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Grandpa Jon is recording homemade, close-up videos with his phone, practice performances of original songs. Enjoy the social analysis and life insights of holistic philosophy and thought expressed in these creative songs as they are occasionally improved. Jon is a longtime storyteller, songwriter and performer of acoustic music - blues, ballads, life and inspiration.



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What Virus? - (Brighteon)

What Virus? - (Rumble)

What Is a Virus?

A virus is described as a tiny bit of genetic material, DNA or RNA, plus other protein, wrapped in a coating of lipids and proteins.

The natural protein scraps that are called viruses are really cleaning agents and genetic debris, materials produced inside living cells of animals, plants or bacteria. Such biological nanometer-sized particles are everywhere, in the water, soil, food and air.

Unlike bacteria and fungi, these so-called viruses are not really living organisms; they have no metabolic functions of their own.

According to scientists, there are many types and variations of viruses, including retroviruses, coronaviruses, and rhinoviruses. The latter two types include varieties thought to be involved with the common cold.

A virus is said to work its way into and take control of the cell, reprogramming, possibly altering the cellular DNA, to create copies of itself. Then it is thought that either the cell will die, or that the virus particles will otherwise penetrate back out of the cell membrane to move about the organism and invade other cells.

This model further asserts that viruses may utilize various life-forms to carry out their programming, as well as sometimes mutating themselves in the process.

A viral infection is propagandized as potentially causing the same noticeable immune reactions as to poisons and frequencies, such as irritated and inflamed tissues, fatigue, fever, chills, illness, pain, congestion, difficult breathing and/or oxygen deficiency.

The great concern raised is that the virus may impair organs, disrupt systems, or generate congestion, and with serious cases, death may result. This generates fear among the public and more vulnerable to manipulation.


Assumptions About Transmission and Effects

It is believed viruses can be passed on to others via body fluids, mutual contact with surfaces and even through the air in some cases.

An immune reaction is thought to be more likely, and more intense, if a substantial amount of the virus is taken into the body. Picking up just a few virus particles on a handrail, door knob, button, screen, or on currency, etc., may be dealt with by one's immune system fairly well and quickly. One usually would not notice the activity.

If a lot of foreign viral particles enter at once, a greater immune response is expected to be evoked that may precipitate a reaction that could become debilitating in some individuals.

According to conventional virologists, a coronavirus has sticky qualities, including "spike proteins", whereby it can attach to a cell.

Mild normal flu-like symptoms or none at all are the extent of the experience for most people that believed they had “COVID”, but some who developed serious pneumonia or other breathing difficulties were claimed to have died because of the virus. This was mainly among people especially vulnerable to more serious health conditions: the elderly, the obese and those with other pre-existing health conditions or immune deficiencies.

Some experts on "pathogens" say that Mycobacterium tuberculosis may be the actual potentially deadly component of some viruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

Mycobacteriophages are virus-like bacteria without a cell wall that are also found in cells. It is thought that bacteriophages can break down or invade other bacteria, or may generate what are called virus proteins.

Several respected microbiology scientists of the past (Bechamp, Bernard, Twort, Herelle, Rife) were convinced there are transmutations between microbiological forms.

If a virus can form from a mycobacterium phage and show elements of either or both, that is a possible reason for the longstanding medical anomaly of both viral and bacterial forms of tuberculosis and pneumonia being diagnosed.


Faulty Disease Concept

What is never explained by conventional medical spokespeople or the controlled media, nor understood by the even less-informed public, is that the depiction of natural viruses as infective, adaptive takeover agents that can cause mass disabilities and deaths is an unproven theory.

The "germ theory" is an assumption adopted from mistaken scientists such as Louis Pasteur for benefit of the medical industry. This idea has been programmed by medical business promotion into scientists, physicians, officials, politicians, media personnel and the public.

Though tools like microscopes and genetic techniques have evolved over the decades, the field of virology is only about a century old. The variety and activities of viruses are very complex, and no one understands them completely.

Pathology theory was co-opted early on to serve the pharmaceutical interest, which is related to the petrochemical industry. The Rockefeller Foundation and its Big Pharma relatives have promoted their favored bacteria and virus infection model while suppressing others, offering their highly profitable, fabricated medical poisons as treatment.

“Virus” in Latin means “snake’s venom”, a poison. Is poisoning the real issue?

Most of the concepts of virology are based on experiments with virus proteins in vitro, that is in lab petri dish cultures using animal or human cells, which have other contaminating contents. The processes involving viruses in the human body may be different from what occurs in these lab cultures.

Authorities and the media make a big deal out of periodic named communicable diseases threatening us. Health challenges can be very serious. Many people have died early from poor health, more of them during periods of what are called pandemic outbreaks.

However, this theory about how viruses work has not been undeniably validated. Everyone in the medical field has been trained with pharmaceutical industry brainwashing methods to accept the "germ theory of infectious disease" as reality.

That characterization has been imbedded into the minds of the masses, including government officials and the media, by those considered to be authorities.

Perhaps the accepted understanding of viruses and immune functions is not accurate.


