification & nutrition

wars                                                   remove war-mongers, promote peace

geoengineering                                expose and demand it stop

Directed Energy disasters               expose and arrest perpetrators

economic collapse                           cooperation, real goods, real money

pandemic, poison shots                  expose virus & vaccine myths, detox

food crisis                                          grow food, gardening, chickens

deception & psy ops                         research, expose, reality analysis


Aware More Resources

changes, transformation, plans, secret, societies, think-tank, corporate, empire, wealthy, power, poisons, wars, geoengineering, weather, manipulation, climate, energy, weapons, disasters, economic, crisis, pandemic, famine, deception, psychological



Gold, Silver and the Dollar - (on Brighteon)

Gold, Silver and the Dollar - (on Rumble)

The Dollar

The term “Dollar” is defined as a weight and is supposed to be 371.25 grains of silver. So, a real silver dollar contained that amount. (Note: pre-65 dimes, quarters, halves and silver dollars are 90% silver.)

$20.67 was the set value of an ounce of gold, “the $20 gold piece”, until the “Great Depression” bankruptcy of 1933. The government under FDR called in the gold from the hands of the public and reset the value at $35 per ounce. (Ie., the dollar was worth less.)

Nonetheless, at the end of World War II, the U.S. Dollar was made the “world reserve currency”, backed by U.S. economic and military might, as well as the pile of gold at Fort Knox.

Beginning in 1965, they took the silver out of U.S. mint coinage. This soon made U.S. silver content coins of 1964 and earlier worth more than their face value, far more by now!

In 1971, the government under Nixon “closed the dollar-gold exchange window”, as too much gold was being redeemed by foreign nations. This divorced the dollar from gold.

Then it became the “fiat dollar”, purely government-mandated “legal tender”. It was only U.S. economic and military might that sustained the dollar in world use.

A few years later the “Mideast oil crisis” led to shortages and higher prices of gasoline in the U.S. Henry Kissinger negotiated a deal with Saudi Arabia and OPEC to have only the dollar used in petroleum sales. The “petrodollar” enforced by worldwide U.S. military and intelligence presence, kept the fiat dollar floating for 50 more years.

Even so, inflation and interest rates reached about 20% by 1980. Since then, inflation has lessened but never disappeared. Also, the government has altered the calculations and falsified the economic statistics for decades.

But now the petrodollar is over. The crash of 2008 and 2009 foretold the eventual end of the fake dollar and its paper asset house of cards.

Other nations have been selling off their U.S. bonds and are trading in other currencies, as they are less intimidated by U.S. force.

By now, there are few buyers of U.S. bond issues other than the FED fake funds factory. Yet the national debt increases by another trillion dollars about every 120 days, every 4 months.

This is unsustainable. Bonds are going into default; many banks may close; the fiat dollar is buying less and less, and it may be destroyed by hyperinflation, replaced or changed before long.


Gold and Silver Prices

Gold and silver prices, most notable indicators of the dollar’s perceived worth, have been carefully suppressed for decades using commodity contracts.

Meanwhile, crypto-currency has become a pressure release valve for bailing dollars out of bonds and stocks without driving up the prices of gold and silver so fast as to shock the system.

 The BRICS trading group of nations likes gold and is accumulating it, as people in India and China have for centuries. BRICS is growing and may adopt asset-backed currency.

Now that Shanghai has become the leading center of gold trading, the City-of-London based gold price control system is no longer working.

In any case, the value of gold and silver is constant as currency values change.

As the fiat dollar and its related paper instruments dissolve, silver and gold will hold until there is something else worth exchanging them for in trade.

Be glad the dollar is dying. This fake money system has funded horrifying evil, and it is on track for a major decline.

It is my thought to get the bulk of my financial wherewithal into survival necessities, including silver and gold. Dollar-denominated paper and digital assets may not fare as well.


Real Money

Money in the bank is not yours. The bank can use it for their own needs when in trouble and stop your access.

~ The money is not in the bank. Cash on hand in a bank is limited to the needs of the day. Most of the assets of the bank are tied up in over-valued U.S. Treasury debt about to go into default and shaky mortgages and business loans.

~ What is called "money", cash or digital, is not really money. It is "fiat" currency that the government calls "legal tender", with diminishing value due to excessive production of it.

Any extra funds are best put into food, necessities, water purification, supplements, seeds and tools, while accumulating silver and gold, the real money. Gold is rated a” Tier 1” asset.

Storable food, water, fuel, silver and gold are the real value items, and may even become what people trade for other goods and services if there is a complete collapse of the dollar system.

Remember, dollar devaluation = gold and silver appreciation.


 Gold, Silver & the Dollar

“dollar” is to be a weight                  371.25 grains of silver

gold was $20.67 per ounce             reset to $35 per ounce

“world reserve currency”                  1965 – silver-less coins

1971 – gold-less dollar                    1973 – “petrodollar”

inflation, interest rates                     growing natl. debt – ($34 trillion?)

$84 trillion with obligations             + $1 trillion every 120 days

2008-9 crash                                     COVID-19 lockdown

BRICS                                                 non-dollar trade

bond rejection                                   bond default                         

bank insolvency                                potential crash of dollar assets

gold & silver price suppression        silver price under-valued greatly

stability of real assets                       own silver and gold

            dollar devaluation = gold & silver appreciation


Aware More Resources

gold, silver, dollar, depression, government, coins, value, exchange, fiat, legal tender, economic, military, shortage, prices, gasoline, petrodollar, inflation, bonds, default, banks, currency, money, asset, trade




Survival Factors - (on Brighteon)

Survival Factors - (on Rumble)

We are living in a challenging time. A multi-faceted attack on the population by a cabal of psychopaths has been facilitated with advanced technologies that have been hidden from the public.

Mass poisoning has gone on for more than a century, disabling and killing many early.

Hypnotic mind manipulation via controlled media news, politics and entertainment, in conjunction with intelligence-reducing chemicals and frequencies, has distracted and brainwashed people to be unaware of the threats to their survival.

A growing number of people are awakening to these problems and supporting those who are exposing them and working to stop the cabal behind them in a long process of making things better.

Meanwhile, we must be prepared to survive the problems that the manipulators have deployed.


Survival Issues

financial fraud                       economic manipulation

deception                               staged false events

wars                                        crime, invasion

environmental poisons        geoengineering

poisons in food & water       food shortages, starvation                          

medical poisons                    nanotechnology & AI

frequencies                            Directed Energy Weapons

cut communications             power outage


Survival Factors

food & water storage            supplements & meds

seeds, garden, chickens       tools and equipment

detoxification                         natural health & healing practices

alternative heating                alternative power

warm clothes, blankets        candles, oil lamps, batteries

exchange items                     foods, tools, silver coins

support community               protection plan


Aware More Resources

survival, technologies, poison, hypnotic, politics, entertainment, intelligence, chemicals, financial, fraud, deception, wars, crime, invasion, geoengineering, shortage, medical, nanotechnology, AI, frequencies, power, natural, detoxification, healing, support



February, 2024:


Inflationary Depression - (on Brighteon)

Inflationary Depression - (on Rumble)

The U.S. government debt is more than the stated $34 trillion, due to obligations such as Social Security, federal pensions and foreign aid. With federal government and military waste involved, this debt is growing at an accelerated rate.

The Federal Reserve is unable to find real buyers for U.S. Treasury bonds anymore, even though they have reduced bond maturities to as little as 2 years and raised interest rates.

So, they "monetize" the debt by just creating more dollars out of nothing, a recipe for hyper-inflation.

Many foreign governments have begun unloading U.S. Treasury debt, rather than rolling it over.

More and more nations are now trading without using the dollar, which had been the "world reserve currency" since World War II.  A growing number of nations are considering conducting trade before long using only asset-backed currencies.

They know the U.S. government is beyond bankrupt.

Many foreign suppliers are unwilling to accept even short-term treasury bills as payment anymore, so there are fewer imports and developing shortages.

Banks are in trouble as higher interest rates have lowered the value of their bond, mortgage and commercial real estate holdings. Many of them are hiding their insolvency.

Money in the bank is not yours. The bank can use it for their own needs when in trouble and end your access.

~ The money is not in the bank. Cash on hand in a bank is limited to the needs of the day. Most of the assets of the bank are tied up in over-valued U.S. Treasury debt about to go into default and shaky mortgages and business loans.

~ What is called "money", cash or digital, is not really money. It is "fiat" currency that the government calls "legal tender", with diminishing value due to excessive production of it.

The U.S. economy is already in an inflationary depression, with shortages, layoffs, and unemployment and inflation much higher than the fake government stats.


Aspects of Inflationary Depression

false inflation stats               shortages & higher prices

false job growth stats           false unemployment stats

corporate sales decline        layoffs

rejection of U.S. bonds          abandonment of U.S. dollar

bond default                          monetization of debt

false money                           false control of assets

bank insolvency                    bank asset losses (bonds, loans, properties)

real estate sales decline       commercial real estate vacancy

gold price strengthening       asset-backed currencies      


Aware More Resources

inflation, depression, government, bond, dollar, debt, reserve, foreign, nations, asset, currency, bankrupt, shortage, banks, money, cash, real-estate, mortgage, loans, default, business, unemployment, layoff, silver, gold



Crises That Hurt in Progress - (on Brighteon)

Crises That Hurt in Progress - (on Rumble)

The crises of our time that are hurting each of us are increasing in both number and intensity.

The global control bigwigs and their crew of operatives are making moves to reestablish their momentum and complete the dominance they have intended.

 Can the “white hat alliance” counter and resolve the cabal-engineered crises and bring us to a better world?

Crises in Progress

public poisons                                   geoengineering

lethal strain of COVID                       Disease-x, Marburg

compelled injections                         injection deaths, disabilities

nanotechnology, AI                           radiation, frequencies, wi-fi, DEWs

weather manipulation                      crop failure/destruction

divide & rule                                      social chaos

false narratives                                  fake people, actors

political deception                             corporate state vs. republic

election fraud , manipulation           election suspension 

border disorder                                 terrorism, sabotage, fires, cyber attacks

domestic war, martial law                international war


Aware More Resources

crises, global, control, operative, dominance, white-hat, alliance, cabal, world, poisons, geoengineering, COVID, Disease-X, death, nanotechnology, AI, radiation, frequencies, weather, divide, chaos, election, border, republic, war



Border Disorder - (on Brighteon)

Border Disorder - (on Rumble)

What is really going on at the southern border?

What is estimated at as many as 10 million migrants have illegally crossed the southern USA border in the last few years. Many if not most of these are single military age men, a lot of them Chinese. Some of the invaders are MS-13 gang members. There are also families and many children, some of whom may be victims of child trafficking.

Federal border agents have been limited to processing the entrants who come through facilities, and dealing with incidents of trouble. Many of the migrants come through common breaks in the wall and do not go through processing.

Finally, the State of Texas has taken their own actions such as floating barriers in the river and razor-wire, which the Federal government has tried to stop. Now there is an apparent standoff crisis between those serving Texas, including National Guard and law enforcement from Texas and various other states, and federal agents. So far, these extra players are not stopping the flow of migrants.

A convoy of trucks and cars bringing border security supporters is arriving at sites in Texas, Arizona and California in to rally for border closure.

Has the invasion been about an influx of socialist voters? Is it a cabal plan for generating Civil War? Are white-hats allowing it for purpose of public awakening and exposure of treason?                                               

Will this escalate into conflict or secession of some states? Or is this more theater as a distraction from other areas of crisis, such as economic collapse or world war? Or is this the prelude to revelation of fraud and a change in apparent political leadership?


Border Disorder Issues

millions of migrants                                    military age men                             

Chinese soldiers                                            MS-13

terrorists                                                         sleeper-cells

human trafficking - children                       drugs, weapons

social crisis, crime                                        expense

Border Patrol                                                 National Guard

open gates in wall                                         convoy – patriot militia

What is really going on at the southern border?

What is estimated at as many as 10 million migrants have illegally crossed the southern USA border in the last few years. Now there is an apparent standoff crisis between those serving Texas, including National Guard and law enforcement from Texas and various other states, and federal agents.

