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Grandfather Jon's Homemade Song Videos

Grandfather Jon is recording homemade, close-up videos with his phone, practice performances of original songs. Enjoy the social analysis and life insights of holistic philosophy and thought expressed in these creative songs as they are occasionally improved. Jon is a longtime storyteller, songwriter and performer of acoustic music - blues, ballads, life and inspiration.



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“In times when there were no electrical currents, when the air was not swarming with electrical influences, it was easier to be human. For this reason, in order to be human at all today, it is necessary to expend much stronger spiritual capacities than was necessary a century ago.”

-        Rudolph Steiner, 1917


Important information on harm from cell phones and wi-fi at:


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Resources added May, 2024


Viruses & Injections

Dr. Lee Merritt Interviewed by Dr. Jane Ruby on Parasites, Viruses, Poisons and Frequencies:


Dr. Vernon Coleman on Expansion of Euthanasia:


Dr. Jane Ruby on False Bird Flu Narrative:


Dr Ana Mihalcea on Nanotech Bio-weapon Mind Control with Maria Zeee:


Fluoride and COVID Jab Poisons Kill Millions:


Other Issues

Chemicals in Plastic Food Containers:


What Really Makes You Ill:


Michael Snyder on Bank Failures:


Getting Rid of Squatters:


Deborah Tavares on NASA and Silent Weapons Documents:


Mysteries of Consciousness and End of the Physical:


More Confirmation of “Planet X”:


Cyborg Development:


Brooks Agnew on the Control Crisis Interviewed by Kerry Cassidy:


DaveXRPLion Explains XRP and NESARA:


Dr. Scott Young Has a Little Different Understanding of NESARA:


Juan O’Savin Comments on NESARA:


Who Is Faking Out Whom?:


Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Physicist, Interviewed by Kerry Cassidy


David Serda on Hidden Planets Interviewed by Kerry Cassidy:


Jay Weidner and Kerry Cassidy on JFK Faked Death and Other Fakes:


Pilot Caught on Camera Turning off Chemtrail Screen on Cockpit Console:


Dr. Jim Willie Update with Patriot Underground:


5th Gen Warfare on SGT Report:



Resources added April, 2024


Viruses & Injections

Dr. Sam Bailey on Virus Hoax:


Other Issues

Dr. Lee Merritt and Courtenay Turner Discuss Baltimore Bridge & The Eclipse:


Kerry Cassidy Interviewed by Jean-Claude:


Michael Jaco on Key Bridge Collapse and More:


Geoengineering and other Poisons:



Resources added March, 2024


Viruses & Injections

Dr. Ardis with Mike Adams on Venoms in Drugs & Effects Countered with Nicotine:


saRNA – the Next Gen of mRNA Nanotech Injections May Interfere More with Body Processes:


Dr. James Thorpe, OB-GYN on Mass Poisoning by Vax:


There Is No COVID Virus:


COVID Deaths & Disabilities:



Other Issues

“Christspiracy" Documentary:


Miki Klann with Charlie Ward on Common Law against the Corp:


Jason Breshears on Eclipse, Earthquakes and History:


Cliff High on Baltimore Bridge Collapse Repercussions:


Celeste Solum with Dr. Lee Merritt on Nanotech-Polymer Takeover:


Ben Fulford Interviewed by Scott McKay:


Texas Panhandle Fires:


Invasion to Set-up Communist Takeover?


Fascinating Conversation - Patriot Underground with Steven from Ireland:


Bill Holter, Expert on Gold and Silver with Bo Polny:


Michael Snyder on Migrant Economic Crisis:


Glyphosate Ravages the Population:


Michael Jaco Digs into Psyops:


Summary of Cabal Control and Harm Plans:


Mike Gill Exposes Jame O’Keefe, Gen. Flynn and More:


Roundtable on Current Events, Relevant History and Anticipated Changes:


Mid-March Update from Dr. Jim Willie with Patriot Underground:



Resources added February, 2024


Viruses & Injections 

Dr Robert Young with SGT Report on Graphene Nano, Frequencies, pH & Detox:





Other Issues

Mike Gill with Michael Jaco with Updates:


Dr Lee Vliet with SGT Report on Current Crises:


Truth Revealed or Deception Expanded? – Michael Jaco & Juan O’Savin:


Patrick Humphrey on Chlormequat Poisoning of Food:


Michelle Moore with Mike Gill on Controlled Opposition in Alt Media:


Gene Decode and Team on Ukrainian History:


Canadian Prepper on AI Generated False Reality:


Tartarian Empire Suppressed:


Remote Viewing with Courtney Brown & Dick Allgire:


Lower IQ from Fluoride:


World Awakening in Progress:


Dr Jim Willie Update:


Who Is Running the U.S.A.? – by Melissa Dykes


Sandy Hook Update by Dr. James Fetzer:


Kerry Cassidy with Michael Jaco on Doubles, Aliens and More:


Dr Jan Halper-Hayes Interviewed by Steve Shultz:


Michael Yon Border Update with Mike Adams:


Todd Callender Update Interviewed by Seth Holehouse:


SG Anon on Patriot Underground with Updated Analysis:


Michael Jaco on Threat to Dollar and War Potential:


Roundtable on Critical Current Events:




Kerry Cassidy and Jay Weidner on Deep Fakes, Interviewed by Jean Claude:


Michael Jaco with Sheila Holm on Secret Agenda in USA (eg., Knights of Pithius):


Canadian Prepper on Signs of World War:


A Visit to the World Economic Forum Davos Meeting:


Bix Weir Discusses Silver and More on SGT Report:


Kerry Cassidy with Patriot Underground on Behind-the-Scenes War:


Tucker Carlson in Russia and Interviews Putin:


Michael Jaco on Stepping Up:


Mike Gill Reveals More with Michelle Moore:


Censorship by Government Funded “3rd Party” Programs:


SG Anon on with Lewis and Robert:



Resources added January, 2024


Viruses & Injections

Dr. Lee Merritt with Stew Peters on Micro-Parasites & Cancer:


Michael Jaco COVID Update:


Dr. James Thorp on Infertility & Depopulation from Injections:


Dr Sam Bailey Interviews Medical Statistician, Rebecca Culshaw-Smith:


Problems with Vax and Fear Promo:


“Disease X”, the Next Pandemic?:


Dr Ardis Show:

Dr Ardis on Flu Shots with the Whiteds at a Convention:

Dr Bryan Ardis – The Explosive Truth, Origin, & Antidote For C19 (2h19m)


Dr Bryan Ardis – Nicotine – Reversing Parkinson’s, Type-1 Diabetes, Brain Tumors, & Myocarditis (25m)


Dr Bryan Ardis – On Snake Venom Poison (1h9m)


Dr Bryan Ardis – The Truth About The Hep B Flu Vaccines (39m)


Dr Brian Ardis – Reveals Evidence About mRNA Vaccines Snake Venoms & Treatments (1h21m)


Dr Bryan Ardis – On Snake Venom Poison, Diseases & How to Cure Them (1h9m)

Dr Bryan Ardis – Interview – What Is Plasmid DNA & Why It’s In Food, Water, Air & Vaxs (1h3m)


Dr Peter McCullough Interviewed by Shannon Joy:


Other Issues

Dr. Jim Willie Analyzes the Year Ahead on Patriot Underground:


Mike Gill Debates Kerry Cassidy Moderated by Patriot Underground:


Kerry Cassidy Discusses the War on Humans with Jean Claude:


Richie from Boston Says Domestic War is Starting:


SG Anon on Current Affairs with Nino Rodriguez:


George Green on 1st Hand Experience of UFO & ET Presence:


Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes on Election Fraud and More:


Michelle Moore Interviews Michael Jaco:


More on Bond Default from Dr. Jim Willie, PhD:


David Mahoney with Nicholas Veniamin on Miami Aliens & More:


SG Anon with Nino Rodriguez on False Flag Psy Ops:


Michael Jaco Foretells Exposure and Removal of Deep State Operatives:


Dane Wiggington Interviewed by Mike Adams on Geoengineering:


Michael Snyder on Major Company Layoffs:


Solutions with The Greater Reset:


Alpha Interviews Jim Willie on Likely Collapse:


Apeel Preservative on Commercial Organic Produce:


Dr Jim Willie Update:


Mike Gill Describes the Widespread Corruption with Michelle Moore:


Texans Discussing Dispute with Biden over Border Security:


Illegal immigration leads to 2,200 deaths, 118,000 rapes, 138,000 assaults



Resources added December, 2023


Viruses & Injections

Ivermectin Counters COVID:


Maria Zeee Interviews Two Analysts of Nanotech in Body Fluids:


Reiner Fuellmich Interviews Dr Naomi Wolf & Dr Peter Breggin on CV Shots & Brain:


Dr Jane Ruby & Todd Callender on Live Wireless Body area Network:


Pathologist’s Opinion on Doctors Pushing CV Shots:


CV Shot Statistic Charts:


Other Issues

Ben Fulford & Jim Willie on World Situation:


Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes with Cornelia on Military COG & Sweden:


Med Beds Explained:


Mel K Exposing the Cabal with Sean on SGT Report:


Dr. Jim Willie on Treasury Bond Default Bank Failure:


Military-Age Chinese Men Invasion:


SG Anon Shares World Analysis with Patriot Underground:


Canadian Prepper Interviews Nate Hagens on Energy Peak:


Bloodlines of the Illuminati – 1990’s Fritz Springmeier Interview:


Dr Jim Willie on Coming U.S. Bond Default:


Billy Carson on Forbidden Knowledge:


Nino Rodriguez Interviews Real Historian Mike King:


Kerry Cassidy Interviewed by Alpha Warrior on Looking Glass  AI:


David Wilcock Update on Revelation of Classified Projects:


SG Anon Update with Jesse Hal:


Kerry Cassidy & Patriot Underground on What’s Coming Soon:



Resources added November, 2023


Viruses & Injections

Dr Hoffe on Vax Injury:


Dr. Lee Merritt, M.D., on Synthetic Parasites from Vax:


Dr. McCullough on Heart Problems from Vax:


Summary of Venom Proteins in Vax:


Other Issues

Martin Armstrong with Mike Adams on Corrupt & Fraudulent Governments


Erich von Daniken on Importance of Book of Enoch:


Simpsons Predict the Future:


Dr. Jim Willie Update with Patriot Underground:


Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes on SGT Report Discussing Conspiracy Validation:


Kerry Cassidy & Patriot Underground Discuss Intel, Issues, Trends & Prospects:


David Icke on What’s Next:


Mike Adams Interviews Dennis Kucinich:



Resources added October, 2023


Viruses & Injections

Artery-Clogging Growth Found in People Who Got the Shots:


Todd Callender & Dr. Vliet on SGT Report about EAS Test & Shot NanoTech:


Dr Mihalcea on CV Bioweapon with Greg Hunter:


Dr David Martin Exposes the History of Drug Industry & Bioweapons:



Other Issues

Sayer Ji on Turmeric Benefits:


Supply Chain Disruptions:


Deborah Tavares & Todd Callender on Emergency Test & EMF Harm with SGT:


Wrap Cell-Phone in Crinkled Aluminum Foil to Block Signal:


Cellular Remote Control Patent, Prion Disease & How to turn off Alerts to Phone:


Michael Jaco Intel Update on Israel & American Border:


Dr. Jim Willie Economics Update:


G Edward Griffin on Money, Collapse & the Banksters:


Jeff Berwick on Danger of Israeli Government False Flag:



Resources added September, 2023


Viruses & Injections

Dr. Eads with Greg Hunter on CV Bio-weapon and Protocols:


Mike Adams & Will Spencer on Recovery from High Tech Bio-weapon Shots:


Dr. Mark Bailey and Kevin Corbitt, PhD on Virus Mythology:


Lisa McGee & Todd Callendar with Maria Zeee on Intentional Poisoning:


Dr. Lee Merritt Also Warns About Oct 4 EBS Test:


Atty. Todd Callendar on Bio-tech Weapon, the EBS Test & the CCP with Seth Holehouse:


Dr. Jane Ruby with Todd Callender On the Oct. 4 EBS/EAS Test and Bio-weapons:


Dr. Stuckelberger Exposes WHO and UN with Mike Adams:


Other Issues

Kerry Cassidy on White Hats, Space Force, AI & More:


The Secret War and Fall of the Cabal - Juan O’Savin w/ Mike Jaco:


Dr. Jim Willie on Currencies, Banks, BRICS, Maui & More:


Q&A on Restoring U.S. Republic with Dr. Jan Halper Hayes:


Doug Thornton Homeland Border Agent on Dangers of Civil Strife with Mike Adams:


Michael Yon with Mike Adams on Migrants and Sabotage:


Miki Klann, SG Anon & Scott McKay Intel Update:


Jason Shurka’s Urgent Warning About EBS Test on Oct 4:


Atty. Reiner Fullemich Interviewed by Stew Peters on 5G Weapon:


Store Food for Shortage in Progress:



Resources added August, 2023


Viruses & Injections

Karen Kingston on Cabal Criminals’ Hit List:


Dr. Ardis on Venom Poisoning and Corrective Measures:


Dr. Ana Mihalcea on Vaxxed & Un-vaxxed Blood:


Dr. Fleming on COVID as a Bioweapon:



Other Issues

Pilot Footage of Non-Global Earth:


Government Documents Reveal Flat Earth Assumed in Scientific Calculations:


Deborah Tavares with Kerry Cassidy on Fires, Water, 15-Minute Cities & More:


Kerry Cassidy with Jaco & Nino on DEW Attack on Maui:


MedBed Technology Described:


David Icke on Awakening from Extra-Dimensional AI Programming:


Seth with David Martin on the Death Throes of the Cabal:


Maui Horror Greater Than Described:


NAZI Fascist State Capitalism in U.S.A.:


BRICS Replacing Anglo-American Empire:


War on Humanity - Deborah Tavares on SGT Report:



Resources added July, 2023


Viruses & Injections

13 Biggest Science Lies:


Analyst Ed Dowd on CV Shot Harm Statistics:


Ed Dowd on Help with CV Shot Injuries:


Anti-Antibodies Act Like Spike Proteins:


Ivermectin Mutagenic:


CV Shots, Genetic Modification, Nanotech & Microwaves:


Summary of Experts on CV Shots:


Dr. Ardis Update on Nicotine, Venom & Remdesivir:


Tetanus Vaccine Hoax:


Other Issues

Is the Earth a Wheel Rather than a Globe?