The Terrain Theory

From the natural health alternative perspective, disease states are not caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. The presence of a virus or bacteria at the scene of an inflammation does not prove causation. These microbes are always present, working inside of us to transmit information and clean up unneeded waste.

Most people are not aware of any symptoms of "infection" most of the time, while others are occasionally bothered by several symptoms that have been blamed on a viral infection. Some develop ongoing chronic inflammation issues with a virus cited as cause.

The natural health understanding is that the reason people get ill is not from getting infected by a virus or germ from another person. In the terrain theory, also called the cellular theory, viruses do not cause diseases. Further and more importantly, vaccines do not cure diseases.

If someone is ill, it is due to excesses of toxins and stress and deficiencies in nutrients and physical activity. If someone dies from illness, it is because their system was too weak to clean itself and restore health, not because they had a virus. A virus did not kill them.

Louis Pasteur was a chemist for whom the process of "pasteurization" is named, the misguided, enzyme-destroying practice of cooking food to kill germs. He realized at the end of his life that Antoine Bechamp, his rival and a better scientist, was correct in recognizing, "It is not the germ, it is the terrain."

The "terrain" is the health condition of the body. If it is weakened and acidic due to toxicity, malnourishment and/or stress, it is subject to increased clean-up efforts by the microscopic agents naturally present for that purpose.

The terrain health status of the organism, including conditions of pH, toxic load and nutrition, is in reality the primary determinant of whether an inflammation develops and how serious it is.

A virus coming into the body from outside, unlike the virus proteins a cell makes and programs for itself, would not normally be compatible with the cells of the body. It would be identified as foreign and broken down by the immune system.

Many natural health advocates do not believe the medical industry theory that a natural "alien" virus that gets into the body would penetrate a cell membrane, take over cellular functions and replicate itself on its own initiative.

If nature is allowed to take its course, assisted by good nutrition, pure water, oxygen, rest and perhaps certain herbs and minerals, a healthy body takes care of itself.

However, mad scientists have tweaked genetic material called viruses in laboratories with unnatural “gain-of-function” proteins, venoms, parasites, heavy metals, graphene oxide and nanotechnology, to be serious poisons that do generate illness and death.

These bio-weapons can be aerosolized, transmitted in food, water and medicines, and especially effectively delivered by injection. This advanced tech can be stimulated by certain frequencies to build-up foreign matter and structures in the body that can clog blood vessels, harm organs and possibly affect thought and behavior.

Appropriate natural health modalities of detoxification and nutrition can counter these poisons. Action must be taken before disabling or deadly accumulation occurs.  


Quotes from Authorities About Viruses


“Pasteur made germs respectable. He was a genius at popularizing microbes as a cause of disease. Pasteur’s dogma transformed medicine into a multi-billion-dollar biotech business in search of the perfect pill and the perfect vaccine. In the process the physicians were blinded.”

- Dr. Allen Cantwell


“Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur’s germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity.”

– E. Douglas Hume


 “Bacteria and viruses, which are cell scavengers, are there because there is malnourished, enzyme-depleted, diseased and necrotic tissue…. They are nature’s biological sanitation department… to break down and eliminate the sick tissue, to prevent poisoning of the body.... If you stop their action, you allow continuous poisoning of the body by the decaying tissue.”

- Dr. Bernard Jensen, Empty Harvest


“Germs in the human body are scavengers, not predators.... Germs don’t cause disease; depressed immunity causes disease.”

– Dr. Tim O’Shea


“If the Germ Theory of disease were correct there’d be no one left alive to believe it.”

– Dr. B. J. Palmer


“Germs seek their natural habitat, diseased tissue, rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.”

– Dr. Rudolph Virchow


“Medical science is based on a false premise: namely that diseases are caused by extraneous influences.”

–  Dr. John Tilden, M.D., Toxemia Explained


"It is not the germ; it is the terrain." 

“Bacteria do not cause disease, and therefore serums and vaccines can neither prevent or cure disease.”

– Dr. Antoine Bechamp (Affirmed in the end by his rival, Louis Pasteur)


“Diseases are poisoning…. The cells get poisoned; they try to purify themselves by excreting debris, which we call viruses…. “Viruses happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything.”

“Whenever you expose any biological system to a new electromagnetic field, you poison it. You kill some, and the rest go into a kind of suspended animation;...they live a little bit longer and sicker.”

– Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D.


The natural protein scraps that are called viruses are really cleaning agents and genetic debris, materials produced inside living cells of animals, plants or bacteria. Such biological nanometer-sized particles are everywhere, in the water, soil, food and air.

Unlike bacteria and fungi, these so-called viruses are not really living organisms; they have no metabolic functions of their own. Can they really take over cells causing infection and disease?

Perhaps the unproven “germ theory”, the accepted understanding of viruses and immune functions, is not accurate.


virus, genetic, DNA, RNA, protein, bacteria, fungi, immune, poisons, fear, death, disabilities, COVID, health, microbiology, medical, germ, virology, pharmaceutical, pharma, medication, venoms, nano-technology, propaganda, terrain



Not Shot ~ Injection Rejection - (Brighteon)

Not Shot ~ Injection Rejection - (Rumble)

In the opinion of many, medical tyranny has been a key element of the depopulation and control agenda of the power cult.