Will this escalate into conflict or secession of some states? Or is this more theater as a distraction from other areas of crisis, such as economic collapse or world war? Or is this the prelude to revelation of fraud and a change in apparent political leadership?


border, migrants, military, wall, Texas, barriers, razor-wire, standoff, crisis, National Guard, convoy, socialist, treason, war, Chinese, soldiers, terrorist, sleeper-cells, trafficking, children, drugs, weapons, crime



January, 2024:


World Economic Fascism - (on Brighteon)

World Economic Fascism - (on Rumble)

The cabal creeps leading and serving the World Economic Forum want a “Great Reset” to a fascist “New World Order”, which is actually high-tech feudal slavery.

These evil tyrants want a greatly reduced population with lowered intelligence, infused with control technology, run by AI via wi-fi frequencies, and living in restricted high-tech urban zones of limitation and surveillance.

Such elites like the WEF’s Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari consider humans as “hackable animals” without souls. They have also stated that the story of Jesus was the original “fake news”, and claimed to have their own divine powers of creation and destruction.

Cabal staged events so far this century include: 9-11, 2008-09 financial crash, COVID “pandemic”, election manipulation, resource theft wars, migrant invasions, weather disasters, ecological disasters, climate change propaganda, trafficking of drugs, weapons and humans, and child slavery.  

These criminal operations are being exposed and must be eliminated. However, the evil elite few, their operatives and their black-mailed players are worried and desperate over this awakening and may engineer a major event in trying to distract the masses and regain momentum for control.

Fascist Plans

bond & banking crisis                                   economic collapse                           

false flag attacks                                           activation of sleeper cells                            

staged events, terrorism, wars                     assassinations

political upheaval                                          “climate change” weather disasters

“Disease-X” lab-fab “virus”                           pandemic lockdowns, injections

cyber-attacks                                                 EMP, power outage

activation of nanotechnology                      wi-fi mind control, AI or ET takeover

15-minute cities                                            “own nothing & be happy”


world, economic, fascism, cabal, forum, great-reset, new-world-order, slavery, control, technology, surveillance, domination, banking, social, city-states, military, pandemic, financial, attacks, wars, invasion, mind-control, climate-change, weapon, disease-x





Collapse, Disease-X or War? - (on Brighteon)

Collapse, Disease-X or War? - (on Rumble)

 With Reality Notes ~ Aware More Resources, 1-25-24

The agents of tyranny are desperately trying to create disturbances and death through poisoning, disease pandemics, financial collapse, invasions, war, frequencies and other ways, to complete their long progression toward full dominance.

Will economic collapse, “Disease-X” or war be the next phase of their efforts?


Apeel Preservative on Commercial Organic Produce:


Mike Gill Describes the Widespread Corruption with Michelle Moore:


Texans Discussing Dispute with Biden over Border Security:


Alpha Interviews Dr Jim Willie on Likely Collapse:


Dr Jim Willie Update:


Dr Peter McCullough Interviewed by Shannon Joy:




collapse, Disease-x, war, tyranny, death, poison, pandemic, financial, invasion, frequencies, dominance, prediction, time, preservative, organic, plandemic, davos, zombies, corruption



Awareness of Deception, Distraction & Disruption - (on Brighteon)

Awareness of Deception, Distraction & Disruption - (on Rumble)


The wealthy parasite class and their team of criminal operatives have manipulated us into another multi-faceted crisis.

The situation has become more complicated than previous intentional disasters and other disruptions, such as the many attacks, wars, pandemics and economic challenges our nation has endured for most of its history.

Since the cabal’s strategy booklet for recruited insiders, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, was developed a half-century ago, their secret weapon technologies used against us, the people, have evolved.

Frequency weapons, nanotechnology, AI, fake personality doubles and deceptive media have been added to the poisons, germ scares, illness, staged events, disasters, distractions, financial fraud, false narratives, and psychological programming they have used to undermine health and thought for decades.

We are becoming much more aware of the strategies of cabal planners and the actions of their operatives. The more this awareness expands, the less influence they will have, even to the point of their manipulations being eliminated.


Deception, Disturbance and Distraction

financial & economic crisis              bond default 

invasion                                              staged events, attacks, wars

false narratives                                  mind control manipulation

crime, drugs, slavery                        poisons, frequencies

lab-fab “germs”, illness                    lockdowns, injections

disasters (weather, environment)    earthquakes

genetic alteration                              nanotechnology, AI

cyber-attacks                                     EMP, power outage

ET alien threat                                   deaths, confusion



increasing public awareness                      end of cabal control

currency revisions                                         banking improvements

human trafficking revelation                       exposure & prosecution of criminals

good political changes                                  legitimate honest governance

integration of new technologies                  community betterment


awareness, deception, distraction, crisis, disasters, weapons, nanotechnology, poisons, illness, financial, fraud, attacks, wars, pandemics, economic, manipulation, invasion, mind, control, crime, slavery, injection, weather, cyber, death



On the Brink - (on Brighteon)

On the Brink - (on Rumble)

With Reality Notes, 1-17-24


The cabal families that have controlled most of the world’s trade - financial institutions, oil, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, manufacturing, military products, transportation and more - are being exposed and diminished in their effectiveness.

These tyrants are desperately trying to create disturbances and death through poisoning, pandemics, invasions, war and other modalities, to regain their momentum toward full dominance. They have brought us to be nearly on the brink of chaos.

Meanwhile, exposure of cabal manipulations, as well as actions to remove these parasites and their operatives from positions of power need to be expanded to end the troubles they perpetually plan and drum up.


Aware More Resources 


cabal, control, trade, financial, oil, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, manufacturing, military, transportation, tyrants, poison, disaster, distraction, invasion, confusion, war, chaos, dominance, exposure, manipulation, power, trouble, plan



The Complex Empire - (on Brighteon)

The Complex Empire - (on Rumble)

The power cabal has long manipulated financial markets, economic conditions and political and bureaucratic officials, while poisoning and psychologically abusing the populace.

 With increasing exposure of their deceptions, fraud and evil criminal acts, these parasites and their operatives are losing power. Their desperate attempts to restore full control put us in jeopardy of serious harm from staged disasters and secret weapons.

 Awareness, planning, cooperation and preparation are our processes to combat this sinister agenda and root out the perpetrators to make a better world for genuine human beings.


Empire Economics & Politics


money                                                debt

financial                                             markets

banking                                              economic crisis

politicians                                          corruption

agenda                                               election fraud

problem creation                               staged events

disasters                                             terrorism

public poisons                                   migrant invasion

crime                                                  trafficking humans, drugs, weapons

slavery                                                 human abuse

psychological manipulation             false narrative propaganda

domestic war                                     world war

                    cabal exposure                                  crisis


empire, power, cabal, financial, markets, economic, political, psychological, deception, fraud, evil, control, disasters, secret, weapons, planning, agenda, politics, money, debt, poisons, invasion, crime, war, crisis



Reality Notes & Resources, 1-11-24 - (on Brighteon)

Reality Notes & Resources, 1-11-24 - (on Rumble)

This week’s Reality Notes looks at resources and recent posts about economics and politics.

There are numerous online podcasters, vloggers, bloggers, roundtables and forums from which to find what is on the minds of those paying attention to what is going on in the world.  

Considering what the whistleblower insiders and respected investigators and analysts are presenting gives us prime material for better understanding.



The Cabal Empire:


Dr. Jim Willie Analyzes the Year Ahead on Patriot Underground:


Mike Gill Debates Kerry Cassidy Moderated by Patriot Underground:


SG Anon on Current Affairs with Nino Rodriguez:


Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes on Election Fraud and More:


More on Bond Default from Dr. Jim Willie, PhD:


USA Debt Clock:


economics, politics, world, whistleblower, analyst, cabal, empire, survive, changes, white-hat, black-hat, election, fraud, fake, inauguration, corporate, treasury, bond, bubble, default, debt, clock



Fall of the Cabal Empire - (on Brighteon)

Fall of the Cabal Empire - (on Rumble)

The cabal of wealthy criminals in public and private seats of power have been conducting a secret war against the rest of us for decades. At the same time an alliance of “white-hat” operatives have worked to expose and take down the cabal.

 Some operatives of the good side have infiltrated cabal manipulated institutions to help, while others have worked openly to expose and defeat the agents of evil.

 Indications are that much is about to be revealed to the public, but there could be disturbing information and even disaster events that harm or shock many as the falling cabal intensifies efforts to regain control.


Last Days of the Cabal

bond rejection                       bond default

bank failure                           economic crisis

invasion                                  terrorism

domestic war                         world war

genetic weapons                   cloning, super soldiers

slavery                                     human abuse

cabal exposure                      psychological crisis

Leave the World Behind       Civil War


Aware More Resources


cabal, empire, power, secret, war, alliance, white-hat, evil, disaster, shock, control, bond, default, bank, economic, crisis, invasion, terrorism, domestic, genetic, weapons, cloning, slavery, psychological, civil



December, 2023:


Economic Outlook for 2024 - (on Brighteon)

Economic Outlook for 2024 - (on Rumble)

2024 is definitely going to be a year of significant changes. These changes may be greater than we have ever seen in our lives.

The financial and political changes will be evident to everyone. If there is not a major revision of the government debt process and the banking system, there could be an economic collapse scenario.

Treasury bonds are in jeopardy of default, and a huge portion of the assets of banks is made up of treasury bonds, already much less in value than being counted on bank balance sheets.

Will there be further massive creation of fake dollars? Will inflation soar and the money in your wallet or bank account be greatly diminished in value? How will real-estate be affected if the mortgages are hard to get and few can afford a house?

Supply chains are already reduced due to rejection of Treasury bills as payment for imports. Major companies are laying off workers, and many people are now disabled with limited ability to work. Could we have vast unemployment?

What if a “black swan” event such as a disaster, cyber-attack, power outage, pandemic or domestic war occurs?

On the other hand, we are growing in understanding the manipulation we have experienced. Efforts are underway to expand public awareness, oust the corrupt administrators of our institutions and turn things around with intelligence and dedication to a better system.


Economic Concerns

Treasury bond rejection                    Treasury bond default

U.S. bond sales by foreign govts      increasing U.S. govt deficits

outgo to foreign destinations           lies by authorities

government debt default                  commercial debt default

consumer debt default                     bank failures

mortgage crisis                                  real estate losses

fake dollar production                      inflation à hyperinflation

reduced port activity                         supply chain interruptions

layoffs, robotics                                 unemployment

disabilities                                          new or resumed pandemic

disruptions by border invaders        expansion of war

disasters                                             cyber-attack/power outage


Possible Positives

increasing public awareness            end of cabal control

currency revisions                             banking improvements

human trafficking revelation           exposure, prosecution of criminals

good political changes                      integration of new technologies

legitimate honest governance          community betterment


economic, 2024, change, debt, financial, political, treasury, bond, bank, dollar, inflation, money, real-estate, supply, disaster, cyber-attack, power, pandemic, war, invaders, control, currency, trafficking, criminals, technologies



2023 Summary - (on Brighteon)

2023 Summary - (on Rumble)

2023 has been a year of dissemination of information, misinformation and disinformation.

Growing numbers of reality analysts, truth seekers and Live Action Role Players (“LARPs”) have reached a greatly expanded number of people.

The 80% of the population that had been stated as the target for awakening may not have been achieved. However, even many “normies” have begun realizing that they can’t accept as fully accurate much of what is presented by the media as news and opinion about politics, people, the economy, wars and other events.

What are the most significant developments now of concern to become major issues to handle in 2024?

Issues of Concern

disruptions by border invaders        expansion of war

treasury bond default                       financial shock

currency revisions                             banking changes

disasters                                             cyber-attack/power outage

new or resumed pandemic              medical tyranny

human trafficking revelation           exposure & prosecution of criminals

political changes                               integration of new technologies


summary, information, disinformation, reality, LARP, normies, media, disruption, invaders, war, treasury, bond, financial, currency, banking, cyber, power, pandemic, medical, tyranny, trafficking, criminals, political, change, technologies



Surprises Coming? - (on Brighteon)

Surprises Coming? - (on Rumble)

The discussion among those analyzing our situation in the U.S.A. and the world is about potential disruption and perhaps subjugation by tyrants and their advanced technology, or widespread revelation and restoration.

