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Dave's A Hero

by Jon David Miller

My good friend Dave was sitting in the den of his west Akron home late one morning, when he noticed a guy around the age of 40 wearing a backpack banging on the door at the neighbor's house next door.

 When no one answered, Dave watched the man walk around behind the neighbor's home.

 As Dave went for his shoes, he called 911 and then another neighbor across the street, Dean, who did not answer the phone. Dave left a message while replacing his sandals with his running shoes.

 Fortunately, Dean was home and heard Dave's urgent alarm. Shortly he was in Dave's back yard watching the back of the next door home, with Dave in his porch door watching the neighbor's front door.

 Suddenly the burglar burst from the front door and ran down the street with Dave and Dean in hot pursuit.

 Around the corner at the next side street, the thief stumbled. He got back on his feet and ran on. Shortly Dean had tackled the burglar and Dave, a wrestler in high school and college, pounced on the guy.

 While the neighbor's son went to guide the police from the crime site to their new location, Dave held the burglar with the backpack strap around his neck as the two gentlemen kept him pinned until the police arrived.

Shortly, Dave told one of the officers to make sure to tell the thief, now sitting handcuffed in the back of a cruiser, that he had been apprehended by two boomers, ages 64 and 54, who have both had bypass surgery a few years earlier!


NOTE: Dave was interviewed by a Cleveland TV network affiliate, and the story was broadcast nationally.


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