Byrd Antarctica Photos:


Globe or Flat Earth?


Jim Fetzer on Many Topics Including Flat Earth Controversy (see comments):


Jim Willie on Financial Crisis with Nino:


Silver Roundtable on SGT Report:


Scott McKay & Mike Adams Discuss Healing Helper Technologies:


Electronic Prison:


Stop Digital Prison Bill:


David Dubyne on Corrected History, Tesla & Magnetic Motors:


David Dubyne on “Warmest Day Ever” Fraud:


Mike Gill on Political Corruption & Money Laundering:\


Fake Joe Biden, Cyborgs, Clones, Holograms & More:


Bill Holter on Coming Economic Crisis:


"Therify" Plasma Med Bed:



Resources added June, 2023


Viruses & Injections

Dr. Merritt & Dr. Palevsky Updates:


Karen Kingston Presents Criminal Evidence to Stop CV Injections & Seize Vials:


Dr. Jane Ruby & Sasha Latypova on Coming Marburg Pandemic Fraud Rollout:


Dr. Ana Mihalcea on Ubiquitous Self-Assembling Nanotech:


Venom Poisoning – Dr Ardis, “Watch the Water 2”


Testimony on Vaccines Before the Pennsylvania Senate:


Dr Bryan Ardis Update on Med Poisons:


Other Issues

Cliff High with Lee Merritt:


Smart Meter Harm & EMF Blocker:


The Families of Control for Centuries:


Jim Fetzer & Brian Davidson on Morality & More:


Joaquin Hagopian with Kerry Cassidy:


Everything's About to Change – Hidden Technologies, QFS, XRP, etc.:



Resources added May, 2023


Viruses & Injections

Ed Dowd with CV Shot Harm & Death Stats Update:


Sophia Smallstorm on the “Kill Box”:


Biowarfare: mRNA & Extinction:


Novel Micro-Organism in All of Us “Holobionts”:


WHO to Control World with “One Health”:


Nanotech, Parasites & Detox:


Other Issues

David Dubyne on Weather Anomalies & Food Shortages:


RFK, Jr. on Pandemic Fraud & Tyranny:


Graphene, Hydra and Frequencies:


Scientific Fraud of CO2, Global Warming, etc., with Joe Olson, PE & Jim Fetzer, PhD;

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

part 6

part 7

part 8

part 9

part 10


Review of Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax:


Novel Micro-Organism in All of Us “Holobionts”:


“Global Warming” a False Concern:


Crop Disasters:



Resources added April, 2023


Viruses & Injections

Tweaked Bird Flu Is Next Pandemic & Depopulation Injection Planned:


VAERS Year-End Report Shows COVID 19 Shot Disaster:


Virus Myth Still Used to Control Population:


Injection Bioweapons Maiming & Killing Humans, not Virus Variants:


They Lied – Graphene Oxide is in the Shots and Spreads:


Dr Robert Young on NanoTech Solutions:


Dr. Jane Ruby on CV Shot Cancers & New “mRNA Cancer Vaccine”:


Other Issues

Detailed Evidence of Nashville Shooting Deception:


Was the Nashville School Shooter Actually a Male?:


James Fetzer, PhD, on Key Cabal Conspiracies:


The Black Nobility:


Dr. Jim Willie, PhD, on Financial Crisis & Silver Shortage:


Dr. Jim Willie, PhD, on Financial Collapse in Progress:


Are “Satellites” Really Orbiting the Planet?:


Shroud of Turin Evidence of Divine Radiant Healing:


Is Joe Biden an Actor in a Mask?:


Property to be Taken by Governments, Institutions, Non-Profits for Agenda?


Defense Leak Not as Presented?:


East Palestine Disaster Much Worse Than Reported:


U.S. Government a Rogue State:


Alternative Energy Technologies:


Big Change in Progress: Bob Moriarty on Canadian Prepper:


Cabinet and Agency Heads not Official and Need Removed:


Nano Tech in Foods, Medicines, Personal Care, Water & Air:


Banned SNL Cartoon Exposes Corporate Poisoning & Mind Control:


Nano Tech Detox:


Anti-Nano Device:


CBDCs Coming Soon?:



Resources added March, 2023


Viruses & Injections

Serious Warning from Prominent Doctors:


Moderna Patented DNA found in COVID Ahead of the “Pandemic”:


Red States Targeted by Rapid Kill Shots?:


Thai Princess Dies from CV Shot:


The Covid Blog:



Vaccines-The Biggest Medical Fraud in History pdf:



Dissolving illusions disease, vaccines and the forgotten history by Suzanne Humphries MD, Roman Bystrianyk PDF:



Vaccine-nation Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time – Andreas Moritz



Vaccines Are Dangerous – And Dont Work by Dr Vernon Coleman:—and-don-t-work



Dr. Andrew Moulden – Every Vaccine Produces Harm:



The Cure For All Cancers – Hulda Clark:,%20Hulda%20-%20The%20Cure%20for%20All%20Cancers.pdf



Life Science Health System – TC Fry (2380 p):


Common Sense - Tucker Carlson Interviews Ed Dowd:


Maria Zeee Interviews Todd Callender:


Shot Nanotech Spreading & Shedding:


Humic Acid Counters Graphene Oxide:


Dr. Martin on CV Gain-of-Function-Research:


Other Issues

Juan Explains the Balloon with Nino:


Justus Knight Connects the New “UFO” Dots:


Ohio Derailed Train Toxic Waste Burn Contaminates Air & Water:


Dr. Robert Young & Kerry Cassidy Discuss E Palestine:




Richie From Boston on Unconventional War Attacks


Tesla, Energy and Numbers:


BOP Dance:


Jim Willie Answers Questions on Current Issues:


Mike Adams Interviews Doc Pete Chambers & Mike Yon:


Ex-IRS Agent Reveals There is no Law to Pay Income Taxes:


10 Important News Stories:


Dr. Jim Willie on Cabal Fraud, De-Dollarization, etc.:


Dioxin Detox:


Tactical Civics - David Zuniga with Michael, Scott & Nino:


Local Focus - Col. John Mills on SGT Report:


Ben Fulford on the Cabal Mafia & Its Downfall:


Greg Mannarino on Bank Crisis:                                                                                                                                                                  


Assets Overview by Ray Dalio:


History of Warlord Banking:


Real Money & Barter in a Collapse:


Rothschild Plan to Own the World:


Oil Supply Shortage:


Cartel Corruption of State & Federal Officials:


Nashville School Shooting Psy-Op:



Resources added February, 2023


Viruses & Injections

Dr. Ardis & Mike Adams on Ba’al Busters:


Dr. Balbona interviewed by Stew Peters:


Dr. Trozzi on Saving Children from the Shot:


Nano-Chip in Pfizer Injection Vial:


Pfizer R&D Director Reveals Criminal Intent – Project Veritas:

Pfizer R&D Director Goes Berserk when Confronted!