Which will it be? Or will there be both a period of upset and chaos followed by a resolution of crisis and transition to a much better system?

The criminal cabal planners have had an agenda of depopulation and full spectrum dominance of humanity for several centuries.

They have advanced these plans by setting up or infiltrating international institutions, governments, companies and organizations to establish limited beliefs about life and reality, and methods of control, including social conditions, financial choices, conflict and crisis.

Their deceptive plans, policies and procedures have been identified and are now being exposed by a growing number of thoughtful investigative analysts. This information is being revealed widely to the public.

We need a massive awakening to the false knowledge, restrictive operations and illegitimate officials and their bosses.

Meanwhile, we have the opportunity to lay new plans for a just society and a real value economy as the basis for growth in understanding and benevolent living among honest caring people.

Possible Surprises

attacks by invaders                           expanded war

staged disaster events                      financial shock

cyber attacks                                     power outage                        

currency changes                              banking revisions

human trafficking exposure             prosecution of criminals

new technologies revealed               ending poverty & strife

integrative leaders & officials          better understanding


surprise, invaders, war, disruption, tyrant, technology, chaos, crisis, criminal, cabal, agenda, depopulation, dominance, plans, government, financial, conflict, disaster, shock, power, currency, banking, trafficking, poverty, leaders



Breakdown? - (on Brighteon)

Breakdown? - (on Rumble)

Are we on the verge of a societal breakdown? Many analysts are concerned about it.

Debt keeps setting new all-time highs - government, commercial and household debt. Banks, supply chains and the economic future as a whole are on shaky ground.

The ongoing invasion of mostly military age men coming across the southern border with support of governments and the United Nations is another major threat we have to face.

Beside economic collapse and domestic war, there are other potential dangers that are of concern, such as natural disasters, which can be facilitated by Directed Energy Weapon technologies. Many are aware that a power grid shutdown by solar event or Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) could lead to social breakdown and many deaths.  

The cabal that has run it all is being exposed and seemingly pursued by an alliance of “white hat” analysts, actors and warriors. The evil ones are under pressure and may initiate or expand staged psy-ops and disasters to generate the level of chaos that they hope will set up a new order of technological control they have planned.

Help awaken others to the manipulation that we have been subjected to behind-the-scenes. Generate support for rejecting cabal plans and operations, and stopping the sequence of disasters they are attempting to produce.  

 Breakdown Concerns

Economic Issues

treasury bond default                       debt default

layoffs                                                 inflation

bank failures                                     economic collapse


Generated Disasters

          earthquakes                                     storms

          floods                                                 drought

          fires                                                    toxic spills

lab-fab pandemics                           poisons

illness & death                                  livestock culling

crop failure                                        food facility accidents

power grid outage                             EMP

crime                                                  human trafficking

mind-control                                      lies & false narratives

controlled operatives                       assisted invasion

terrorism                                            war


breakdown, debt, banks, supply chain, economic, collapse, invasion, military, war, disaster, power grid, cabal, white hat, alliance, psy-op, chaos, bond, default, pandemic, crime, trafficking, control



The Global Cabal Octopus - (on Brighteon)

The Global Cabal Octopus - (on Rumble)

The global cabal behind it all has developed a massive control octopus with many tentacles. I call it a “conglomerate empire” or the “Technocratic Interlocking Corporate Kingdom”.

This control system consists of wealthy families, secretive councils and committees, secret societies, think tanks, agencies, bureaucracies, politicians, military leaders, corporate boards and executives, various organizations and many operative agents compelled into service by enticement, blackmail and/or threat.

Over several centuries this cabal and their octopus established significant control of financial markets, government officials, industries and technologies, including energy, the military complex, medicine, water, food, the media and much more. They have experimented and developed effective mind control modalities and biological weapons in a quest to fully dominate humanity.

The Global Cabal Octopus

 Secret Councils & Societies

Wealthy Families                               “Illuminati”, Secret Orders

Council of Nine                                  Order of the Garter

Committee of 300                             Octagon

Club of Rome                                     Jesuits, Satanists, Mafia


  Funding Sources & Banks

Rockefeller Foundation                    BIS, IMF, World Bank

Gates Foundation                              Bank of England

Open Society                                      Central Banks (eg. Federal Reserve)

Red Cross, Red Crescent



Power Conferences & Centers

Bilderberg Conference                      Vatican

World Economic Forum                    City of London

The Pilgrim Society                            District of Columbia

Bohemian Grove                               Switzerland

Royal Institute for Intl Affairs           New York City

Council on Foreign Relations           Chicago

Trilateral Commission

Rand, Battelle, etc.


  Corporations & Agencies

East India Companies                       IRS

Virginia Company                              FBI, DOJ

USA, Inc.                                             Politicians

Corporations                                      SES, Officials

Pharma Medicine                              FDA

Agribusiness                                      USDA, Dept. of Interior

Media                                                 Dept. of Homeland Security

Vanguard, Blackrock, State Street 


   Global Operations

United Nations                                   MI-6

World Health Organization               CIA

World Trade Organization                Mossad

European Union                                Militaries


NAFTA, BRICS, etc.                           


global, cabal, control, empire, secret, societies, think tanks, agencies, bureaucracies, politicians, military, energy, medicine, media, blackmail, power, government, financial, technologies, mind, poisons, banks, corporations, pharma



November, 2023:


WHO Are the Conspirators? - (on Brighteon)

WHO Are the Conspirators? - (on Rumble)

The great conspiracy is about control of the rest of us by a relatively small set of wealthy families and the functionaries they have manipulated into serving them by enticement, blackmail and threat.

Over the centuries, the hidden planners have established many organizations and institutions. They have infiltrated businesses, governments, and bureaucracies with their operatives, and devised and revised policies, programs and propaganda to carry out their agenda.

These conspirators have put themselves in position to control financial markets, industries and technology. They have suppressed inventions that might interfere with markets they already control, and introduced new developments after weaponizing much of it.

Through banking, debt, tested mind control methods, controlled media propaganda, poisons, frequencies and advanced technologies, they have worked to foster disturbance and division, limit successful expression, eliminate people not useful to them and control the lifestyle and thinking of the remaining population.

Now that humanity is awakening to the reality of this cabal and their programs, more and more critical thinkers, analysts, whistleblowers, speakers and leaders are stepping forward as a “white hat alliance” to expose and end the cabal grip on institutions, puppet officials and their management of affairs.   


Bloodline Families                            Council of Nine

Rothschild, Rockefeller, Windsor, Paseur, Wallenberg, Orsini, Borgia, Cologna, Medici, Li

Committee of 300                            “Illuminati”, Secret Orders

Jesuits, Satanists, Mafia, Club of Rome, Order of the Garter, Octagon

Vatican, Switzerland                         City of London, District of Columbia

Royal Institute for Intl Affairs          Council on Foreign Relations

Bilderberg Conference                      Trilateral Commission

International Banks                          IMF, World Bank, BIS

USA, Inc., FED, IRS, FBI                    CIA, MI-6, Mossad, etc.                    

United Nations                                   World Health Organization (WHO)

World Economic Forum                    Rockefeller Foundation, Gates Foundation

Politicians, Governments, SEIU       Media, Pharma, Corporations


conspirators, conspiracy, control, blackmail, cabal, government, propaganda, financial, invention, technology, banking, debt, mind, poisons, frequencies, division, whistleblower, alliance, secret, order, economic, media, pharma, corporations



Depopulation in Progress - (on Brighteon)

Depopulation in Progress - (on Rumble)

The secret planners of the cabal that think they are in charge of us all, have a long-term goal of depopulation and control.

Their planned and implemented poisons and frequencies target old folks no longer useful in their debt slavery system. Life-span is limited as health deteriorates to early death.

They also go after young folks of child-bearing age or younger. For examples, children and young adults are injected with and subjected to poisonous concoctions, or killed in wars, eliminating many and sterilizing others, preventing them from generating offspring.

Population growth is leveling off, especially in advanced societies like the USA. Replacements for the work force are being brought in across the border, but even those may be substituted with robots before long.  

Depopulation                                    Genocide

Human Trafficking, Slavery            Human Sacrifice

Wars                                                   Collateral Damage                           

Dislocation                                         Starvation

“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”   Environmental Poisons                   

Chlorine, Fluoride                              Food Additives, Chemicals

Heart Disease                                    Cancer

Drugs                                                   Viruses, Vaccinations, Medicines

Promotion of Abortion                      “Planned (Not) Parenthood”                       

GMO, Glyphosate                               Geoengineering                                

Voice-to-Skull, Targeted Assassins  Shootings

Frequencies                                        Cell Phones, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters

Nanotechnology, AI                           Synthetic Parasites

DEWs                                                   Disasters


depopulation, secret, cabal, control, poisons, frequencies, debt, slavery, genocide, war, starvation, environment, chlorine, fluoride, heart, disease, cancer, virus, vaccine, GMO, glyphosate, geoengineering, wi-fi, nanotechnology



Exposing Conspiracy - (on Brighteon)

Exposing Conspiracy - (on Rumble)

It is claimed that the CIA developed and promoted the terms “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorist” to dissuade investigation of President Kennedy’s assassination. They wanted the Lee Harvey Oswald lone shooter narrative to be thoroughly accepted as cover for any involvement of the CIA and other deep state players as well as the mafia, as indicated in later in-depth analysis by many conspiracy exposers.

These propaganda terms have been exploited to hide many other instances of conspiratorial activity by cabal planners and operatives. However, the analysis of conspiracies by critical thinking analysts has rightly increased as the conspirators have expanded their psychological operations, planned and orchestrated events and manipulative narratives.

What is needed now is massive growth in the exposing of the conspiracy cabal by those who are learning what is going on to those who are unaware. That means you!

Please keep learning as much as possible about reality. Then figure out methods to share the information with others in ways they can accept without programmed rejection. First, they need to grasp that a description that doesn’t fit the mainstream false narrative is worthy of consideration if intelligent researchers and analysts are revealing something different.

Examples of Conspiracy

Secret Societies                                    Control Planning Councils

Divide & Rule, Order from Chaos        Problem-Reaction-Solution

International Bankers, Debt               Corporations, Conglomerate Empire

Human & Drug Trafficking                  Depopulation, Genocide

Civil War                                                 1871 corporate USA

Communism                                        Terrorism, Animosities, Jihad

Cabal Families, Illuminati                   Black Nobility, Rothschilds, Rockefellers

Council of 9, Order of the Garter        Committee of 300, Octagon

Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones        Bilderberg Conference

Federal Reserve                                    Income Tax, Internal Revenue Service

Economic Cycles                                   Politics, Lobbyists, Corruption, Infiltration

False Flags, Narratives                        World Wars I & II

Cold War                                                 Interventions, Attacks, Wars

United Nations, WHO                           BIS, World Bank, IMF                                   

Trilateral Commission                          Council on Foreign Relations

CIA, FBI, NSA                                         Secret Operations

Operation Paper Clip                            MK Ultra, Mind Control, Psy Ops

Media Control                                        Propaganda, Censorship

Vaccinations, Medications                  Fluoridation, Environmental Poisons

UFOs                                                       Space Race, Moon Landing

JFK, RFK & MLK assassinations         Marches, Protests, Riots

New World Order – globalism             World Economic Forum

Silent Weapons                                     Unconventional War

Oklahoma City                                       9-11               

HAARP, DEWs                                        Geoengineering, “Climate Change”

Voice-to-Skull, Assassins                      Disasters & Shootings

Cell Phones, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters       Nanotechnology

Election Fraud                                        Treason


conspiracy, theory, order, chaos, psychological, operations, cabal, secret, bankers, debt, corporations, communism, terrorism, politics, war, mind, control, propaganda, nanotechnology, poisons, geoengineering, climate change, globalism, fraud



Order Out of Chaos - (on Brighteon)

Order Out of Chaos - (on Rumble)

“Order out of chaos” has long been a principal strategy of the power cult. When they perceive resistance to their control developing, they manipulate the tools and levers of power they have reserved for themselves to operate. Before long the steps to a period of chaos are underway, setting the stage for a new order they intend to control even better. That is what has been happening to us in our time.

Those benevolent souls of good heart awakening to this power game of high echelon criminals need to become the creators of the better new order. Let’s review the situation we have come to face.