The long-standing propaganda claiming the medical industry to be the legalized authority for “health care” has embedded that mythology in the minds of the populace.

Our collective ignorance has allowed concocted pharmaceutical poisons to undermine the health and shorten the lives of millions of unsuspecting victims.

As a kid, I wisely ran from the doctor when he brought out a needle to give me a shot. From my young adulthood on, I have avoided doctors, shots and other pharma medications.

Trauma care and some medical procedures are valid and helpful, but many if not most drugs are toxic. The unnatural poisons and contaminants in these lab-generated potions are developed by brainwashed scientists and administered by brainwashed medical personnel.


Why I Avoid Pharma Meds & Shots

~ the elite cabal adopted Malthusian-based eugenics to cull & control the masses

~ petrochemical interests captured medical training in the early 1900’s

~ in coordination with other public poisons, pharma meds generate more business

~ victims are taught to accept medical authority over their health and take the poisons

~ no knowledge of natural self-care and little about healthy eating are taught

~ health issues develop and victims turn to the promoted medical industry for help


Med Fraud

~ “viruses” are described as DNA fragments that try to take over a cell and duplicate

~ the scraps of DNA called “viruses” are cellular cleaning agents & biological debris

~ quadrillions of “viruses” and plasmids are everywhere

~ no one such “virus” can be isolated, nor made into a “safe & effective” “vaccine”

~ the illnesses blamed on viruses are mostly from lab-tech poisons & unhealthy living

~ medicines and injections contain synthetic venoms, heavy metals, parasites, bacteria,

   bacteriophages, plasmids, mycoplasma, molds, etc. (as do aerosols, foods, water, etc.)



~ nano-technology, graphene oxide and “mRNA” are now included as advanced genetic

   modification technology to create structures and receive & transmit information

~ victims become toxin factories and shed nano-tech poisons to others

~ masks reduce O2 intake, accumulate poisons for recycling, but do not block nano

~ “COVID” pandemic – “certification of vaccine identification” – planned, rehearsed, false

~ “C-OVID-19” – C (3) = beast, ovid = sheep, 19 = slaughter; Eris = goddess of discord

~ med poisons diminish intelligence, reduce fertility, harm tissues & organs, induce genetic changes, health problems & disabilities, cause a huge portion of early deaths


shot, medical tyranny, depopulation, propaganda, health, pharmaceutical, poisons, pharma, medication, drugs, eugenics, viruses, DNA, venoms, heavy metals, mRNA, genetic modification, nano-tech, fertility, disabilities, death



Weather War, Not "Climate Change" - (Brighteon)

Weather War, Not "Climate Change" - (Rumble)

The evil powers behind the scenes have a dual goal of population reduction and controlling manipulation of those still alive. They capture and weaponize new technologies that can be developed to serve their purposes.

From the simple cloud seeding of the mid 20th Century, weather modification has evolved to incorporate Tesla’s frequency discoveries and lasers with technologies that can intensify, move and direct storms and hurricanes, foster extreme heat or cold, generate drought, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes, spark fires and even melt metal.

As President Biden of the bankrupt U.S. corporation stated recently about convening the cabinet for implementing a greater response to climate change, “That response is to increase the number and intensity of extreme weather events, and beware we’re going to use all of the resources of the government to do it.”

They are attacking various areas with weather weapons to convince the public of the false narrative propaganda of climate change being due to human carbon emissions. This is to serve the drive for world government over a restricted populace sequestered into high-tech surveillance cities of controlled serfs consuming intelligence-reducing, life-shortening poisons.


Examples of Weather Modification and Extreme Events

~ “climate change”, “global warming”, “carbon footprint” propaganda

~ Agenda 2030, “sustainability”, “carbon neutral”, carbon credit programs

~ Club of Rome, IPCC, ICLEI, Al Gore, Greta Thunberg, John Kerry

~ geoengineering, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, spraying in the sky

~ aluminum, barium, coal fly ash, nanotech smart dust, biologicals

~ ionospheric heaters, lasers, Directed Energy Weapons, frequency tech

~ storms, hurricanes, floods, drought, temperature extremes, tornadoes,

earthquakes, fires, melted metal

                        ~ Carribean & Gulf hurricanes, California & Canadian wildfires, Paradise, Maui

                        ~ Survive The Changes learning module at


weather, war, climate change, modification, manipulation, propaganda, carbon emissions, sustainability, technologies, weapons, frequency, lasers, hurricanes, heat, drought, floods, earthquakes, fires, geoengineering, aerosol, nanotech



The War On Us - (Brighteon)

The War On Us - (Rumble)

The dark cabal of evil control has continually developed weapons of war for their attacks on the rest of us. Although they still run hot wars such as Ukraine, they have developed numerous unconventional types of “silent weapons for quiet wars”.  These attacks are for purposes of depopulation, full spectrum control and harvesting of victims, especially children, for human trafficking and slavery.