Moderna Wants to Own You:


Ed Dowd Explains the Death & Disability Stats of CV Shots:


There is No Virus – Dr. Robert Young:


Dr. Andrew Huff, Bio-Lab Industry Whistleblower, Interviewed by Mike Adams:


Quercitin + Ivermectin May Bring Possible Death:




Dr. Judy Mikovits on Stew Peters:


Dr. Vliet & Todd Callender on SGT and more:


Vaccine Epidemic:


Japan Official Understands the COVID Crime:


Other Issues

Sabotage, Food, Fuel, Cyber War, Weather War, DHS & Emergency:


Bill Holter Interviewed by Dunegan Kaiser:


Kerry Cassidy Urges White Hats to Reveal:


Dr. Kirk Elliott, PhD. on Banks & the Dollar with Seth Holehouse:


More on Collapse and Bank Bail-ins on Redacted:


Magnesium, Baking Soda, Clay and Iodine:


Graphene Machine:


Biden & Hillary Doubles:


J6 Prisoner, Jake Lang, Interviewed by Stew Peters:


Christian History & Mythos:



Resources added January, 2023


Viruses & Injections

Dr. Ardis Interviewed on Venom as Primary CV Weapon:


Karen Kingston on SGT Report:


Dr. Malone & 17,000 Pros Declare Need to End CV Shots:$/embed/@SkyDomeAtlantis:4/trim.DCF0F118-F935-4FFC-8E7D-411BA5A22496:e?r=Fr5hPGKZqTMtm3psZP4mjdHaFn3cjZiD


Control & Death by Pharmaceutical Fraud - Know the Enemy


Not a Virus:


Not a Vaccine:


Pfizer Sad Ads (at about 25 minutes - exposes shot collapses)


Health Crisis Coincidences:


Studies Reveal Shot Ineffectiveness & Harm:


3 Dose Done:



Other Issues

David Icke with Laura Eisenhower & Nino:


David Icke New Year Update:


SGAnon on w/ Mike Jaco & Kevin Hoy:


Janet Phelan with Alex Newman on CV and Other Crimes:


David Goldberg Warning in 2019 Before His Death:


Greta’s Staged Arrest:


Peter Schiff on Inflation:


If We Didn’t Go to Space, Is “Science” All Fraud & Deception? (like human caused climate change, current events, politics, media, medicine, finance, energy, religion, history….:



Resources added December, 2022


Viruses & Injections

Dr. Tau Braun with Jane Ruby:


Dr. Tau Braun with Mike Adams:


Dr Ryan Cole on Shot Injury


Partial Transcript of Dr. Cole:


Dr. Cole on Pharma CV Shot Fraud:


Vast Differences in Injection Vials from Premature Shoddy Manufacturing:


How Bad is My Batch?:


Maria Zeee Interviews 2 Embalmers:


Dr. McCullough Says mRNA Transfers from Injected to Non with Close Contact:


Dr. McCullough Warns About Shots for Children:


Big Pharma Propaganda and Warning about Shots:


Microscopy of Nanotech & Graphene:


John Lukach on with Stew Peters:




Dr. Yeadon on The Evil Behind the COVID Plot:


VAXX Nation Documentary on COVID Shots:


Life Insurance Being Denied for COVID Shot Deaths?:


Other Issues

WEF Intention of Depopulation:


Ways Elections are Stolen and How to Expose It:


Weather Weapon 101: Operation Popeye – Rain-Making in Viet Nam War:


Lara Logan on Nino's Corner:


Beyond Looking Glass: 2012 Interview of Bill Wood by Kerry Cassidy:


Solar Flare / Magnetic Disaster:


Shot Deaths and Injuries to Incapacitate 100’s of Millions?:


Overview of Great Reset:


SG Anon interviewed by Patriot Underground:


Dr. Breggin & Dr. Wolf Interviewed by Reiner Fuellmich:


Summary Overview of Digital Dollar:


Mouse Utopia Die-Off Study:


Army Whistleblower with Stew Peters on Military Injection Injury Coverup:


Dr. Brooks Agnew on Hollow Earth Antarctica, Etc.:


Brunson Case Explained:


Brunson case in 4 minutes:


Frank Jacobs on Suppressed Inventor Technologies:



Resources added November, 2022


Viruses & Injections

Todd Callender w/ Mike Adams on “Homo-Borg”:


Dr Bhakti on Genocide by Spike Protein Caused Killer Immune Attack:


94% of Injected Exhibit Early Blood Clot Conditions:


Dr Group Interviewed by Mike Adams:


Other Issues

Alan Krainer on Global Financial Situation:



Resources added October, 2022


Viruses & Injections

The More Shots the More Likely to Die:


Dr Ardis on w/ Laura-Lynn:


Celeste Solum Describes Quantum Dots, Hydrogel & Graphene:


“Died Suddenly”:


Young Deaths:


AI Bio-Synth Robots from Shots:


Ongoing Spike Production?:


Global Conspiracy of Genocide by Shots:


SAD Deaths on Video:


Graphene Oxide in Shots:


Shot Ingredients:


Nerve Damage from Shot:


Karen Kingston Reveals More Shocking Patents on COVID Shots:


Other Issues

WEF Warns of Cyber Attacks & Fuel Shortages:


Mike Adams Interviews Dr. Jim Willie:


Graphene in Bottled Water (also used in water purificationŕ?):


Mike Adams on Psycho-Bio Warfare:


Mike Maloney on Coming Dollar Asset Decline:


Rise and Fall of Empires:


Anna von Reitz on Taking Back America:


Reality of Ukraine, CIA and More:


The Cabal’s Last Stand:


Peter Schiff on Collapse:


Admission by IRS and Congressman that Income Tax is Voluntary:


Time Travel, Tesla, Trumps, Titor, JFK Jr. & Q:


Food Shortage Situation Worsens:



Resources added September, 2022


Viruses & Injections

Dr. Len Horowitz with Dr. Lee Merritt on 528 and Healing Love:


COVID “Vax” a Schedule 4 Poison:


Dr. Vliet & Todd Callender on SGT Report:


Death by a Trillion Cuts:


Dr. Yeadon Updates His Warning on the Shots:


Shot Injuries & Deaths:


Dr. Jane Ruby Interviews Dr. Peter Breggin:


Results of Study on CV Shots:


Dr. Cowan on No Virus Threat:


Marburg Imbedded in Shots:


Mag Breakthrough:


Dr. Naomi Wolf on Ovaries Targeted by Shots:


Tom Renz with Mel K:


Hope and Tivon on SGT Report:


11-year-old Let’s Klaus Schwab Have It:


Planned Technological Enslavement or Death:


Other Issues



Mike Adams Interviews David Wilcock on Breakthroughs Becoming Revealed:


Get Zapped (& Invaded) by Graphene in Sanitary Napkins (graphene wires also in face masks):


Land Patents:


Food Forest:


Kerry Cassidy Interviews Juan O’Savin:


Mandela Effect Panel:


Dane Wiggington Interviewed by Mike Adams on Geoengineering & Climate Collapse:


Derek Johnson Explains the World Saving Sting Operation:


Inflation Explained:


Mel K Interviewed by Mike Adams:


Prepare for Power Outages:


Mike Jaco Patriot Panel on 9-11:


Good piece on mind and its clarity or manipulation:


Kerry Cassidy w/Nino on Creative Mind Over Technology:


9-23 or 9-24 in Movies:


Study on Geo-engineering:


Health Impact News on Geoengineering:


New World Order in Progress?:


JFK, Jr with Larry King:


Andy Shectman on Financial Crisis:


Hurricane Manipulation in 3 ˝ minutes – Dane Wiggington:


Scott & Kerry Conversation:


Clones – George Green:


Transhumanism: Digital Dollar Robots:


Armless Singer Plays Guitar with Feet:


Breton Woods 3, 4, 5:



Resources added August, 2022


Viruses & Injections

Dr. Christiane Northrup Interviewed by Mike Adams on Injection Harm:


Hope & Tivon on Tech in Shots & Remedies:


WHO Says Monkeypox Shots Are an Experimental Clinical Trial:


18 Ghz to Trigger Lipid Payload Turning Human Hybrids to Zombies:

Todd Callender joins the The Prather Point to discuss the next PLANdemic (the Marburg pathogen), which will be the excuse used to force the unvaxxed into quarantine camps (FEMA) where kill-shots will be administered.
He also says that those who received the Covid shots already have the dormant Marburg virus encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles, which can be activated via 5G frequencies. Those who have Marburg will then become zombie-like, because it affects frontal cortex brain function.


Also see:
Coming Marburg, 5G & Mind Control – Maria Zeee w/ Todd Callendar and Dr. Peter Chambers (48:23):


Mike Adams + Dr. Jane Ruby on Clot Analysis:


Further Clot Analysis:


Dr Vliet & Todd Callender on Monkeypox - SGTReport:


Dr. Lee Vliet:


Dr Tenpenny on Jabs, Ebola & Marburg:


Jeff Rense w/Ericka Discuss Serious Effects on Injected + Shedding Victims:


Monkeypox Shots are Experimental:


Nurse Wishes She Had Not Gotten Jabbed:


Death Charts + Depopulation Quotes:


Celeste Solum w/Mel K on Attempted Takeover of Humanity:


Dr. Madej on Hydra and More in Shots:


Chlorine Dioxide for Clearing mRNA Shot Materials:


Prevent COVID + EMF Zombies:


Gene Editing and Programmed Cloning of Abnormal Chimeric Cells via PCR Test:


Dr, Young on COVID Issues:


Other Issues

Insider on Background of Chemtrails & Barium in Them:


Countering the Cabal and Exposing their Treachery:


Nazi Collaborators Before During & After WW-2:


Elites Plan for all Contingencies:


Polly on Moving Our Lives to Virtual Reality:


What They Are Hiding Part 1:


Zombie Apocalypse?:


Cloning More Advanced than Most Know:


Harmony Economy – “Hanomy”:


Amazing Update from Kim G:


Yellowstone Activity:


These Little Ones:


“Dark to Light”- a Powerful Video at 106:14-111:00:


Earthquake Preparedness for Unconventional War:


Kerry Cassidy Interviews Dr. Richard Alan Miller, (above presidential security clearance):


Dr. Lee Merritt Interviews Jay Dyer:


The Dimming - Geoengineering:


History of NESARA, Corruption & High Crimes:


Digital Dollar by end of 2022?:


Biden Executive Order 14067 – “C-day” – Dec 13, 2022 – Cashless Currency - Digital Dollar


Interesting Summary of the Crisis, 8-2022:


Graphene Strip in Sanitary Napkin:


Collapse of the Financial System – Fall of the Cabal – Jim Willie:


Pfizer Details Hacked – Greatest Crime of All Time:


Kerry Cassidy’s Full Analysis of COG, Juan & Trump:


Pineal Gland, Hormones & Melanin:



Resources added July, 2022


Viruses & Injections

Every Vaccine Produces Harm by Andrew Moulden MD PhD


Vaccine Archive


Chaparral larrea mitigates oxidative stress:


Dr. Merritt on How the Bioweapon Works:


Dr. Rima Laibow on the Battle with Tyrannical Psychopaths:


Graphene Oxide + Proteins:


Rubbery Clots From Shots:


Dr. Bryan Ardis Suggests Nicotine to Clear Receptor Sites:


Interview with Ricardo Delgato:


Dr. Martin on Pre-Planning the Pandemic(s) & Injections:


Karen Kingston on Jabbed Babies and Toddlers:


Other Issues

Convex Earth Experiments:


Jim Fetzer & Harrison Hanks on False Flags & Hoaxes:


Common Edible Wild Plants:


Anti-viral Herbs:


Starts with X-Files Segment Predicting DNA Editing & More:


Lisa Haven on Blackrock:


Lisa Haven on Control of Food:


Mike Adams Research on Diesel Oil Additive Shut-Down:


Destruction of Georgia Guidestones:


2020 Election Overturned by Supreme Court?:


Elana Freeland Interview:


Joel Skousen on the Inevitability of Nuclear War by 2030:



Resources added June, 2022



50% World Genocide Planned in Advance by World Economic Forum:


Dolores Cahill – “All that have received an mRNA injection will die within 3 to 5 years.”:


Rage Frequencies:


Un-injected Should Avoid Dating Injected:


Micro-clots from the Shots:


Vax Deaths on Camera:


Dr. Judy Mikovits Interviewed by Ann Vandersteel:


Dr. Young on Effects of Jabs & Graphene:


Justin Bieber’s Face Paralysis:


Virus & Vaccine Fairy Tales by Amazing Polly:


Genetic Attack Warning Years Ago on X-Files:


Dr. Jane Ruby on Sterilization by Injection:


Amazing Polly on Dead Scientists Eliminated?:


Dr. Jane Ruby with Katherine Watt on Legal Issues of COVID:


Deaths Spiking Among all Age Groups:


Other Issues

Food Control System


Med Bed Technology & Leadership for Awakening:


History of the Falling Cabal:


Stock Market Crashing; Food Prices Soar:


Gary Bell Archive:


Gary Bell on Ancient Gods, Rituals, Dates, etc.:


Flat Earth?:


Sodium Bicarbonate:


Bye-Bye 5G -

CCP, WEF, Global Cabal, Transhumanists, etc., Don’t Want You to See This!:


Mel K & Ann Vandersteel on WEF-Davos:


Complete History of Banking:


1st Aid -- Stopping Bleeding:


Where Else Might You Have Been Cheated Besides Starbucks?:


Uvalde Another Sandy Hook?:


No Birth Records for “Dead” Uvalde Children?:


Survival Through Drought, Heat, Cold, Blackouts, etc.:


Biocides in Chemtrails: (11:44)


Gene Decode – Breakdown of Dimensional Bodies at end:


Australian Philosopher in Mexico:




Book of Enoch:


The Pineal and Effects of Fluoride:


Pro Se Law:

SGT Report:


David Straight on Real Law:


Powerful Life Story of Traumatic Religious Upbringing:


Mel K on Smart Cities & Tech Slavery:


David Dubyne w/ Mike Adams on Food Shortage:


Elites Trying to Depopulate:


DeSantis Secret Society Connections?:


Takeover by Medical Tyranny:



Resources added May, 2022



Vaxed vs. Un-vaxed in Illness & Death:


Vax Propaganda vs. Injuries & Deaths:


Warning by Dr. Judy Mikovits Interviewed by Nino Rodriguez:


Dr. Judy Mikovits interviewed by Ann Vandersteel:


Control of Food System:


Food Shortage - David Dubyne w/ Kerry Cassidy:

Mel K Interviews Alex Newman:\


Dr Breggin & Dr Bhakti on Shots Worse than Thought:


Dr. Jane Ruby on Hepatitis Caused by Shots:


Dr. Jane Ruby & Stew Peters on Shots & Tests:


Danger - Boosters Approved for Children:


DNA Swabs & 5G:


Nanotech Antennas in Injections:


Graphene Oxide Nanotechnology:


Chile Attempts to Protect Mental Rights + “Nano Man”:


Nano Man -- Graphene & Hydrogel Technology in Test Swabs & Shots:


La Quinta Columna on Graphene Oxide in Shots:


AIDS Developing in the Injected:


Deaths from Shots Far Higher than Thought:


Dr. Eads w/Greg Hunter on Shot Issues:


Polly St. George on Starting a Monkeypox Plandemic:



Resources added April, 2022



Dr. Sherry Tenpenny on Hagmann Report:


Microscopic View of Injection Vials & Blood:


Review of 2012 Olympics Virus Ritual Performance:


Synthetic Snake Venom Peptides?:


Dr. Jane Ruby with Dr. Ardis on Snake Venom Crystals in Pfizer Shots:


Dr. Jane Ruby on Graphene Nanotubes Growing in Injected:


Hope for Those with Boosters?:



Resources added March, 2022


The Triple Shot Are Getting AIDS:

Dr. Elizabeth Eads with Greg Hunter on AIDS & Clots from Shots:


Awful Jab Troubles:

Prion Disease:


Magnefection - SPIONS – Supra Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles – in the lipid coating around the mRNA:


Improving the Brain:


Fact-check vaccine ingredients here:


Dr. Lee Merritt & Dr. Carrie Madej on Serious Issues:


Brain Takeover Described in Govt. Docs:


Dr. Mercola on the Great Reset:


The Triple Shot Are Getting AIDS:


Dr. Elizabeth Eads with Greg Hunter on AIDS & Clots from Shots:


Awful Jab Troubles:



Resources added February, 2022


Dr. Cowan on Electro-Magnetic Poisoning as the real “Pandemic”:


5G as Primary Factor in “COVID” Illness:


5G and What’s in the Shots – Hope & Tivon, Part 1:


Virus Myth – There is No Virus:


David Icke – Still No Virus:


Experts Expose False COVID Operation:


Tromethamine Now Added to Pfizer CV Shots for Kids:


Dr. Madej on Monoclonal Antibodies & Much More:


Hydra Parasites in mRNA Shots:


Dr. Hotze & Dr. Jane Ruby on Graphene in Shots:


Dr. Jane Ruby Interviews Embalmer About Strange Fibrous Material in Veins of Dead Since Shots:


John O’Looney, Brit Funeral Director, Warns of Deaths from Shots:


Former Pfizer Exec, Dr. Yeadon Highlights Massive Shot Deaths:


Deaths Increase by 40% over last year:


Auto-Immune Attacks Killing Injected:


Old and Young Dropping Like Flies from the Shots:


3 Minute Reality Blast to School Board:


Black-Eyed Post CV Shot Babies’ Early Development – Future Transhugman Super Soldiers?:


NEWS, Sports Programs, etc., Sponsored by Pfizer:


Nebulized H2O2 as Immune Support (recorded over a year ago):


Cliff High Projects Major Changes Starting Soon:



Resources added January, 2022


Color-Coded Batches for Target Death or Control Populations:

Batches (each 1/3?):


Spike Protein or mRNA genetic mod razor blades

Graphene hydroxide / nanotechnology AI


Injection Batch Analysis:



I worked for different pharmaceutical companies for over 33 years in product quality and what I saw in the data set presented is unheard of in the industry. Clearly not all lots are manufactured at the same potency. It is no accident. Because if it were due to poor manufacturing in certain lots, the data would still be random. It is not. And temporal separation of toxic batches shows coordination between high level people at each company. The dose ranging study seen in the Pfizer data was the smoking gun for me. I think the people responsible for this better start running now! It’s called crimes against humanity.


@OratorBlog Information Warrior

Damn. That is a SMOKING GUN

I used to do R&D – Quality Control at Clorox. The Statistical Possibility of this being Random Coincidence is ZILTCH

This was Presisely Controlled Production Batches



You Have To See This…

Statistical Analysis of Manufacturers and Date of Production vs Death and Injury Proves Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson Took Turns Creating Deadly Batches

Their Ability to Control the Number of Deaths and Injuries Became More Accurate Ove Time-





Some Vaccinated People are experiencing…

#1. Myocarditis
#2. New nervous system disorders
#3. New respiratory disorders
#4. Blood Clots
#5. New musculoskeletal disorders
#6. New gastrointestinal disorders
#7. Anaphylactic Shock (nearly 10%)
#8. New infections, including Covid and its variants

The hospital payments include

A “free” required PCR test in the Emergency Room or upon admission for every patient, with government-paid fee to hospital.
Added bonus payment for each positive COVID-19 diagnosis.
Another bonus for a COVID-19 admission to the hospital.
A 20 percent “boost” bonus payment from Medicare on the entire hospital bill for use of remdesivir instead of medicines such as Ivermectin.
Another and larger bonus payment to the hospital if a COVID-19 patient is mechanically ventilated.
More money to the hospital if cause of death is listed as COVID-19, even if patient did not die directly of COVID-19.
A COVID-19 diagnosis also provides extra payments to coroners.

MSM is trying to make fun of people wanting to protect themselves with cheap and proven drugs. Ivermectin has been FDA approved for human use since 1996. It also beats Pfizer’s new wonder drug hands down, and costs next to nothing. Ivermectin doesn’t make tons of money. So they know the Covid shot is on its final gasp, so they take it add something different to it, rebrand under another name and charge 20 times what they would for ivermectin. I cannot wrap my head around this nonsense.


Via Charlotte Iserbyt (expert on educational issues), 11-23-21:

“Former Vice President of the World Health Organization European Advisory Group of Experts in Immunization, Professor Christian Perronne, yesterday said that “all vaccinated people must quarantine over the winter months or risk serious illness”.

Perronne specializes in tropical pathologies and emerging infectious diseases. He was Chairman of the Specialized Committee on Communicable Diseases of the High Council of Public Health.
Confirming the rapidly deteriorating situation in Israel and the UK, the infectious disease expert stated: “Vaccinated people should be put in quarantine, and should be isolated from society.”

He went on to say: “Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; it is the vaccinated people who are dangerous for others.” It’s proven in Israel now – I’m in contact with many physicians in Israel – they’re having big problems, severe cases in the hospitals are primarily among vaccinated people, and in the UK where you have the larger vaccination program, there are also major problems appearing.”

The current working group on the COVID-19 pandemic in France was reported to be “utterly panicked” on receipt of the news, fearing pandemonium if it follows the guidance of the experts.