Aspects of Order Out of Chaos

shock, threat of harm, fear              division, divide & rule          

problem-reaction-solution                deception, confusion

tools & levers of control                   controlled opposition

crime, corruption                               fraud, bribery, money laundering

lies, disinformation narratives         false flags, propaganda & censorship

staged events                                     psy ops, mind control

debt-based financial system            money, banking, bonds & interest

taxes, inflation, deflation                  politics

legal system & procedures               contracts & documents

economic servitude, poverty            economic crisis, bank trouble, shortages

corporate government                      bureaucratic agencies

intelligence operations                     surveillance & interference

media, entertainment, sports          distraction, programming

reduced rights (eg, Patriot Act)        limited education

insufficient nutrition                          public poisons & frequencies

medical tyranny & “pandemics”      technology (nano, syn bio, AI)

vaccines, medicines                          illness, deaths, depopulation          

shootings, disasters                          climate change

social credit score                             social disorder

supply chain disruption                    starvation

                              power outage                                     war     


order, chaos, fear, division, deception, psy ops, lies, mind control, propaganda, crime, disasters, climate change, money, debt, poverty, politics, shortages, disorder, AI, nanotech, virus, pandemic



October, 2023 and Earlier:


Confusion? - (on Brighteon)

Confusion? - (on Rumble)

deception                               psy ops

lies                                          mind control

false narratives                     propaganda

fake news                              crime

staged events                       mass shootings

disasters                                climate change

fear                                         political wrangling

legal procedures                   contracts & documents

money                                    debt, poverty

economic turmoil                 shortages

social disorder                       social credit score                

AI, nanotech                          frequencies

“virus”                                     pandemic                          

vaccines, medicines             illness

deaths                                     order out of chaos

Are you confused? - It seems we are living in a very confusing yet historic period. If humanity survives, the major events of this era will be studied and discussed in future history classes.

If the forces of good can prevail in this multi-faceted battle for control of humanity, the confusion will subside into clarity. Perhaps a transformation into a benevolent time of growth in human understanding and well-being will unfold.

On the other hand, if evil is allowed to retain control, the confusion will be forgotten or ignored as AI manipulated robotic minds are reduced to conducting routine tasks and contemplating trivia.


deception, psy ops, lies, mind control, propaganda, crime, disasters, climate change, fear, political, money, debt, poverty, turmoil, shortages, disorder, AI, nanotech, virus, illness, pandemic, chaos



Are You Still Really You? - (on Brighteon)

Are You Still Really You? - (on Rumble)

The control criminals have been manipulating us our whole lives. Their goal has been to reduce the ability for us to be intelligent, free-thinking creators. They want us functional enough to serve the needs of their cartel conglomerate, but unable to perceive or stop their deceptions and control operations.

For decades they have been poisoning us, lying, fostering division and undermining our capability to recognize much of their agenda and to cooperatively plan and organize action to stop it.

At the same time, they have infiltrated most institutions with operative agents controlled by bribery, blackmail and threat, and developed advanced technologies and sophisticated psy ops to dupe us.

Most people believe and react to the false narratives of the conglomerate newsfeed, which utilizes fear, deception and staged calamities to cover up crimes, stir up confusion and generate acceptance of greater top-down control.

The fluoride, heavy metals, chemical concoctions, synthetic biology and nanotechnology devices inserted into water, food, air, medicines and household products, combined with psychological operations, fear propaganda and programming frequencies, can cause individuals to lose connection with the true self.

Tools of Control

“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”

fear, threat of harm                          division & order out of chaos           

problem-reaction-solution                deception & confusion         

debt-based financial system            money, banking, bonds & interest

taxes & inflation                                fraud, bribery & money laundering

corporate government                      bureaucratic agencies

intelligence operations                     surveillance & interference

politics                                                 legal system & crime

insufficient nutrition                          public poisons & frequencies

technology (nano, syn bio, AI)          medical tyranny & “pandemics”

reduced rights (eg, Patriot Act)        limited education

economic servitude & poverty         media & entertainment

false information                               propaganda & censorship

staged events                                     psy ops & mind control

disasters                                              shortages

war                                                      social disorder

The cultic cabal leaders want you confused and cut off from intuitive spiritual insight, creativity and self will, so that you identify only with the managed collective ego in service of the conglomerate benefit.

Do you want to be a walking battery powering an internal syn-bio antenna for external control by AI?


criminal, cartel, control, conglomerate, deception, agenda, technology, programming, frequencies, fear, debt, banking, government, politics, crime, poverty, fraud, propaganda, psy ops, disasters, shortage, war, social disorder



What Is Next? - (on Brighteon)

What Is Next? - (on Rumble)

We are living in unprecedented times. Major historic developments are underway. Awakened good folks everywhere are working to expose and stop the cultic evil criminals who have manipulated various levers of power for generations. However, this resistance movement has made the cabal more desperate and dangerous.

They have planned and are attempting to roll out a high-tech prison system for the rest of us. They are now trying to take over our bodies and minds with nanotechnology devices in and around us and programming frequency transmissions.

They want nearly everyone out of rural areas and living in 15-minute controlled cities, with limits on consumption, travel and access to the wild-lands.

Meanwhile they have distracted us and continue their attempts to generate fear with political theatre, war, predictive entertainment, economic issues, false narrative news, and horrible staged disasters.

What is next to come this Fall that will command the attention of nearly everyone still able to think?

Electromagnetic frequencies, as in the recent more intense EBS/EAS emergency alarm test as well as everyday cell phone and wi-fi transmissions, stimulate the self-organizing electromagnetic nanotechnology devices implanted in us via public poisons.

The injections mistakenly accepted by most of the population have been effective at delivering these nanobots for gene-editing and neural antenna-forming for purposes of control programming and transmitting internal surveillance data.

The hydrogel graphene-oxide delivery medium for the lipid nano-particles, hybrid parasites and synthetic venoms and other proteins, generates worm-like structures that often gradually form into a rubbery substance that clogs blood vessels, diminishes mental ability and may cause nerve disorders, disability and/or death.

There may be another and much worse cabal-created pandemic of illness that has been pre-programmed via the technology shots.

It is strongly suggested to engage in protective measures regarding cell phone and wi-fi usage, avoiding these as much as possible. When not in use, keep a cell-phone turned off and well-wrapped in crinkled aluminum foil to cut it off from the frequency pulses. Then check for messages later.


     Other Concerns of Researchers

expanded war                       social disorder

economic crisis                     currency changes

banking holiday                    restricted access

bank bail-ins                          major political changes

more major disasters           propaganda

supply chain disruptions      power outage

shortage in food                    shortages in other essentials

Have a stock of extra food, water, blankets, candles, cash (silver and gold coins if possible) and other essentials. Implement alternative heating, lighting and transportation plans.

It is autumn, harvest time. Buy locally-grown produce at farmers' markets, stands and orchards. Obtain, dehydrate, can and store as much food as you can. Organize neighborhood preparedness and security meetings.


criminals, high-tech, nanotechnology, programming, frequencies, war, political, economic, disaster, fear, graphene oxide, hydrogel, venom, viruses, parasites, disability, death, currency, banking, supply-chain, food, shortage, social disorder



A Triggering Zap? - (on Brighteon)

A Triggering Zap? - (on Rumble)


 Triggering Zap?

Certain frequencies can activate nanotechnology that has been imbedded in everyone from intake of multi-faceted public poisons.

High-tech nanobots, graphene oxide, "hydrogel", poisonous venoms, synthetic biology proteins (eg., "viruses", mRNA, "luciferase" bio-luminescent enzyme), modified parasites, heavy metals including cesium 137 and barium 137, plus propylene glycol, have been in foods, water, household products and medicines, especially injections (vaccines, flu-shots, insulin, etc.) for several years.

Further, these materials have been sprayed in the air by geoengineering even longer.

If this sounds insane to you, it is. However, it is reality.

If you are not aware of the plans and operations by people in positions of power for world depopulation, you need to be. No matter that this is terrifying, only through public awareness and action can it be stopped.

There is no need for panic. Rather, learn protective and corrective measures and alert family and friends to this unconventional war against the people so we can work together to stop it.


Needed to Know

A tiny set of psychopaths have run world-wide operations for centuries, some projects openly such as money and banking, governments and wars, others hidden such as secret societies, think tanks, any technology that can be "weaponized", plus mind control programs and psychological operations embedded in staged events, news and entertainment.

This cabal of evil wealthy elites and their corrupt servants have all the wealth they think they need. They want massive reduction in the world population, and full surveillance and control of those remaining.

That is what wars, pandemics, public poisons (fluoride, medicines, vaccines, etc.), frequency technologies and infrastructure, "climate change carbon emissions", disaster events and genetic experimentation have been all about.

This is well-documented in cabal conglomerate-owned patents and their think-tank-derived privately published papers.

They have controlled banking and finance, mega-corporations, industry, education, medical protocol, media and many operatives in governments, agencies and bureaucracies for more than a century.

The synthetic bio-weapon technologies with which they have infiltrated the bodies of humans and animals alike, most effectively through medicine, are subject to activation and programming by frequencies via cell phones, wi-fi towers and other modalities.

This long-planned sinister process can be used to accelerate disease states including immune system weakening, nerve disorders, strokes, heart attacks, rapid cancers and many other types of illness.

Cell phones themselves give off harmful frequencies and should be kept away from the body, especially the head, at all times. There are EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequency) protective devices that can be placed on cell phones, computers, etc., that reduce the harm.

The mast towers for cell phone, "smart meter" and wi-fi transmissions emit harmful microwaves. The trees around cell towers are dying. These frequencies can create illnesses in us with the same symptoms ascribed to "novel viruses", which are actually lab-developed technologies.

What serious damage is being done to "vaccinated" (poisoned) children in schools full of computers with 5G towers on or next to the building? Infertility is a major goal of the genocidal cabal agenda, as well as deaths.

Do you know that the human death rate in the USA has risen by 40% in the last couple years directly associated with the propagandized shots? The technological contents are triggered by frequencies. "Sudden death" is occurring among people of all ages.



The dramatically larger than ever Emergency Broadcast System and Emergency Alert System test on October 4 might be intended to begin what elites have secretly called "the great culling", whereby masses of the population are eliminated in a relatively short period of time.

The materials they have compelled us to receive through multiple vectors can be stimulated by frequencies to build structures in the body that serve as receiving and transmission antennae.

A strange, rubbery fibrous substance with embedded nanotech may develop that clogs blood vessels leading to circulatory issues and organ damage, and possibly death. Nervous system and brain deficiencies are common as well.

These conditions are exacerbated by EMF emissions from cell-phones, wi-fi, etc.

A blast of specific triggering frequencies, which could be done any day and not announced ahead of time, may initiate a period of widespread illness, which would probably be labeled a new "pandemic", that could cause many to pass away.

The planned, staged and executed COVID-19 scare and toxic injection process, which has killed many millions already, was a preliminary event of the cabal's strategic attempts at mass depopulation and mental control in progress to establish the modern high-tech feudalism they desire.

The cabal plans are based on their age-old strategies of "divide and rule", "controlled opposition", "problem-reaction-solution" and "order out of chaos".

As more people have become aware of the cabal and their intentions, and a movement has developed to stop them, they have become desperate to move up their United Nations "Agenda 2030" population reduction timetable to 2025.

If you have not known any of this, it is because you have trusted the "Conglomerate Empire", the false authorities, corrupt officials and corporations, controlled information sources and the commonly false knowledge of too many people.

This is not "conspiracy theory", a term created by the CIA to distract people from investigation. This is a major, long-standing worldwide conspiracy of most despicable nature.



We must become aware and act, or perish.

Following the maxim of "better safe than sorry", engage in the suggested protective measures regarding cell phone and wi-fi usage, avoiding these as much as possible.

Other valuable suggestions: low-dose nicotine patches clear venoms from receptor sites; zinc, vitamins C & D, glutathione, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, quercitin, herbs such as turmeric and larrea, bentonite or zeolite clay, activated charcoal powder and oxygen supplementation (esp. chlorine dioxide), provide nutritional and detoxification support.