“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”

Financial: fractional reserve banking, debt, interest, FED, fiat dollar, income tax, IRS

Hot War – Cold War: Nazis, Pearl Harbor, Communists, Korea, Viet Nam (Gulf of Tonkin)

Yugoslavia, 9-11, Iraq, Afghanistan, ISIS, Ukraine

Brainwashing mind-control psy ops & propaganda:

religion, politics, law, news, MK Ultra, trauma programming, fear, hypnosis,

threat, false narratives, radio, television, media, computers, cell-phones, wi-fi

Public Poisons: chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, venoms, pesticides, herbicides,

food additives, household products, aerosols

Bioweapons: vaccines, altered syn-bio, nanobots

Virus bio-tech: Polio, AIDS, Lyme, Morgellans, SARS, COVID, Ebola, Marburg

Geoengineering: “climate change”, weather manipulation, nanotech smart dust

AI: war strategy, surveillance, voice-to-skull targeting      

Technology - Directed Energy Weapons: lasers, weather engineering, frequencies,

mind-control, illness, mass murder

            Staged events & disasters:

Oklahoma City, 9-11, Santa Rosa, Paradise, Maui, East Palestine, earthquakes,

storms, floods, fires, shootings, bombings, controlled actors & operatives


war, silent weapons, cabal, depopulation, human trafficking, debt, brainwashing, mind control, psy op, propaganda, religion, politics, media, poisons, vaccines, virus, COVID, geoengineering, disasters, fires, floods


~ Yeswise Education Service –

~ program notes, archives, resources

~ public poisons & frequencies –

~ The Conglomerate Empire (eBook)

~ survival & preparedness

~ natural health –



Major Psy Ops - (Brighteon)

Major Psy Ops - (Rumble)

There are several major psy ops currently in progress at this time. These psychological operations are intended to influence us in favor of the agenda the imperial cult has planned for us.  The cabal hierarchy employs the principals of the Hegelian Dialectic: problem – reaction/opposition – solution, and the ancient principles of “order out of chaos” and “divide and rule”.

We must identify these manipulations and spread the knowledge to dismiss the powers of deception and fear that the psychopaths have routinely exploited, and remove them and their operatives from positions of authority.

Current Psy Ops

U.S.A., Inc., IRS, Federal Reserve               propaganda media

nuclear weapons or accidents                    space program vs. “flat earth”

“climate change”, carbon hoax                  geoengineering, Stratosphere Aerosol Injection

Agenda 2030 , “sustainability”                   depopulation, “15-Minute Cities”

COVID, viruses                                                vaccines: poisons & technology

DEW attacks, fires, storms, floods              food supply destruction

mass shootings, disasters & narratives     politics, economics, conflict, war


psychological, agenda, cabal, chaos, deception, fear, propaganda, media, nuclear, space, climate, geoengineering, depopulation, COVID, viruses, vaccine, poisons, fires, food, shooting, disaster, politics, economics, war



Mystery Ministry of Propaganda - (Brighteon)

Mystery Ministry of Propaganda - (Rumble)

There is a hidden major operation of propaganda serving the power cabal and their “Conglomerate Empire” with modalities of “order out of chaos”, “divide and rule” control. This is a multi-faceted team that has long-standing criminal influence over many institutions, agencies, governments and the media.

Staged events and the narratives that describe them, often in dribbles of scripted “news”, are planned in think tanks, orchestrated by psychopaths and enacted by compromised operatives for purposes of confusion, attacking opposition, eliminating obstructions, depopulation, resource control, destruction of evidence and mass psychological impact.

Agencies of Manipulation

Bloodline Families                            Council of Nine   

Committee of 300                             Secret Societies

“Illuminati”, Masonic Orders             Jesuits, Zionists, Satanists

Bilderberg Conference                      Council on Foreign Relations

International Banks                          IMF, World Bank, BIS, BRICS, WEF

CIA, MI-6, Mossad, etc.                     USA, Inc., Agencies, Corporations

Politics, Governments, SEIU             Media

Switzerland, Vatican, City of London, District of Columbia


Examples of Staged Propaganda Events

Pearl Harbor, World War                              Cold War

Space Race                                                    Moon Landing

Oklahoma City bombing                              Waco Attack

9-11 Planes & Buildings                              Mass Shootings        

                    Climate Change, Geoengineering               DEW Attacks, Fires, Storms

Wars: Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine                COVID, viruses, vaccines


propaganda, cabal, empire, chaos, control, agencies, government, media, psychopath, confusion, depopulation, psychological, illuminati, banks, corporations, politics, war, space, moon, 9-11, shootings, climate, geoengineering, fires



Levers of Control - (Brighteon)

Levers of Control - (Rumble)

The “Conglomerate Empire” has developed around economic and governmental tools of financial limitation, deception and mind control.

Through banking practices, propaganda and corporate structures of business, government and organizations, we have been led to accept a sophisticated system of manipulation, with levers and triggers of distraction and mind-molding with planned events and false narratives.