Israeli doctor Kobi Haviv told Channel 13 News: “95% of seriously ill patients are vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people account for 85-90% of hospitalizations. We are opening more and more COVID branches. The effectiveness of the vaccines is declining or disappearing totally. Any booster Jab will make this 10 X worse !!


Medical Officials Responsible for Many Deaths:


Religion of Vaccine Scientism:


Important Discussion - Dr. David Martin, PhD & Dr. Sherri, M.D.:


The Steps of Genocide:


Anti-Pharma-Tyranny Protests Around the World:


Child Injuries from Shots:


Rothschild Admits CV Operation is for Full Control:


Dr. Desmet on “Mass Formation”:


Professor Mattias Desmet, a Belgian professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University who also holds a masters degree in statistics.

Four conditions are necessary for mass formation:

The masses must feel alone and isolated

Their lives must feel pointless and meaningless

The masses must experience constant free-floating anxiety

They must experience free-floating frustration and aggression


“I tried to tell someone the truth, but they couldn’t hear me.” If they’re hypnotized, they literally can’t hear you.

25% of people cannot be hypnotized (true)

10% are highly hypnotizable (true)

30% of people are now deeply hypnotized (seems about right)

40% will ultimately follow the herd (questionable)

30% will stand against the prevailing propaganda (history backs this up)


In the New Testament the word "pharmakeia" (the root word of "pharmaceuticals") occurs three times (Gal 5:19-21; Rev 9:21; 18:23). Each time, it is translated as ‘sorcery’ or ‘magic’ and it is something that is spoken of in negative terms. Pharmaceuticals are sorcery poisons.


Informed Consent:


Christine Massey on Lack of Evidence for Virus with Mike Adams:


Astounding Numbers of Dead Pilots:


Stew Peters with Dr. Jane Ruby – 20:20:


“Shedding” - Transmission of Spike Proteins by the Injected:


Dr. Zelenko Speaking on the Genocide:


Deaths from Shots Accumulating:


Documentary on Real Science and Life-Saving Docs:


Anonymous Doc Reports What She Has Learned About Shots Taking Out Immune System:


Dr. Robert Malone, M.D., Developer of mRNA Warns Parents:


Glutathione Help:

Authors Beverly Rubik and Robert R. Brown began by drawing attention to a May 2020 study showing a “statistically significant correlation between the intensity of radio-frequency radiation and mortality from SARS-CoV-2 in 31 countries throughout the world,” as well as a U.S. study that found that areas with 5G technology had significantly higher COVID-19 case and death rates, independent of population density, air quality, and latitude.

The U.S. study focusing on the 5G connection to COVID-19 made three different kinds of analyses and found that 5G technology was a “statistically significant factor for the higher [COVID-19] case and rates in all three analyses, while population density, air quality and latitude were significant for only one or two of the analyses.

Rubik and Brown then drew a comparison of bio-effects from WCR, including 5G, and COVID-19 symptoms, showing a list of overlapping physical effects.

Symptoms from both WCR and COVID-19 included blood changes such as short-term rouleaux (blood “clumping”), and long-term reduced hemoglobin (in severe COVID-19 cases); oxidative stress and injury in tissues and organs; immune system disruption, including suppression of T-lymphocytes and elevated inflammatory biomarkers; increased intracellular calcium, which facilitates virus entry and replication; and arrhythmias (heart beat irregularities).


Rubik and Brown highlighted the fact that glutathione (a “master antioxidant”) deficiency has been proposed as the most likely cause of serious manifestations in COVID-19, and cited two studies showing diminished glutathione levels from WCR exposure. They noted that “the finding of low glutathione levels” in COVID-19 patients “further supports oxidative stress as a component” of COVID-19.


Bicarbonate Alkalization for CV or Cancer:


Stew Peters Interviews Dr. Carrie Madej on Microscopic Analysis of Shot Vials:


Hydra Hybrid in Injections:


Stew Peters & Karen Kingston to End the Illegal Mandates:


Pete Santilli Interviews Dr. David Martin on CV Criminal Genocide Conspiracy:


Officials Admitting Injection Failures and Harm, but Still Pushing:


Mike Adams Describes the Nano-Technology in the Shots:


Stew Peters & Dr. Jane Ruby:


Compilation of Essential Knowledge Needed:


“Russian Roulette Shots” Explained:


Growth of Harm and Death as Shots Progressed:


Dr. Robert Young on Harm of Shots:


Sodium Bicarbonate Takes Care of Much:


Sulfur Removes Parasites:


Dr. Tom Cowan on Virus Hoax:


Dr. Daniel Nagase on Threat from Injections:


Warning of Multi-Variant Bio-weapon Release Coming:


Dr. David Martin Explains Our Critical Situation – Brilliant 1 hour Conversation:


Dr. Martin Clearly Exposes the COVID Fraud and Trump:


False Virus Theory:


Kerry Cassidy Chat with Brad Olson:


Review of Dr Martin with Stew Peters:


Real CV Treatment:


Doctor/ Scientist Panel Discussion on the Jabs:


Analysis of the Situation and Speculation on More to Come:


Polly St. George on Mass Hysteria / “Mass Formation Psychosis” - Excellent:


Fraudulent PCR Tests:


Dr. Ardis on Avoiding Hospital:


Contaminants in the CV Injections

Highly toxic even in small quantities -- Tissue & organ damage, brain & neurological disorders, autism, alzheimers, illness, cancer, deaths:

Formaldehyde formalan

Beta propiolactone

Hexadecyl-trimethyl ammonium bromide

Aluminum hydroxide

Aluminum phosphate

Mercury (thimerosol)

Polysorbate 20 and 80


Human diploid fibroblast cells (aborted fetal cells)

Human embryonic lung cell cultures (aborted fetal cells)

African green monkey kidney cells (cancer)


Porcine DNA

Graphene Dioxide & Hydroxide’

Hydrogel nanotech





Shot Death Count Over 150,000:


Dr. Tenpenny Interview from 20:34 to about 43 min.:


Doctor Discussion:


Michael Jaco + Sasha Stone + restorative supplements:


Celeste Solum on ADAM:


Graphene Takeover of Body & Brain:


EMF Exposure:


Contaminated Test Swabs:


Vaccine Harmful Ingredients:


Dr. Merritt Thoroughly Lays out the Depopulation Situation:


Doctor Testifies on CV At School Board Meeting:


Dr Jane Ruby Exposes Injection Fraud and Harm:


Increased Deaths from Shots in 145 Nations:



Resources added December, 2021



Cliff High on Economy, Zap Deaths, Etc.:


Steve Kirsch on the Devastation Underway:


Stew Peters & Dr. David Martin on COVID Crimes:


Indian Doctor Explains Shots are for Control:


Mostly the Injected That Are the Ill Ones:


Dr. Coleman Reveals Proof the Shots Must Stop:


Vax Passport Modeled on Nazi Health Passport:


Only Certain Batches of the First Rounds Were Kill Shots:


85% of COVID Deaths are Among Injected:


PhD Chemist Dies After Revealing Shots Contain Graphene Hydroxide “Razor Blades”:


Microscopic Evidence of Graphene Oxide Nano-sensor Structures in Shots:


Dr. Michael Roth Offers Detox for Graphene Oxide: – EDTA Transdermal Cream


Documents Reveal Advanced Knowledge of Harmful Effects of Shots:


Hyping Variants as Cover for Shot Ilnesses, Injuries & Deaths:


VAERS Approaching 1 million Adverse Shot Events and 20,000 Deaths:




Resources added November, 2021


Interview of Dr. Lee Merritt:


Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Martin, et. al., Highlighting the Genocide:

Dr. Martin on Fauci’s Violation of Federal Law:

(note: Interesting citation at 4:00.)