(Note: nicotine is a natural, proven non-addictive compound found in many vegetables. The tobacco industry adds an addictive chemical to cigarettes and falsely blames the addiction on nicotine.)


Be Prepared

Meanwhile, supply chains are being disrupted. Disasters are occurring. Shortages are developing. There are likely to be currency changes, possibly bank bail-ins with the bank using funds from your account for their needs. An economic crisis is brewing. There may be a power outage, possibly long-term, which could be caused by disaster or sabotage. A period of social disorder is possible.

Have a stock of extra food, water, blankets, candles, cash (silver and gold coins if possible) and other essentials. Implement alternative heating, lighting and transportation plans.

It is autumn, harvest time. Buy locally-grown produce at farmers' markets, stands and orchards. Obtain, dehydrate, can and store as much food as you can. Organize neighborhood preparedness and security meetings.

Learn more with the many resources at and related websites.



Join the movement to stop the psychopaths. Their evil deeds are much worse than described here.

There are many people working to eradicate the evil. Spreading awareness is primary. Groups are forming everywhere for planning and tactical civic action.

Please pray for or meditate on divine assistance. God is helping us.

Be grateful for the opportunity to help expel evil from this dimension at this critical time.



Recent important relevant video resources:


Jason Shurka’s Urgent Warning About EBS/EAS Test on Oct 4:


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Atty. Reiner Fuellmich Interviewed by Stew Peters on the 5G Weapon:


zap, frequencies, nanotechnology, poisons, graphene oxide, hydrogel, venom, synthetic biology, proteins, viruses, mRNA, luciferase, parasites, heavy metals, propylene glycol, genetic, death, COVID, health, medical, propaganda



What Virus? - (Brighteon)

What Virus? - (Rumble)

What Is a Virus?

A virus is described as a tiny bit of genetic material, DNA or RNA, plus other protein, wrapped in a coating of lipids and proteins.

The natural protein scraps that are called viruses are really cleaning agents and genetic debris, materials produced inside living cells of animals, plants or bacteria. Such biological nanometer-sized particles are everywhere, in the water, soil, food and air.

Unlike bacteria and fungi, these so-called viruses are not really living organisms; they have no metabolic functions of their own.

According to scientists, there are many types and variations of viruses, including retroviruses, coronaviruses, and rhinoviruses. The latter two types include varieties thought to be involved with the common cold.

A virus is said to work its way into and take control of the cell, reprogramming, possibly altering the cellular DNA, to create copies of itself. Then it is thought that either the cell will die, or that the virus particles will otherwise penetrate back out of the cell membrane to move about the organism and invade other cells.

This model further asserts that viruses may utilize various life-forms to carry out their programming, as well as sometimes mutating themselves in the process.

A viral infection is propagandized as potentially causing the same noticeable immune reactions as to poisons and frequencies, such as irritated and inflamed tissues, fatigue, fever, chills, illness, pain, congestion, difficult breathing and/or oxygen deficiency.

The great concern raised is that the virus may impair organs, disrupt systems, or generate congestion, and with serious cases, death may result. This generates fear among the public and more vulnerable to manipulation.


Assumptions About Transmission and Effects

It is believed viruses can be passed on to others via body fluids, mutual contact with surfaces and even through the air in some cases.

An immune reaction is thought to be more likely, and more intense, if a substantial amount of the virus is taken into the body. Picking up just a few virus particles on a handrail, door knob, button, screen, or on currency, etc., may be dealt with by one's immune system fairly well and quickly. One usually would not notice the activity.

If a lot of foreign viral particles enter at once, a greater immune response is expected to be evoked that may precipitate a reaction that could become debilitating in some individuals.

According to conventional virologists, a coronavirus has sticky qualities, including "spike proteins", whereby it can attach to a cell.

Mild normal flu-like symptoms or none at all are the extent of the experience for most people that believed they had “COVID”, but some who developed serious pneumonia or other breathing difficulties were claimed to have died because of the virus. This was mainly among people especially vulnerable to more serious health conditions: the elderly, the obese and those with other pre-existing health conditions or immune deficiencies.

Some experts on "pathogens" say that Mycobacterium tuberculosis may be the actual potentially deadly component of some viruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

Mycobacteriophages are virus-like bacteria without a cell wall that are also found in cells. It is thought that bacteriophages can break down or invade other bacteria, or may generate what are called virus proteins.

Several respected microbiology scientists of the past (Bechamp, Bernard, Twort, Herelle, Rife) were convinced there are transmutations between microbiological forms.

If a virus can form from a mycobacterium phage and show elements of either or both, that is a possible reason for the longstanding medical anomaly of both viral and bacterial forms of tuberculosis and pneumonia being diagnosed.


Faulty Disease Concept

What is never explained by conventional medical spokespeople or the controlled media, nor understood by the even less-informed public, is that the depiction of natural viruses as infective, adaptive takeover agents that can cause mass disabilities and deaths is an unproven theory.

The "germ theory" is an assumption adopted from mistaken scientists such as Louis Pasteur for benefit of the medical industry. This idea has been programmed by medical business promotion into scientists, physicians, officials, politicians, media personnel and the public.

Though tools like microscopes and genetic techniques have evolved over the decades, the field of virology is only about a century old. The variety and activities of viruses are very complex, and no one understands them completely.

Pathology theory was co-opted early on to serve the pharmaceutical interest, which is related to the petrochemical industry. The Rockefeller Foundation and its Big Pharma relatives have promoted their favored bacteria and virus infection model while suppressing others, offering their highly profitable, fabricated medical poisons as treatment.

“Virus” in Latin means “snake’s venom”, a poison. Is poisoning the real issue?

Most of the concepts of virology are based on experiments with virus proteins in vitro, that is in lab petri dish cultures using animal or human cells, which have other contaminating contents. The processes involving viruses in the human body may be different from what occurs in these lab cultures.

Authorities and the media make a big deal out of periodic named communicable diseases threatening us. Health challenges can be very serious. Many people have died early from poor health, more of them during periods of what are called pandemic outbreaks.

However, this theory about how viruses work has not been undeniably validated. Everyone in the medical field has been trained with pharmaceutical industry brainwashing methods to accept the "germ theory of infectious disease" as reality.

That characterization has been imbedded into the minds of the masses, including government officials and the media, by those considered to be authorities.

Perhaps the accepted understanding of viruses and immune functions is not accurate.


The Terrain Theory

From the natural health alternative perspective, disease states are not caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. The presence of a virus or bacteria at the scene of an inflammation does not prove causation. These microbes are always present, working inside of us to transmit information and clean up unneeded waste.

Most people are not aware of any symptoms of "infection" most of the time, while others are occasionally bothered by several symptoms that have been blamed on a viral infection. Some develop ongoing chronic inflammation issues with a virus cited as cause.

The natural health understanding is that the reason people get ill is not from getting infected by a virus or germ from another person. In the terrain theory, also called the cellular theory, viruses do not cause diseases. Further and more importantly, vaccines do not cure diseases.

If someone is ill, it is due to excesses of toxins and stress and deficiencies in nutrients and physical activity. If someone dies from illness, it is because their system was too weak to clean itself and restore health, not because they had a virus. A virus did not kill them.

Louis Pasteur was a chemist for whom the process of "pasteurization" is named, the misguided, enzyme-destroying practice of cooking food to kill germs. He realized at the end of his life that Antoine Bechamp, his rival and a better scientist, was correct in recognizing, "It is not the germ, it is the terrain."

The "terrain" is the health condition of the body. If it is weakened and acidic due to toxicity, malnourishment and/or stress, it is subject to increased clean-up efforts by the microscopic agents naturally present for that purpose.

The terrain health status of the organism, including conditions of pH, toxic load and nutrition, is in reality the primary determinant of whether an inflammation develops and how serious it is.

A virus coming into the body from outside, unlike the virus proteins a cell makes and programs for itself, would not normally be compatible with the cells of the body. It would be identified as foreign and broken down by the immune system.

Many natural health advocates do not believe the medical industry theory that a natural "alien" virus that gets into the body would penetrate a cell membrane, take over cellular functions and replicate itself on its own initiative.

If nature is allowed to take its course, assisted by good nutrition, pure water, oxygen, rest and perhaps certain herbs and minerals, a healthy body takes care of itself.

However, mad scientists have tweaked genetic material called viruses in laboratories with unnatural “gain-of-function” proteins, venoms, parasites, heavy metals, graphene oxide and nanotechnology, to be serious poisons that do generate illness and death.

These bio-weapons can be aerosolized, transmitted in food, water and medicines, and especially effectively delivered by injection. This advanced tech can be stimulated by certain frequencies to build-up foreign matter and structures in the body that can clog blood vessels, harm organs and possibly affect thought and behavior.

Appropriate natural health modalities of detoxification and nutrition can counter these poisons. Action must be taken before disabling or deadly accumulation occurs.  


Quotes from Authorities About Viruses


“Pasteur made germs respectable. He was a genius at popularizing microbes as a cause of disease. Pasteur’s dogma transformed medicine into a multi-billion-dollar biotech business in search of the perfect pill and the perfect vaccine. In the process the physicians were blinded.”

- Dr. Allen Cantwell


“Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur’s germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity.”

– E. Douglas Hume


 “Bacteria and viruses, which are cell scavengers, are there because there is malnourished, enzyme-depleted, diseased and necrotic tissue…. They are nature’s biological sanitation department… to break down and eliminate the sick tissue, to prevent poisoning of the body.... If you stop their action, you allow continuous poisoning of the body by the decaying tissue.”

- Dr. Bernard Jensen, Empty Harvest


“Germs in the human body are scavengers, not predators.... Germs don’t cause disease; depressed immunity causes disease.”

– Dr. Tim O’Shea


“If the Germ Theory of disease were correct there’d be no one left alive to believe it.”

– Dr. B. J. Palmer


“Germs seek their natural habitat, diseased tissue, rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.”

– Dr. Rudolph Virchow


“Medical science is based on a false premise: namely that diseases are caused by extraneous influences.”

–  Dr. John Tilden, M.D., Toxemia Explained


"It is not the germ; it is the terrain." 

“Bacteria do not cause disease, and therefore serums and vaccines can neither prevent or cure disease.”

– Dr. Antoine Bechamp (Affirmed in the end by his rival, Louis Pasteur)


“Diseases are poisoning…. The cells get poisoned; they try to purify themselves by excreting debris, which we call viruses…. “Viruses happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything.”

“Whenever you expose any biological system to a new electromagnetic field, you poison it. You kill some, and the rest go into a kind of suspended animation;...they live a little bit longer and sicker.”

– Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D.


The natural protein scraps that are called viruses are really cleaning agents and genetic debris, materials produced inside living cells of animals, plants or bacteria. Such biological nanometer-sized particles are everywhere, in the water, soil, food and air.

Unlike bacteria and fungi, these so-called viruses are not really living organisms; they have no metabolic functions of their own. Can they really take over cells causing infection and disease?

Perhaps the unproven “germ theory”, the accepted understanding of viruses and immune functions, is not accurate.


virus, genetic, DNA, RNA, protein, bacteria, fungi, immune, poisons, fear, death, disabilities, COVID, health, microbiology, medical, germ, virology, pharmaceutical, pharma, medication, venoms, nano-technology, propaganda, terrain



Not Shot ~ Injection Rejection - (Brighteon)

Not Shot ~ Injection Rejection - (Rumble)

In the opinion of many, medical tyranny has been a key element of the depopulation and control agenda of the power cult.

The long-standing propaganda claiming the medical industry to be the legalized authority for “health care” has embedded that mythology in the minds of the populace.

Our collective ignorance has allowed concocted pharmaceutical poisons to undermine the health and shorten the lives of millions of unsuspecting victims.

As a kid, I wisely ran from the doctor when he brought out a needle to give me a shot. From my young adulthood on, I have avoided doctors, shots and other pharma medications.

Trauma care and some medical procedures are valid and helpful, but many if not most drugs are toxic. The unnatural poisons and contaminants in these lab-generated potions are developed by brainwashed scientists and administered by brainwashed medical personnel.