Levers of Control

   Debt: interest, mortgages, loans, bonds    Resources: minerals, energy, wood, food, water, air

   Debasement of currency                             Means of construction, production, destruction

   Paper assets, inflation                                 Labor


   Fractional reserve banking, big banks       Education: revised history, limited science

   Taxes: property, income, sales, licenses    Medicine

   Legal deception, false structures                Media


Corporate status, ownership, mergers, conglomerates, NGOs

Technologies, surveillance, propaganda, poisons, frequencies, nanotech

Secret societies, think tanks & agencies

Control of body & mind


Alternative Bypass of Control

Economics: real currencies, alt funding

Business: cooperatives, employee-owned, self-employment

Media, organizations, government

Education, law, science


Foods, water



Cooperative planning & production

control, economic, government, financial, deception, mind control, banking, propaganda, corporate, debt, interest, inflation, taxes, legal, resources, education, history, medicine, media, technologies, surveillance, poisons, frequencies, nanotech


Modern Feudalism - (Brighteon)

Modern Feudalism - (Rumble)


The elite cabal families behind the “Conglomerate Empire” have been quietly constructing a modern form of feudalism over the last 150 years to regain greater control of the masses.

Through an elaborate set of strategies, plans and projects formed in secretive think tanks, commissions and labs, deceptive and manipulative concepts, systems, technologies and operatives have been brought together for purposes of domination.

“Conglomerate Empire”, Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom


Law, Economics, Science, Medicine, Media, Government

Debt, Inflation, Taxes

Property Tax, Income Tax

Deception, Mind Control


Education, Revised History, Limited Science

Resources, Water, Food, Air

Poisoning, Frequencies

Technologies, Surveillance, Control of Body & Mind

Capitalist Communism or Communist Capitalism?


feudalism, cabal, empire, corporation, law, economics, science, medicine, media, debt, tax, deception, mind control, education, history, resources, water, food, poison, frequencies, technologies, surveillance, capitalism, communism



Electronic Poison Prison - (Brighteon)

Electronic Poison Prison - (Rumble)

For more than a century, the powers of the “Conglomerate Empire” have been quietly constructing a high-tech electronic poison prison for their intended full spectrum dominance of the population.

This intent was clearly revealed in the “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” document of the 1970’s, and it is also evident in the United Nations’ “2030 Agenda” and the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”.

Besides psychological programming through psy op events, false narratives, propaganda and censorship, public poisons and frequency technologies have been major cabal tools for control.

Public poisons that weaken key organs and diminish the brain have been distributed through water, food, pharma medicines, products and aerosols ever more so over the decades.

Chlorine is a toxic weapon in public water supplies, pesticides and many home products. Heart attacks greatly increased after the initial chlorination of water supplies in the early 20th Century.

Fluoride in public water and medicines reduces intelligence, fosters apathy and contributes to cancer and fragile bones and teeth, while having no real dental benefit.

Heavy metals come into us in many ways, including lead, aluminum, mercury, barium and cadmium, as well as graphene oxide, which is magnetic, harms blood cells and responds to frequencies.

Such substances and nanotechnology, programmed for receiving instructions, assembling structures and transmitting information, are embedded in medicines, “vaccines”, foods, products and geoengineering sprays. The structures formed are conductive and able to receive and transmit frequencies via cell and wi-fi towers.

Cities, buildings and homes, already full of wires, smart meters, cell phones, computers, screens, wi-fi, antennas and powerful towers of frequency tech, are where they want most of us to reside who are remaining after depopulation.

Residents could easily be restricted and controlled by AI monitoring and digital currency that can be cut-off for unapproved behavior.

Individuals could also be targeted, bothered, harmed or killed with “voice to skull”, laser, microwave and/or scalar frequency weapon technology directed at just them.

This electronic poison prison is where the cabal planners want you to live your limited life, if you survive the depopulation poisons, technologies and frequencies.


Public Poisons

water                                      fluoride, chlorine

food                                        pesticides, herbicides, additives, GMO

                                                cadmium, dioxin

medicines & “vaccines”        fluoride, aluminum, mercury, graphene

                                                squalene,  venoms, nano-tech

products                                 lead, aluminum, chlorine, phthalates, BPA

aerosols                                 aluminum, barium, graphene, nano-tech




wires                                       AI

smart meters                         digital tech

cell phones                             directed energy weapons

computers, televisions          “voice to skull”

screens                                   sound, hypnosis

wi-fi                                         microwaves

towers                                     laser

frequency tech                       scalar


electronic, poison, prison, empire, weapons, united nations, medicines, fluoride, chlorine, aluminum, lead, mercury, graphene, frequencies, vaccine, geoengineering, technology, wi-fi, AI, directed energy, microwave, laser, scalar



Conglomerate Empire Operations - (Brighteon)

Conglomerate Empire Operations - (Rumble)

"The Conglomerate Empire" is made up of international and domestic institutions, agencies, governments, militaries, bureaucracies, corporations, media and NGOs established and operated for control by crisis, deception and technology by elite families and their secret societies, cults and operative agents. (Click here for much more information.)