Dr. Ardis Hosts Dr. Madej & Karen Kingston:


La Quinta Columba on Graphene Oxide:


Dr. Ariyana Love on Diseases in the Shots:


No COVID-19 Virus:


Gates wants punishment of Vax Disinfo Agents:


Takeover of Minds by Vax:


Every Vaccine Produces Harm – Dr. Andrew Moulden:


Dr. Kilian on Shot Blood Clot Issues:


Polly St. George on Cover-up of CV Shot Injuries:


CDC Whistleblower on the Jabs:


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Medical Criminals:


Killer Vaccine Archives:


Vaccines COVID-19 & Gene Therapy Archive:


The Takeover of ‘All Genetic Material on Earth’ – Global Blueprint Exposed:


Vaccination – The Hidden Truth – VIDEO



Resources added August, 2021


Amazing Polly on Graphene Magnetite Effects in CV Masks, Tests & Vax:


(In place of:) Magnetite in CV Masks, Tests & Vax: )


Graphene Oxide – La Quinta Columna Interview:


Support Petition to FDA:


Dr. Ardis Interviewed by the Fullmich Legal Team:


Stew Peters Interviews Dr. David Martin:


Stew Peters with Update from Dr. Peter McCullough:


Nanowires, Magnetics and Frequencies:


VAERS Tracking:


Vax Genocide:


Coffin Liner Factory Production:


Actions of People to Spread the Knowledge:


Graphene Multiplies and Transmits Frequencies:


Graphene oxide:


Is Graphene COVID?


Dr. Charles Hoffe on CV Shot Blood Clot Issues:


No More Than 10 Years?:


Lawsuit to Stop Vax:


Dire Warning from Italian Doctor:


Former Pfizer Exec. & Top Scientist Warns of CV Fraud & Danger:


Dr. Vernon Coleman Speaks  at Rally:


Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich Speaks at Rally:


Pfizer Guidelines for Investigors Reveal the Danger:


Biological Control:


EMF from Cell-Phone Animates Graphene:


BlueTooth Connected Human:


Toxic Shots:


Dr Madej On COVID Shot Issues:


“COVID” Surging Among ‘Vaxxed”!:


Detox of Graphene Oxide:


Mother of Vax Injured Child:


Rockefeller Installed Pharma Medicine:


UK C Vax Program Director Admits it Takes Out Immune System:


“Green Zone” Internment Camps for CV “High Risk” Folks:


No Virus, No Variants:


Vax Injuries & Deaths:


Dr. Ryan Cole, M.D. at White Coat Summit:



Resources added July, 2021


Summary Video of Vax Harm:


Conventional Doctors Warn About CV Vax:


Doctors Sue Hospital Over Mandatory Vax Order:


Vax Transmission:


Polly St. George Uncovers More CV Collusion:


Magnetite in CV Masks, Tests & Vax:


Surviving COVID:


CV Patient Guide:


Dr. Bhakdi Upgrades Warning:


Prion Disease:


Magnefection - SPIONS – Supra Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles – in the lipid coating around the mRNA


History of Vaccine Fraud:


CV Lab-Created Bio-weapon:


Modified: Magnetized, Sterilized, Robotized, Deteriorated, Eliminated:


Mass Suicide Cult:


Spike Protein Transmission is The Real Pandemic:


Dandelion Extract Counters Spike Proteins:


Herbs That Prevent Blood Clot Problems:


Nutritional Help for Vaxxed:


More Evidence of CV Trouble:


Used Masks Tested:


CV Summary Overview:


Demon Hunter Compilation:


Dr. Peter McCullough:


Dr. McCullough on CV Vax Deaths:


Global Plan for COVID Totalitarianism:


Info and forms:


Dr. Fleming on Bio-weapon:


Proof of No Virus:


Lawsuit Dismissed:


Frequencies Emitted by Vaxxed:


Dr. Jane Ruby on Graphene Oxide:


Body Takeover by Graphene Oxide Nanotech:


Inventor of mRNA Warns of Danger & is Erased from History:


Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Zelenko:



Resources added June, 2021


Beware of Push for CV Test or Vax:


Death Level Beyond Where Vax Should Have Been Stopped:


“The Great Culling”:


Dr. Bhakdi on CV Harm:


Dr. Lee Merritt on Mass Deaths:


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny & Dr. Lee Merrit on COVID Shot Concerns:


Dr. Tenpenny Briefs Nurses:


Must Watch -- 5 Doctor Panel Discusses COVID Shot Dangers:


Dr. Madej on Transhuman Effects of CV Vaccine:


Dr Madej with Alex Newman:


Dr. Madej Interviewed by Mike Adams:


Mike Adams Interviews Dr. Christiane Northrup:


Several Mike Adams Interviews:


Dr. Simone Gold:


Dr. Michael Yeadon – “It’s All About Control”:


Another Prominent Scientist Says to Stop the Shots:


Professionals Appeal to Stop CV Injections:


Pharma Whistleblower:


UK Nurse Warns of Genocide:


Dr. Ben Edwards Testifies Against Vax:


Vax Nanotech on CV Test Swabs:


Living organisms in Pfizer vax:


Reality of Spike Protein Transmission:


Spike Protein Poison Perpetually Produced After Vax?:


Vaxxed People Infecting Unvaxxed and both Having Problems:




Post Vax Spikes in Deaths:


Operation Lockstep:


Connecticut Shows CV Vax Ingredients & Warns Staffers:


18 Reasons to Avoid the CV "Vaccines":


Vax Holocaust:


Vax Brain Fog Accidents:


Eugenics is Back:


European CV Vax Death & Injury Stats:


Frequency Transmission Theory:


Critical Documentary Videos on COVID Shots:




SARS as Bioweapon:


CDC Collusion with Vaccine Industry:


Natural Solutions Foundation – Advanced Vaccine Directive of Geneva Convention - Informed Consent issue – Dr. Rima Laibow, MD


Legal Action Against Compelled Vax:


More Important Resources on Adverse Results of COVID Shots:


Protein Production Altered:


CV Shots Set up Future Autoimmune Crisis:


VAERS Report Shows More CV Shot Deaths than 20 Years of Other Vaccines:


Dr. Deagle in 2006, Insider Whistleblower:


Hybrid Lifeforms and Nanotech In CV Shots:


What to Do as Others Take the Jab:


Chlorine Dioxide is a Safe Way to Deal With CV:


Frequency Cures:


Dr. Coleman on Killing 7 Billion:


Metaphysical Understanding:



More Resources in the Viruses Resource Library

More Resources in the Vaccine Resource Library



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holistic learning for well-being

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