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Now Is The Time To Be Aware More

This is one of the most important times in human history. At the least it is very important to US, as we are living on this planet during this dramatic period.

Here you will find interesting alternative views, important facts, inspiring ideas and unusual thinking, which may generate reformed opinions, reformation by information.

Or you may encounter a perspective that you do not agree with or like. That could be due to "cognitive dissonance", a mental or emotional disturbance in reaction to thinking that does not conform with your current assumptions. At least you should be willing to dig deeper or climb higher to understand other important perspectives in a complex collective consciousness. 

We are on an intriguing ride! Consider what is going on, keep informed, and share ideas for improving life by submitting comments or questions by email or in occasional live tour chats. Please be kind. We are about making things better here.

With cooperative consciousness, amazing things can happen. Investigating, thinking, planning and working together in this time of advanced communication, we may get closer to the truth and recreate society better than ever before known.

If you have not yet, I urge you to read some of the information at SurviveTheChanges.com, and consider my Holistic Reality Learning Modules for important knowledge you did not learn in school.

Each of us deserves the chance to get the most out of our experience in this life, and to be prepared as well as possible for whatever may come.

Developing our perceptions and awareness, we can enhance our learning about life and all its ups and downs, twists and turns, profundity and humor. This will improve our understanding and ways of proceeding.

You are welcome here often to learn what is happening and expand awareness.

Contact me with questions or comments.

For better, Jon David Miller


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