- Families: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Windsor, Paseur, Wallenberg, Orsini, Borgia, Cologna, Medici, Li

- Council of 9, Council of 13, Committee of 300, Club of Rome, United Nations

- Vatican, City of London, District of Columbia, Switzerland

- Intl. Monetary Fund, Bank for Intl. Settlements, World Bank, Federal Reserve

- Think tanks, labs, academics, agencies, operatives, politicians, minions

- Conspiracy, secrecy, corporate fascism, deception, technological abuse

- “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”

- Goal: full spectrum dominance


Staged Events & False Narratives:

psy ops, lies, suppression, false flags, shortages, disasters, wars, pandemics, propaganda, fraud, censorship, “mockingbird” media, social media, “fact-checkers”


Public Poisons:

agriculture, foods, medicines, injections, water, pollution, aerosols, frequencies



drug trafficking, human trafficking: sex slavery, child trafficking, organ harvesting, adrenochrome, satanic sacrifice, cannibalism, murder, bribery, blackmail, threat, coercion, money laundering, usury, fraud, sabotage, mass deception, depopulation, multi-faceted abuse, evil conspiracy


~ Summary ~

~ bloodline families, secret societies, think tanks, religious, banking and political institutions, transnational, global control

~ most of the "mainstream media" - print media, radio, television, films, news, sports, entertainment, shows, music, writing, editing, production, propaganda, psy ops, etc.

~ many non-profit and quasi-governmental bureaucratic organizations, particularly in the realms of education, public policy, politics, medicine, disease research, catastrophe relief, aid to underdeveloped nations and environmental climate change issues

~ government contractors, including think tanks, defense, military and technology companies, science labs and research and development programs, including certain university departments

~ government leaders and ministers of almost all nations and their military, agencies and bureaucracies, such as FDA, USDA, EPA, FBI, DHS, FEMA, TSA,  CDC, etc., in the U.S.A., and similar institutions in other nations

~ executives and board members of many giant multi-national corporations in banking, finance, insurance, energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food processing, technology, media, communications, computers, mining, industry, manufacturing, armaments, transportation, etc.

~ ancient bloodlines, evil, psychopaths, criminals, pirates, fraudsters, human traffickers, slave masters, drug traffickers, value stealers, identity stealers, power cravers, torturers, murderers, assassins, adrenochrome consumers, black magic witches


conglomerate, empire, transnational, corporate, crisis, deception, technology, secret, society, cult, evil, criminal, fraud, propaganda, psy op, cabal, bloodline, trafficker, drugs, power, murder, assassin, adrenochrome, witch



The Conglomerate Empire - (Brighteon)

The Conglomerate Empire - (Rumble)

The “Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom”

Institutions of Control by Crisis, Deception & Technology

"The Conglomerate Empire" is a Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom ("TICK" - a giant parasite sucking the blood of the world). It is made up of international and domestic institutions, agencies, governments, militaries, bureaucracies, corporations, media and NGOs established and operated for control by crisis, deception and technology by elite families and their secret societies, cults and operative agents.

- Intl. Monetary Fund, Bank for Intl. Settlements, World Bank

- Bank of London, Federal Reserve (FED), Wall Street, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, etc.

- British Accredited Registry (BAR)

- United Nations, UNICEF, World Wildlife Fund, Lucius Trust, ICLEI, etc.

- World Health Organization

- European Union, NATO, BRICS

- World Trade Organization (WTO)

- Agency for International Development (AID)

- World Economic Forum

- "G7" & "G20", Bilderberg - global economic conferences

- Giant interlocking global corporations (eg., British & Dutch East India Companies, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, FaceBook, etc.)

- Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street Capital

- Military-Industrial-Pharmaceutical-Media Complex

- Corporate governments

          - Intelligence agencies – CIA, MI-6, Mossad, “5 Eyes”, etc.

- MJ-12 (Majestic 12) – ultra top secret, UFOs (UAPs)


- Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and similar agencies in other nations

          - Propaganda, fraud & censorship services

          - MK Ultra (mind control experiments)

          - Tavistock Institute (mind control), Aspen Institute

          - Royal Inst. for Intl. Affairs, Chatham House, Brookings, Rand, Battelle,

Jason Society, etc.

          - Council on Foreign Relations

          - Trilateral Commission

          - Natural Resources Defense Council

- Rockefeller Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Gates Foundation, etc.

- National Council of Churches, World Council of Churches, mainline denominations

- ADL (Anti-Defamation League), Southern Poverty Law Center, BLM, Communists, Zionists, Nazis, political parties

- Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Azov Battallion

- Academia: Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UCLA, Virginia Tech, UNC, etc.


 The Conglomerate Empire ebook -


conglomerate, empire, transnational, corporate, institutions, control, crisis, deception, technology, secret, society, cult, agencies, government, military, bureaucracy, corporations, media, NGO, mind, propaganda, fraud, censorship, intelligence, academia



Masters of Manipulation - (Brighteon)

Masters of Manipulation - (Rumble)


- Psychopathic fraudsters and deceivers

- Ultra wealthy billionaires and trillionaires

- Secret societies and associations

- Committee of 300

- Club of Rome

- Bilderberg Conference

- World Economic Forum

- Council on Foreign Relations

                              - Trilateral Commission

- United Nations

- the cabal super mafia

- hidden tyranny programmed bit-by-bit

- crisis, deception, propaganda, psy ops, technology


The Cultic Cabal Behind It All

- Mystery Cults of Osirus – Isis - Horus, Baal, Moloch, Apollo, Mithra, Baphomet, etc.