Why I Avoid Pharma Meds & Shots

~ the elite cabal adopted Malthusian-based eugenics to cull & control the masses

~ petrochemical interests captured medical training in the early 1900’s

~ in coordination with other public poisons, pharma meds generate more business

~ victims are taught to accept medical authority over their health and take the poisons

~ no knowledge of natural self-care and little about healthy eating are taught

~ health issues develop and victims turn to the promoted medical industry for help


Med Fraud

~ “viruses” are described as DNA fragments that try to take over a cell and duplicate

~ the scraps of DNA called “viruses” are cellular cleaning agents & biological debris

~ quadrillions of “viruses” and plasmids are everywhere

~ no one such “virus” can be isolated, nor made into a “safe & effective” “vaccine”

~ the illnesses blamed on viruses are mostly from lab-tech poisons & unhealthy living

~ medicines and injections contain synthetic venoms, heavy metals, parasites, bacteria,

   bacteriophages, plasmids, mycoplasma, molds, etc. (as do aerosols, foods, water, etc.)



~ nano-technology, graphene oxide and “mRNA” are now included as advanced genetic

   modification technology to create structures and receive & transmit information

~ victims become toxin factories and shed nano-tech poisons to others

~ masks reduce O2 intake, accumulate poisons for recycling, but do not block nano

~ “COVID” pandemic – “certification of vaccine identification” – planned, rehearsed, false

~ “C-OVID-19” – C (3) = beast, ovid = sheep, 19 = slaughter; Eris = goddess of discord

~ med poisons diminish intelligence, reduce fertility, harm tissues & organs, induce genetic changes, health problems & disabilities, cause a huge portion of early deaths


shot, medical tyranny, depopulation, propaganda, health, pharmaceutical, poisons, pharma, medication, drugs, eugenics, viruses, DNA, venoms, heavy metals, mRNA, genetic modification, nano-tech, fertility, disabilities, death



Weather War, Not "Climate Change" - (Brighteon)

Weather War, Not "Climate Change" - (Rumble)

The evil powers behind the scenes have a dual goal of population reduction and controlling manipulation of those still alive. They capture and weaponize new technologies that can be developed to serve their purposes.

From the simple cloud seeding of the mid 20th Century, weather modification has evolved to incorporate Tesla’s frequency discoveries and lasers with technologies that can intensify, move and direct storms and hurricanes, foster extreme heat or cold, generate drought, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes, spark fires and even melt metal.

As President Biden of the bankrupt U.S. corporation stated recently about convening the cabinet for implementing a greater response to climate change, “That response is to increase the number and intensity of extreme weather events, and beware we’re going to use all of the resources of the government to do it.”

They are attacking various areas with weather weapons to convince the public of the false narrative propaganda of climate change being due to human carbon emissions. This is to serve the drive for world government over a restricted populace sequestered into high-tech surveillance cities of controlled serfs consuming intelligence-reducing, life-shortening poisons.


Examples of Weather Modification and Extreme Events

~ “climate change”, “global warming”, “carbon footprint” propaganda

~ Agenda 2030, “sustainability”, “carbon neutral”, carbon credit programs

~ Club of Rome, IPCC, ICLEI, Al Gore, Greta Thunberg, John Kerry

~ geoengineering, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, spraying in the sky

~ aluminum, barium, coal fly ash, nanotech smart dust, biologicals

~ ionospheric heaters, lasers, Directed Energy Weapons, frequency tech

~ storms, hurricanes, floods, drought, temperature extremes, tornadoes,

earthquakes, fires, melted metal

                        ~ Carribean & Gulf hurricanes, California & Canadian wildfires, Paradise, Maui

                        ~ Survive The Changes learning module at


weather, war, climate change, modification, manipulation, propaganda, carbon emissions, sustainability, technologies, weapons, frequency, lasers, hurricanes, heat, drought, floods, earthquakes, fires, geoengineering, aerosol, nanotech



The War On Us - (Brighteon)

The War On Us - (Rumble)

The dark cabal of evil control has continually developed weapons of war for their attacks on the rest of us. Although they still run hot wars such as Ukraine, they have developed numerous unconventional types of “silent weapons for quiet wars”.  These attacks are for purposes of depopulation, full spectrum control and harvesting of victims, especially children, for human trafficking and slavery.


“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”

Financial: fractional reserve banking, debt, interest, FED, fiat dollar, income tax, IRS

Hot War – Cold War: Nazis, Pearl Harbor, Communists, Korea, Viet Nam (Gulf of Tonkin)

Yugoslavia, 9-11, Iraq, Afghanistan, ISIS, Ukraine

Brainwashing mind-control psy ops & propaganda:

religion, politics, law, news, MK Ultra, trauma programming, fear, hypnosis,

threat, false narratives, radio, television, media, computers, cell-phones, wi-fi

Public Poisons: chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, venoms, pesticides, herbicides,

food additives, household products, aerosols

Bioweapons: vaccines, altered syn-bio, nanobots

Virus bio-tech: Polio, AIDS, Lyme, Morgellans, SARS, COVID, Ebola, Marburg

Geoengineering: “climate change”, weather manipulation, nanotech smart dust

AI: war strategy, surveillance, voice-to-skull targeting      

Technology - Directed Energy Weapons: lasers, weather engineering, frequencies,

mind-control, illness, mass murder

            Staged events & disasters:

Oklahoma City, 9-11, Santa Rosa, Paradise, Maui, East Palestine, earthquakes,

storms, floods, fires, shootings, bombings, controlled actors & operatives


war, silent weapons, cabal, depopulation, human trafficking, debt, brainwashing, mind control, psy op, propaganda, religion, politics, media, poisons, vaccines, virus, COVID, geoengineering, disasters, fires, floods


~ Yeswise Education Service –

~ program notes, archives, resources

~ public poisons & frequencies –

~ The Conglomerate Empire (eBook)

~ survival & preparedness

~ natural health –



Major Psy Ops - (Brighteon)

Major Psy Ops - (Rumble)

There are several major psy ops currently in progress at this time. These psychological operations are intended to influence us in favor of the agenda the imperial cult has planned for us.  The cabal hierarchy employs the principals of the Hegelian Dialectic: problem – reaction/opposition – solution, and the ancient principles of “order out of chaos” and “divide and rule”.

We must identify these manipulations and spread the knowledge to dismiss the powers of deception and fear that the psychopaths have routinely exploited, and remove them and their operatives from positions of authority.

Current Psy Ops

U.S.A., Inc., IRS, Federal Reserve               propaganda media

nuclear weapons or accidents                    space program vs. “flat earth”

“climate change”, carbon hoax                  geoengineering, Stratosphere Aerosol Injection

Agenda 2030 , “sustainability”                   depopulation, “15-Minute Cities”

COVID, viruses                                                vaccines: poisons & technology

DEW attacks, fires, storms, floods              food supply destruction

mass shootings, disasters & narratives     politics, economics, conflict, war


psychological, agenda, cabal, chaos, deception, fear, propaganda, media, nuclear, space, climate, geoengineering, depopulation, COVID, viruses, vaccine, poisons, fires, food, shooting, disaster, politics, economics, war



Mystery Ministry of Propaganda - (Brighteon)

Mystery Ministry of Propaganda - (Rumble)

There is a hidden major operation of propaganda serving the power cabal and their “Conglomerate Empire” with modalities of “order out of chaos”, “divide and rule” control. This is a multi-faceted team that has long-standing criminal influence over many institutions, agencies, governments and the media.

Staged events and the narratives that describe them, often in dribbles of scripted “news”, are planned in think tanks, orchestrated by psychopaths and enacted by compromised operatives for purposes of confusion, attacking opposition, eliminating obstructions, depopulation, resource control, destruction of evidence and mass psychological impact.

Agencies of Manipulation

Bloodline Families                            Council of Nine   

Committee of 300                             Secret Societies

“Illuminati”, Masonic Orders             Jesuits, Satanists

Bilderberg Conference                      Council on Foreign Relations

International Banks                          IMF, World Bank, BIS, BRICS, WEF

CIA, MI-6, Mossad, etc.                     USA, Inc., Agencies, Corporations

Politics, Governments, SEIU             Media

Switzerland, Vatican, City of London, District of Columbia


Examples of Staged Propaganda Events

Pearl Harbor, World War                              Cold War

Space Race                                                    Moon Landing

Oklahoma City bombing                              Waco Attack

9-11 Planes & Buildings                              Mass Shootings        

                    Climate Change, Geoengineering               DEW Attacks, Fires, Storms

Wars: Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine                COVID, viruses, vaccines


propaganda, cabal, empire, chaos, control, agencies, government, media, psychopath, confusion, depopulation, psychological, illuminati, banks, corporations, politics, war, space, moon, 9-11, shootings, climate, geoengineering, fires



Levers of Control - (Brighteon)

Levers of Control - (Rumble)

The “Conglomerate Empire” has developed around economic and governmental tools of financial limitation, deception and mind control.

Through banking practices, propaganda and corporate structures of business, government and organizations, we have been led to accept a sophisticated system of manipulation, with levers and triggers of distraction and mind-molding with planned events and false narratives.


Levers of Control

   Debt: interest, mortgages, loans, bonds    Resources: minerals, energy, wood, food, water, air

   Debasement of currency                             Means of construction, production, destruction

   Paper assets, inflation                                 Labor


   Fractional reserve banking, big banks       Education: revised history, limited science

   Taxes: property, income, sales, licenses    Medicine

   Legal deception, false structures                Media


Corporate status, ownership, mergers, conglomerates, NGOs

Technologies, surveillance, propaganda, poisons, frequencies, nanotech

Secret societies, think tanks & agencies

Control of body & mind


Alternative Bypass of Control

Economics: real currencies, alt funding

Business: cooperatives, employee-owned, self-employment

Media, organizations, government

Education, law, science


Foods, water



Cooperative planning & production

control, economic, government, financial, deception, mind control, banking, propaganda, corporate, debt, interest, inflation, taxes, legal, resources, education, history, medicine, media, technologies, surveillance, poisons, frequencies, nanotech


Modern Feudalism - (Brighteon)

Modern Feudalism - (Rumble)


The elite cabal families behind the “Conglomerate Empire” have been quietly constructing a modern form of feudalism over the last 150 years to regain greater control of the masses.

Through an elaborate set of strategies, plans and projects formed in secretive think tanks, commissions and labs, deceptive and manipulative concepts, systems, technologies and operatives have been brought together for purposes of domination.

“Conglomerate Empire”, Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom


Law, Economics, Science, Medicine, Media, Government

Debt, Inflation, Taxes

Property Tax, Income Tax

Deception, Mind Control


Education, Revised History, Limited Science

Resources, Water, Food, Air

Poisoning, Frequencies

Technologies, Surveillance, Control of Body & Mind

Capitalist Communism or Communist Capitalism?


feudalism, cabal, empire, corporation, law, economics, science, medicine, media, debt, tax, deception, mind control, education, history, resources, water, food, poison, frequencies, technologies, surveillance, capitalism, communism



Electronic Poison Prison - (Brighteon)

Electronic Poison Prison - (Rumble)

For more than a century, the powers of the “Conglomerate Empire” have been quietly constructing a high-tech electronic poison prison for their intended full spectrum dominance of the population.

This intent was clearly revealed in the “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” document of the 1970’s, and it is also evident in the United Nations’ “2030 Agenda” and the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”.

Besides psychological programming through psy op events, false narratives, propaganda and censorship, public poisons and frequency technologies have been major cabal tools for control.

Public poisons that weaken key organs and diminish the brain have been distributed through water, food, pharma medicines, products and aerosols ever more so over the decades.

Chlorine is a toxic weapon in public water supplies, pesticides and many home products. Heart attacks greatly increased after the initial chlorination of water supplies in the early 20th Century.

Fluoride in public water and medicines reduces intelligence, fosters apathy and contributes to cancer and fragile bones and teeth, while having no real dental benefit.

Heavy metals come into us in many ways, including lead, aluminum, mercury, barium and cadmium, as well as graphene oxide, which is magnetic, harms blood cells and responds to frequencies.

Such substances and nanotechnology, programmed for receiving instructions, assembling structures and transmitting information, are embedded in medicines, “vaccines”, foods, products and geoengineering sprays. The structures formed are conductive and able to receive and transmit frequencies via cell and wi-fi towers.

