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"We are living major history in the making. The deeper you dig and the higher you climb, the more you will learn."

digging deeper, climbing higher, more aware



Now Is The Time To Be Aware More

This is one of the most important times in human history. At the least it is very important to US, as we are living on this planet during this dramatic period.

Yet very few of us have a good grasp of reality, of what is really happening in our world. This lack of awareness now threatens our continued existence.

The level of misinformation, disinformation, fraud, false knowledge, manipulation and poisoning of the populace by those in the agencies and institutions of control has been expanded terribly with increasingly advanced technology.

You need to be aware of the reality of a literally evil criminal cabal of wealthy families and their agents in high positions of power that over several centuries have master-minded and developed a multi-layered criminal syndicate for world control.

Now we are at a watershed moment of choice.

The number of people awakening to perceive the astoundingly sophisticated false reality we have been collectively accepting as normal is reaching critical mass.

Meanwhile, the cabal control plans have been accelerated in desperation, as their terrible deeds are being exposed, and their operations disrupted by “white hat” interventions and non-compliance by those aware.

We need to keep expanding awareness of reality, guiding others to break the spell of brainwashing and helping ourselves survive.

At this website you will find critically needed alternative information, important facts, inspiring ideas and unusual thinking, which may generate reformed opinions about what is going on.

This is about reformation by information for transformation.

You may encounter a perspective that you do not agree with or like. This could be due to "cognitive dissonance", a mental or emotional disturbance in reaction to thinking that does not conform with your current set assumptions, some of which may be based on false information and manipulation by cabal central control.

At the least you should be willing to dig deeper or climb higher to understand other important perspectives in a complex collective consciousness. What you currently think you know is probably not accurate. 

Consider what is going on, keep informed, and share ideas for improving life by submitting comments or questions by email or in occasional live chats. Please be kind. We are about making things better here.

With cooperative consciousness, amazing things can happen. Investigating, thinking, planning and working together in this time of advanced communication, we may get closer to the truth and re-create society better than ever before known.

If you have not yet, I urge you to consider my Yeswise Holistic Learning Modules for important knowledge you did not learn in school.

Most important right now is to investigate what is being discussed by real experts, who do not support the Big Pharma arm of the conglomerate empire and their puppets in medicine, the media and politics, that have presented the recent health crisis for purposes of depopulation and tyranny.

Real information is being censored in all cabal-controlled media, which delivers mainly scripted propaganda.

Each of us deserves the chance to get the most out of our experience in this life, and to be prepared as well as possible for whatever may come.

Developing clarity of perception and expanding awareness, we can enhance our learning about life and all its ups and downs, twists and turns, profundity and humor. This will improve our understanding and ways of proceeding. We are on an intriguing ride!

Here is a link to an introductory overview: "It Is Time for More Awareness" (7:02).


The Criminal Control Cult

The heartless cabal of puppet masters, who have been at the levers of power and manipulation of perception for centuries, is a criminal cult with ancient roots.

This conglomerate empire control system has agent infiltrators influencing most agencies, organizations, big companies and governments, including, financial institutions, intelligence agencies, medicine, the media and more.

These psychopaths have developed plans over many decades to dramatically reduce population and gain full control - body, mind and soul - of those remaining, using advanced, proven mind-control methods and weapon technologies hidden from the public.

They have planned and pursued a totalitarian system, as personal freedom of others has been seen as a threat to their cherished power.

For decades there has been a hidden unconventional war in which “asymmetric warfare” is employed against the population, incorporating such tactics as: psychological control systems (psycons), psychological operations (psyops), elaborate lies, scripted false narratives, propaganda, weather manipulation, engineered disasters, staged events, kinetic acts of war, cyber attacks, medical poisoning and deceptive tyranny.

Now their crimes against humanity are being widely exposed. We must bring their obscured operations to full light, stop and undo their plans and actions, and renew ourselves for harmonious sensible living as we clean up and improve societal organization.

You are welcome visit often. Contact me with questions or comments.

For better, Jon David Miller



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Grandfather Jon's Homemade Song Videos

Grandpa Jon is recording homemade, close-up videos with his phone, practice performances of original songs. Enjoy the social analysis and life insights of holistic philosophy and thought expressed in these creative songs as they are occasionally improved. Jon is a longtime storyteller, songwriter and performer of acoustic music - blues, ballads, life and inspiration.



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