          - Secret Satanic covens ~ high order witches

- Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, Frankists, Order of the Garter, Priory of Scion, High order Masons (33rd degree +), Rosicrucians, the Sanhedrin, Zionists, “The Illuminati” (“Illusionati”)

          - Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, etc.

- assisted by lower-level operatives

- controlled by self-interest, blackmail, bribery & threat


Who are the manipulators and deceivers that have developed the control agenda and run the institutions of crisis, deception and tyranny? What are their agencies of control? What are the secret associations of the cultic cabal behind the scenes?


manipulation, psychopath, fraud, deceivers, secret, societies, think tanks, bilderberg, world economic forum, united nations, world health organization, cabal, crisis, deception, propaganda, psy op, technology, cult



Independence from Fear - (Brighteon)

Independence from Fear - (Rumble)

 Feardom or Freedom?

The elite cabal depends on fear and deception to influence the minds of the greater population they have sought to fully control.

The think-tank derived projects for public manipulation are numerous. Most are psychological operations, and many are deadly.

The agent operatives of the dark side, who are trapped by oath, criminality, bribery and threat, produce and/or promote the various falsehoods and fear narratives. Some of these people present a falsified image of themselves as serving the good and beneficial, even though they are committed to evil.


Fear & Control Projects


staged disaster events

            shootings, riots, bombs, toxic spills, storms,

            floods, drought, fires, earthquakes, livestock culling

viruses, pandemics & vaccines

climate change blamed on human lifestyle

financial limitation: debt, inflation, taxes

asset market manipulation

“crypto” tokens, central bank digital currencies

cashless economy

BRICS trade agreements

devalued dollar

reduced FED note fiat “petro” dollar & bonds

bank failures

threat of financial & economic collapse

social credit score

shortages of food & other products


war & threat of war

potential electronic blackout

flood of immigrants

Artificial Intelligence


public poisons, GMOs, frequencies, illness

synthetic venom, spike proteins, toxic meds

nano graphene oxide & hydrogel


Holistic Healing

reality information

awareness of evil people, policies & projects

removal of corrupt cabal & agents

replacement with officials of integrity

eliminate fiat/debt/interest system

consumption taxes (not income or property taxes)

creative improvement projects in local groups

holistic natural health & wellness information

creative awareness

love of self, others & community

healing support groups & communities

celebration, uplifting & dedication



independence, fear, freedom, cabal, deception, manipulation, evil, propaganda, disaster, climate, change, financial, debt, economic, collapse, war, BRICS, shortages, crime, currencies, dollar, crypto, digital, holistic, healing



Financial & Economic Changes - (Brighteon)

Financial & Economic Changes - (Rumble)


It is no secret that financial and economic issues of fragility have been at play for many years. There is a big buzz in both mainstream and alternative media about major changes in the financial and economic markets either in progress or coming soon.

The cabal of wealthy corporate conglomerate empire owners have had their hands on the levers of financial and political power for centuries, and want a “Great Reset” for more control.

What are some of the projected issues that may affect our economic transactions before long? What is the likelihood of the National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA)?


     Possible Financial Changes  

higher interest rates

reduced real estate sales

price inflation of goods & services

shortages of food & other products

labor shortage


financial & economic collapse


electronic blackout

bank restructuring

emerging nations

BRICS trade agreements

asset-backed currencies

new dollar (not FED fiat “petro” dollar)

“crypto” tokens, digital currencies

higher gold, silver & platinum prices



removal of corrupt cabal agents

replacement with officials of integrity

national consumption tax (not income tax)

debt forgiveness


financial, economic, changes, interest rates, real estate, inflation, goods, services, labor, shortages, theft, collapse, war, bank restructuring, BRICS, asset-backed, currencies, dollar, crypto, NESARA, debt



Summer Surprises - (Brighteon)

Summer Surprises - (Rumble)


What surprising events and news are on the verge of getting our attention this summer? The number and range of possibilities suggests there will be significant issues to handle.


  Environmental Issues  

cool weather






crop destruction


new false pandemic

toxic shots



     Technological Issues

cyber attack


power outage

communication blackout

ET alien threat


Political & Economic Issues

fall of Ukraine

escalated war

political shock

dollar shock

bank failures

economic collapse


civil disturbances

fall of the cabal


surprise, events, issues, environment, weather, fires, poisons, pandemic, cyber attack, EMP, power outage, political, economic, Ukraine, war, dollar, bank failures, collapse, shortages, civil disturbances, cabal



Is Your Food Poisoning You - (Brighteon)

Is Your Food Poisoning You - (Rumble)


Many of the food items most commonly eaten contain compounds that cause trouble. These include poisons added in growing and processing, as well as naturally-occurring anti-nutrients that may impair digestion and metabolism or foster inflammation.

Common Agricultural Chemicals








are common agricultural chemicals, public poisons in our food supply and environment, and there are still more herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

Glyphosate weed killer used with most GMO crops and many others, is toxifying nearly all of us. It is now also used in drying crops such as wheat, corn and other grains.