Cities, buildings and homes, already full of wires, smart meters, cell phones, computers, screens, wi-fi, antennas and powerful towers of frequency tech, are where they want most of us to reside who are remaining after depopulation.

Residents could easily be restricted and controlled by AI monitoring and digital currency that can be cut-off for unapproved behavior.

Individuals could also be targeted, bothered, harmed or killed with “voice to skull”, laser, microwave and/or scalar frequency weapon technology directed at just them.

This electronic poison prison is where the cabal planners want you to live your limited life, if you survive the depopulation poisons, technologies and frequencies.


Public Poisons

water                                      fluoride, chlorine

food                                        pesticides, herbicides, additives, GMO

                                                cadmium, dioxin

medicines & “vaccines”        fluoride, aluminum, mercury, graphene

                                                squalene,  venoms, nano-tech

products                                 lead, aluminum, chlorine, phthalates, BPA

aerosols                                 aluminum, barium, graphene, nano-tech




wires                                       AI

smart meters                         digital tech

cell phones                             directed energy weapons

computers, televisions          “voice to skull”

screens                                   sound, hypnosis

wi-fi                                         microwaves

towers                                     laser

frequency tech                       scalar


electronic, poison, prison, empire, weapons, united nations, medicines, fluoride, chlorine, aluminum, lead, mercury, graphene, frequencies, vaccine, geoengineering, technology, wi-fi, AI, directed energy, microwave, laser, scalar



Conglomerate Empire Operations - (Brighteon)

Conglomerate Empire Operations - (Rumble)

"The Conglomerate Empire" is made up of international and domestic institutions, agencies, governments, militaries, bureaucracies, corporations, media and NGOs established and operated for control by crisis, deception and technology by elite families and their secret societies, cults and operative agents. (Click here for much more information.)


- Families: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Windsor, Paseur, Wallenberg, Orsini, Borgia, Cologna, Medici, Li

- Council of 9, Council of 13, Committee of 300, Club of Rome, United Nations

- Vatican, City of London, District of Columbia, Switzerland

- Intl. Monetary Fund, Bank for Intl. Settlements, World Bank, Federal Reserve

- Think tanks, labs, academics, agencies, operatives, politicians, minions

- Conspiracy, secrecy, corporate fascism, deception, technological abuse

- “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”

- Goal: full spectrum dominance


Staged Events & False Narratives:

psy ops, lies, suppression, false flags, shortages, disasters, wars, pandemics, propaganda, fraud, censorship, “mockingbird” media, social media, “fact-checkers”


Public Poisons:

agriculture, foods, medicines, injections, water, pollution, aerosols, frequencies



drug trafficking, human trafficking: sex slavery, child trafficking, organ harvesting, adrenochrome, satanic sacrifice, cannibalism, murder, bribery, blackmail, threat, coercion, money laundering, usury, fraud, sabotage, mass deception, depopulation, multi-faceted abuse, evil conspiracy


~ Summary ~

~ bloodline families, secret societies, think tanks, religious, banking and political institutions, transnational, global control

~ most of the "mainstream media" - print media, radio, television, films, news, sports, entertainment, shows, music, writing, editing, production, propaganda, psy ops, etc.

~ many non-profit and quasi-governmental bureaucratic organizations, particularly in the realms of education, public policy, politics, medicine, disease research, catastrophe relief, aid to underdeveloped nations and environmental climate change issues

~ government contractors, including think tanks, defense, military and technology companies, science labs and research and development programs, including certain university departments

~ government leaders and ministers of almost all nations and their military, agencies and bureaucracies, such as FDA, USDA, EPA, FBI, DHS, FEMA, TSA,  CDC, etc., in the U.S.A., and similar institutions in other nations

~ executives and board members of many giant multi-national corporations in banking, finance, insurance, energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food processing, technology, media, communications, computers, mining, industry, manufacturing, armaments, transportation, etc.

~ ancient bloodlines, evil, psychopaths, criminals, pirates, fraudsters, human traffickers, slave masters, drug traffickers, value stealers, identity stealers, power cravers, torturers, murderers, assassins, adrenochrome consumers, black magic witches


conglomerate, empire, transnational, corporate, crisis, deception, technology, secret, society, cult, evil, criminal, fraud, propaganda, psy op, cabal, bloodline, trafficker, drugs, power, murder, assassin, adrenochrome, witch



The Conglomerate Empire - (Brighteon)

The Conglomerate Empire - (Rumble)

The “Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom”

Institutions of Control by Crisis, Deception & Technology

"The Conglomerate Empire" is a Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom ("TICK" - a giant parasite sucking the blood of the world). It is made up of international and domestic institutions, agencies, governments, militaries, bureaucracies, corporations, media and NGOs established and operated for control by crisis, deception and technology by elite families and their secret societies, cults and operative agents.

- Intl. Monetary Fund, Bank for Intl. Settlements, World Bank

- Bank of London, Federal Reserve (FED), Wall Street, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, etc.

- British Accredited Registry (BAR)

- United Nations, UNICEF, World Wildlife Fund, Lucius Trust, ICLEI, etc.

- World Health Organization

- European Union, NATO, BRICS

- World Trade Organization (WTO)

- Agency for International Development (AID)

- World Economic Forum

- "G7" & "G20", Bilderberg - global economic conferences

- Giant interlocking global corporations (eg., British & Dutch East India Companies, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, FaceBook, etc.)

- Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street Capital

- Military-Industrial-Pharmaceutical-Media Complex

- Corporate governments

          - Intelligence agencies – CIA, MI-6, Mossad, “5 Eyes”, etc.

- MJ-12 (Majestic 12) – ultra top secret, UFOs (UAPs)


- Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and similar agencies in other nations

          - Propaganda, fraud & censorship services

          - MK Ultra (mind control experiments)

          - Tavistock Institute (mind control), Aspen Institute

          - Royal Inst. for Intl. Affairs, Chatham House, Brookings, Rand, Battelle,

Jason Society, etc.

          - Council on Foreign Relations

          - Trilateral Commission

          - Natural Resources Defense Council

- Rockefeller Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Gates Foundation, etc.

- National Council of Churches, World Council of Churches, mainline denominations

- ADL (Anti-Defamation League), Southern Poverty Law Center, BLM, Communists, Nazis, political parties

- Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Azov Battallion

- Academia: Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UCLA, Virginia Tech, UNC, etc.


 The Conglomerate Empire ebook -


conglomerate, empire, transnational, corporate, institutions, control, crisis, deception, technology, secret, society, cult, agencies, government, military, bureaucracy, corporations, media, NGO, mind, propaganda, fraud, censorship, intelligence, academia



Masters of Manipulation - (Brighteon)

Masters of Manipulation - (Rumble)


- Psychopathic fraudsters and deceivers

- Ultra wealthy billionaires and trillionaires

- Secret societies and associations

- Committee of 300

- Club of Rome

- Bilderberg Conference

- World Economic Forum

- Council on Foreign Relations

                              - Trilateral Commission

- United Nations

- the cabal super mafia

- hidden tyranny programmed bit-by-bit

- crisis, deception, propaganda, psy ops, technology


The Cultic Cabal Behind It All

- Mystery Cults of Osirus – Isis - Horus, Baal, Moloch, Apollo, Mithra, Baphomet, etc.

          - Secret Satanic covens ~ high order witches

- Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, Frankists, Order of the Garter, Priory of Scion, High order Masons (33rd degree +), Rosicrucians, “The Illuminati” (“Illusionati”)

          - Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, etc.

- assisted by lower-level operatives

- controlled by self-interest, blackmail, bribery & threat


Who are the manipulators and deceivers that have developed the control agenda and run the institutions of crisis, deception and tyranny? What are their agencies of control? What are the secret associations of the cultic cabal behind the scenes?


manipulation, psychopath, fraud, deceivers, secret, societies, think tanks, bilderberg, world economic forum, united nations, world health organization, cabal, crisis, deception, propaganda, psy op, technology, cult



Independence from Fear - (Brighteon)

Independence from Fear - (Rumble)

 Feardom or Freedom?

The elite cabal depends on fear and deception to influence the minds of the greater population they have sought to fully control.

The think-tank derived projects for public manipulation are numerous. Most are psychological operations, and many are deadly.

The agent operatives of the dark side, who are trapped by oath, criminality, bribery and threat, produce and/or promote the various falsehoods and fear narratives. Some of these people present a falsified image of themselves as serving the good and beneficial, even though they are committed to evil.


Fear & Control Projects


staged disaster events

            shootings, riots, bombs, toxic spills, storms,

            floods, drought, fires, earthquakes, livestock culling

viruses, pandemics & vaccines

climate change blamed on human lifestyle

financial limitation: debt, inflation, taxes

asset market manipulation

“crypto” tokens, central bank digital currencies

cashless economy

BRICS trade agreements

devalued dollar

reduced FED note fiat “petro” dollar & bonds

bank failures

threat of financial & economic collapse

social credit score

shortages of food & other products


war & threat of war

potential electronic blackout

flood of immigrants

Artificial Intelligence


public poisons, GMOs, frequencies, illness

synthetic venom, spike proteins, toxic meds

nano graphene oxide & hydrogel


Holistic Healing

reality information

awareness of evil people, policies & projects

removal of corrupt cabal & agents

replacement with officials of integrity

eliminate fiat/debt/interest system

consumption taxes (not income or property taxes)

creative improvement projects in local groups

holistic natural health & wellness information

creative awareness

love of self, others & community

healing support groups & communities

celebration, uplifting & dedication



independence, fear, freedom, cabal, deception, manipulation, evil, propaganda, disaster, climate, change, financial, debt, economic, collapse, war, BRICS, shortages, crime, currencies, dollar, crypto, digital, holistic, healing



Financial & Economic Changes - (Brighteon)

Financial & Economic Changes - (Rumble)


It is no secret that financial and economic issues of fragility have been at play for many years. There is a big buzz in both mainstream and alternative media about major changes in the financial and economic markets either in progress or coming soon.

The cabal of wealthy corporate conglomerate empire owners have had their hands on the levers of financial and political power for centuries, and want a “Great Reset” for more control.

What are some of the projected issues that may affect our economic transactions before long? What is the likelihood of the National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA)?


     Possible Financial Changes  

higher interest rates

reduced real estate sales

price inflation of goods & services

shortages of food & other products

labor shortage


financial & economic collapse


electronic blackout

bank restructuring

emerging nations

BRICS trade agreements

asset-backed currencies

new dollar (not FED fiat “petro” dollar)

“crypto” tokens, digital currencies

higher gold, silver & platinum prices



removal of corrupt cabal agents

replacement with officials of integrity

national consumption tax (not income tax)

debt forgiveness


financial, economic, changes, interest rates, real estate, inflation, goods, services, labor, shortages, theft, collapse, war, bank restructuring, BRICS, asset-backed, currencies, dollar, crypto, NESARA, debt



Summer Surprises - (Brighteon)

Summer Surprises - (Rumble)


What surprising events and news are on the verge of getting our attention this summer? The number and range of possibilities suggests there will be significant issues to handle.


  Environmental Issues  

cool weather






crop destruction


new false pandemic

toxic shots



     Technological Issues

cyber attack


power outage

communication blackout

ET alien threat


Political & Economic Issues

fall of Ukraine

escalated war

political shock

dollar shock

bank failures

economic collapse


civil disturbances

fall of the cabal


surprise, events, issues, environment, weather, fires, poisons, pandemic, cyber attack, EMP, power outage, political, economic, Ukraine, war, dollar, bank failures, collapse, shortages, civil disturbances, cabal



Is Your Food Poisoning You - (Brighteon)

Is Your Food Poisoning You - (Rumble)


Many of the food items most commonly eaten contain compounds that cause trouble. These include poisons added in growing and processing, as well as naturally-occurring anti-nutrients that may impair digestion and metabolism or foster inflammation.

Common Agricultural Chemicals








are common agricultural chemicals, public poisons in our food supply and environment, and there are still more herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

Glyphosate weed killer used with most GMO crops and many others, is toxifying nearly all of us. It is now also used in drying crops such as wheat, corn and other grains.

The additives to prepared foods: binders, fillers, sweeteners, artificial flavors and colors, enhancers, conditioners, preservatives and more, are not added for health reasons. For example, aspartame artificial sweetener is toxic to the brain, lessening intelligence and clouding thinking.

Anti-nutrients in the crops by nature include acids, enzyme inhibitors and proteins that are not easily digested. They can generate digestive distress, weight problems and inflammation, among other ailments.


Anti-Nutrients & Allergens

phytic acid










Phytic acid is present in grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. It reduces digestive enzyme effectiveness and lessens absorption of key minerals, including iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and copper. Tannins and oxalates are other acid derived nutrient blockers in common foods.

Gluten is a protein in wheat, rye and barley that is very difficult to digest. It also inhibits enzymes and causes many problems in the digestive tract, including leaky gut. Allergies, headaches, joint pain and mental cloudiness are common reactions to gluten. Breads, pizza, pasta, pastries and such are best avoided or minimized.

Lectins are generally sticky proteins in legumes, nuts, seeds, grains and nightshades, as well as in meats, eggs and dairy products from grain-fed animals.

Lectins do not digest well, and create gas and indigestion. They coat food particles, reducing nutrient absorption, and also stick to, penetrate and erode the intestinal lining, causing leaky gut and many allergies and other health problems. Soybeans, peanuts, tree nuts, eggplant and wheat are especially high in lectins.

Other anti-nutrients include saponins, similar to lectins in sources and effects, solanine in nightshades, and isoflavones, phytoestrogen compounds found especially in soybeans, that disrupt hormone balance.

Consider a diet of mostly organic fruits, seeds and vegetables, with minimal nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, tobacco).

If you soak beans, nuts, seeds and grains before consumption, sprouting or fermenting whenever possible, most of the problems of anti-nutrients can be avoided. Otherwise minimize consumption of legumes and grains.

Take advantage of the benefits of enzymes and probiotics as supplements for better digestion and metabolism, as well as minerals and super foods. 

Organic milled flaxseed can reduce inflammation and soothe the intestines.


public poisons, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, glyphosate, aspartame, anti-nutrients, allergens, digestion, phytic acid, gluten, lectins, solanine, phytoestrogens, legumes, grains, nightshades, enzymes, probiotics



Better Natural Health - (Brighteon)

Better Natural Health - (Rumble)


Although great strides have been made in the last 50 years, in assessing where we are in the restoration of the knowledge of natural health, it is obvious from the growth of hospitals and pharmacies that many people still have much to learn.

We have been unknowingly exposed to many public poisons most of our lives. Our health is eroded by small doses of toxins from pollution and chemicals used in agriculture, industry, medicine, food, water and household products, as well as electromagnetic frequencies (emf) from cell phones and wi-fi transmissions, plus geo-engineering sprays in the air.

These toxic stressors are contributing to diminished mental ability and degenerative diseases.

More and more people are coming to understand that this attack is intentional. The world controllers and their operatives have an agenda to lower the intelligence, shorten the lives and reduce the numbers of the masses, while feeding the profit coffers of their corporations, especially the medical industry.


Public Poisons

fluoride, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, lead, etc.

estrogen mimickers





pharma medicines & vaccines

EMFs + RFs – cell phones, wi-fi, radio, TV, etc.

nanobots / nanotechnology

micro-plastic dust

mycoplasma + engineered micro-biological forms

industrial pollutants, fracking wastes

We need to learn about what harms us and the natural ways of supporting better health.

The key principles of natural health are: 1) relax stress and tension while cultivating a positive attitude of wellness; 2) detoxify the toxins from poor digestion, imbalanced metabolism and public poisons, avoiding exposure as much as possible; 3) nourish the body with life supporting organic foods, super foods and pure water; and 4) exercise.

Organically grown natural foods rich in antioxidants and enzymes are the essential selections for eating wisely and building good health. Especially valuable choices are seeds, sprouts and a combination of fresh produce items, ideally from one’s own garden. GMO and highly-processed food products harm health and engender disease.

Organically grown seeds, such as amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, alfalfa, beans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and milled flaxseed are very valuable “embryonic foods. Probiotics and other support for the immune system and pure water are important as well.

Minerals are essential to the health of living organisms. Deficiency of minerals is common due to chemical agriculture. Minerals are normally restored to soil with organic farming. Choose organically grown food and herbs whenever possible.

Growing food for your household is wise, especially organically grown plants from non-GMO, heirloom seeds. Plan your garden now and obtain heirloom seeds and the soil building materials to grow good food. Meanwhile, you can grow sprouts, lettuce and other crops indoors, or in a cold frame or a greenhouse, even in winter.

Super foods like organic milled flax seed, flower pollen extract and Delicious Greens 8000 offer a great variety of minerals and other needed nutrients in easily utilized food form.

North Atlantic kelp is an excellent source of trace minerals, including iodine that is essential for the thyroid and the immune system.

Each of us needs to learn as much as we can about natural health and to gather the supplies to do so. Form a mutual support group to help each other with gardening, preparing foods for storage and other aspects of self-sustenance and survival.

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Transformation from Evil to Good - (Brighteon)

Transformation from Evil to Good - (Rumble)


Align with Reality

~ Attune to “God”, transcendental creative awareness

~ Resolve to improve

~ Research reality

~ Share knowledge

~ Support good efforts


Diminish Evil

~ Defund the criminals

~ Stop money laundering

~ Eliminate criminal sources of income

~ End child atrocities

~ Cease trafficking of humans & debilitating drugs

~ Terminate manipulation & abuse

~ Dispel cabal plans for high-tech tyranny

~ Remove criminals from positions & prosecute


Take Action for Restoration

~ Develop real natural science

~ Build community food & health programs

~ Reveal suppressed healing & efficiency technologies

~ Introduce improved economic, financial & work methods

~ Foster harmonious healing relationships & organizations

~ Enjoy life, learn & grow


Do we want a better world without the dominance of evil criminals and their manipulative agenda, policies and programs? If we want a transformation to sane, healthy living, we need to align with reality, diminish evil and take action for healing, efficiency and beneficial cooperation.

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"Vaccination" - (Brighteon)

"Vaccination" - (Rumble)


“Vaccination”: Fraud, Disability & Death


Virus Theory Hoax

~ “Virus“ = poison, venom

~ not a tiny invader

~ not an organism

~ lab developed “gain of function”

~ a biological weapon

~ intentionally released

~ fraudulent propaganda

~ brainwashed officials & population


Terrain Theory

~ toxification of the body

~ ingested poisons in food, water, medicines, etc.

~ environmental poisons, aerosols & stress

~ electro-magnetic radiation

~ inadequate nutritional support

~ weakened immunity


“Vaccination” = Injection of Poisons

~ bio-chemical “vaccine” cocktail

~ fraudulent narrative

~ worse bio-weapon than the starter

~ fraudulent trials, statistics & claims

~ deception by propaganda

~ medical marketing & profit


~ reduced intelligence & fertility

~ disability, depopulation & control


One of the greatest frauds in this era of multi-faceted deception is the virus and vaccine hoax that has been brainwashed into nearly everyone for about a century. There are no tiny scraps of wild genetic material trying to take over your cells and make you sick.

The symptoms blamed on a transmitted “virus” are due to poisoning and weakened health by auto-intoxication, environmental toxins, stress, intentional attack with bioweapons, toxic injections and medicines and/or exposure to electro-magnetic raditation.

Why? – These attacks are planned in think tanks and executed through cabal agents and operatives placed throughout society for intended disability, death and control of the population.

More details: 

Earlier videos: “Bioweapon Insanity Harms Humanity”    "Vaccinsanity"


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Social Degeneration - (Brighteon)

Social Degeneration - (Rumble)


evil ~ immorality

ignorance ~ trauma ~ crime ~ destruction

fear ~ anxiety ~ confusion



Cabal Control Goals

deception ~ manipulation

depopulation ~ infertility ~ illness ~ disability --> death or full control


Public Poisons

air ~ water ~ food ~ consumer products ~ medicines

pesticides ~ herbicides ~ fluoride ~ additives ~ aspartame ~ “vaccines”

lead ~ cadmium ~ mercury ~ aluminum ~ barium ~ graphene oxide ~ nanotech

nature ~ the soil ~ trees ~ plants ~ animals ~ people



electricity ~ radio ~ television ~ radar ~ cell phones ~ wi-fi ~ 5G ~ 6G


Control Technologies

finance ~ shortages ~ poverty ~ strife

chemicals ~ frequencies ~ devices ~ media ~ voice-to-skull ~ nanobots

geo-engineering ~ genetic modification ~ biological hacking ~ AI

bio-weapons ~ injections ~ imbedded nanotech ~ trans-human control system


Psy Ops

deception ~ trauma ~ false narratives ~ mind-controlled agents

propaganda ~ pyramid corporate control network ~ controlled authorities & media

virus theory ~ “vaccine” mythology ~ climate fraud ~ staged events ~ disasters


Restoration Protocol

spread awareness ~ de-conditioning ~ real education ~ planning & support groups

public assemblies ~ remove corrupt hierarchy ~ install sane leaders

end deception ~ end hostilities ~ remediation ~ restoration


Cabal conspirators have spent centuries developing their modalities of social engineering and control. By now their financial, chemical, technological, psychological and social degeneration methods of deception, manipulation and poisoning have brought us to the brink of social collapse, chaos, depopulation and mind control. Awareness, de-conditioning, education, planning, action and restoration need to be expanded now.

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Advanced Detoxification - (Brighteon)

Advanced Detoxification - (Rumble)

(NOTE: see also "Spring Detox & Health Recovery" below)


Spike Protein Detox


Pure Water

• Zinc (30-80 mg per day)
• Vitamin D3 (5000–10,000 IU daily)
• Vitamin C (1000 mg, twice daily)

• Glutathione

N-acetyl cysteine
• Quercetin

• Iodine

• C60 carbon

• Activated Charcoal

• Citrus fruit (hesperidin)

• Peppermint (hesperidin)
• Pine Needle Tea (shikimic acid or shikimate)

• Fennel and/or Star Anise Tea (shikimate)

• Wheatgrass Juice (shikimate)
• Schizandra
Berry (shikimate)
St. John’s Wort (shikimate)
• Comfrey Leaf (shikimate)
• Feverfew (shikimate)
• Gingko Biloba Leaf (shikimate)


NanoTech Detox

• Potassium
• Collodial Silver, Molecula Silver
• Spirulina, Chlorella
• Shitake Mushrooms
• Cilantro

• Garlic
• Ginger

• Oil of Oregano

• Tea Tree Oil

• Evening Primrose Oil


Anti-Nano Device by Tony Pantallesco:


Parasite Detox

Black walnut hulls

Pumpkin Seeds

Artemisia (“Wormwood”)

Larrea Tridentata (“Chaparral”)





Olive Leaf

Peppermint, Spearmint

Paw Paw Twigs


Detox Baths

(feet or whole body)


• Epsom salt (magnesium)

• Himalyan salt

• Soda (sodium bicarbonate)

• Bentonite clay

• Charcoal powder

• Borax

• Vinegar



Pineal Detox

Foods to decalcify the pineal gland and improve the brain.

(pineal – melatonin, 3rd eye insight)

Watercress – iodine, lutein, antioxidants

Pineapple – manganese, vitamin C

Coconut & its Water – hydrates, potassium ions, lauric acid (immune boost)

Banana – potassium, tryptophan (serotonin & melatonin precursor), B vitamins

Avocado – lutein, oleic acid (insulates myelin)

Turmeric – antioxidant, cleanser

Haritaki (fruit) – cleanser, increases brain oxygen, energy

Periodically affix a slice of onion to midsection of bottom of each foot at night until noticeable smell subsides (tie with string + wear socks).


Poisons are quietly included in food, water, air, medicines and household, automotive and workplace products. These toxins accumulate in the body and must be removed for better health. Advanced detoxification seeks to counter the bioweapon spike proteins and nano-technology we all have, as well as decalcifying the pineal gland.


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Spring Detox and Health Revovery - (Brighteon)

Spring Detox and Health Recovery - (Rumble)


~ Pure water

~ Bowel cleanse – fiber (flaxseed), clay, charcoal, greens, probiotics, (laxative)

~ Liver detox – olive oil/lemon flush, beets, dandelions, kelp, greens

~ Blood cleanse – red clover, yellow dock, greens, larrea

~ Anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, alkalization –