The additives to prepared foods: binders, fillers, sweeteners, artificial flavors and colors, enhancers, conditioners, preservatives and more, are not added for health reasons. For example, aspartame artificial sweetener is toxic to the brain, lessening intelligence and clouding thinking.

Anti-nutrients in the crops by nature include acids, enzyme inhibitors and proteins that are not easily digested. They can generate digestive distress, weight problems and inflammation, among other ailments.


Anti-Nutrients & Allergens

phytic acid










Phytic acid is present in grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. It reduces digestive enzyme effectiveness and lessens absorption of key minerals, including iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and copper. Tannins and oxalates are other acid derived nutrient blockers in common foods.

Gluten is a protein in wheat, rye and barley that is very difficult to digest. It also inhibits enzymes and causes many problems in the digestive tract, including leaky gut. Allergies, headaches, joint pain and mental cloudiness are common reactions to gluten. Breads, pizza, pasta, pastries and such are best avoided or minimized.

Lectins are generally sticky proteins in legumes, nuts, seeds, grains and nightshades, as well as in meats, eggs and dairy products from grain-fed animals.

Lectins do not digest well, and create gas and indigestion. They coat food particles, reducing nutrient absorption, and also stick to, penetrate and erode the intestinal lining, causing leaky gut and many allergies and other health problems. Soybeans, peanuts, tree nuts, eggplant and wheat are especially high in lectins.

Other anti-nutrients include saponins, similar to lectins in sources and effects, solanine in nightshades, and isoflavones, phytoestrogen compounds found especially in soybeans, that disrupt hormone balance.

Consider a diet of mostly organic fruits, seeds and vegetables, with minimal nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, tobacco).

If you soak beans, nuts, seeds and grains before consumption, sprouting or fermenting whenever possible, most of the problems of anti-nutrients can be avoided. Otherwise minimize consumption of legumes and grains.

Take advantage of the benefits of enzymes and probiotics as supplements for better digestion and metabolism, as well as minerals and super foods. 

Organic milled flaxseed can reduce inflammation and soothe the intestines.


public poisons, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, glyphosate, aspartame, anti-nutrients, allergens, digestion, phytic acid, gluten, lectins, solanine, phytoestrogens, legumes, grains, nightshades, enzymes, probiotics



Better Natural Health - (Brighteon)

Better Natural Health - (Rumble)


Although great strides have been made in the last 50 years, in assessing where we are in the restoration of the knowledge of natural health, it is obvious from the growth of hospitals and pharmacies that many people still have much to learn.

We have been unknowingly exposed to many public poisons most of our lives. Our health is eroded by small doses of toxins from pollution and chemicals used in agriculture, industry, medicine, food, water and household products, as well as electromagnetic frequencies (emf) from cell phones and wi-fi transmissions, plus geo-engineering sprays in the air.

These toxic stressors are contributing to diminished mental ability and degenerative diseases.

More and more people are coming to understand that this attack is intentional. The world controllers and their operatives have an agenda to lower the intelligence, shorten the lives and reduce the numbers of the masses, while feeding the profit coffers of their corporations, especially the medical industry.


Public Poisons

fluoride, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, lead, etc.

estrogen mimickers





pharma medicines & vaccines

EMFs + RFs – cell phones, wi-fi, radio, TV, etc.

nanobots / nanotechnology

micro-plastic dust

mycoplasma + engineered micro-biological forms

industrial pollutants, fracking wastes

We need to learn about what harms us and the natural ways of supporting better health.

The key principles of natural health are: 1) relax stress and tension while cultivating a positive attitude of wellness; 2) detoxify the toxins from poor digestion, imbalanced metabolism and public poisons, avoiding exposure as much as possible; 3) nourish the body with life supporting organic foods, super foods and pure water; and 4) exercise.

Organically grown natural foods rich in antioxidants and enzymes are the essential selections for eating wisely and building good health. Especially valuable choices are seeds, sprouts and a combination of fresh produce items, ideally from one’s own garden. GMO and highly-processed food products harm health and engender disease.

Organically grown seeds, such as amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, alfalfa, beans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and milled flaxseed are very valuable “embryonic foods. Probiotics and other support for the immune system and pure water are important as well.

Minerals are essential to the health of living organisms. Deficiency of minerals is common due to chemical agriculture. Minerals are normally restored to soil with organic farming. Choose organically grown food and herbs whenever possible.

Growing food for your household is wise, especially organically grown plants from non-GMO, heirloom seeds. Plan your garden now and obtain heirloom seeds and the soil building materials to grow good food. Meanwhile, you can grow sprouts, lettuce and other crops indoors, or in a cold frame or a greenhouse, even in winter.

Super foods like organic milled flax seed, flower pollen extract and Delicious Greens 8000 offer a great variety of minerals and other needed nutrients in easily utilized food form.

North Atlantic kelp is an excellent source of trace minerals, including iodine that is essential for the thyroid and the immune system.

Each of us needs to learn as much as we can about natural health and to gather the supplies to do so. Form a mutual support group to help each other with gardening, preparing foods for storage and other aspects of self-sustenance and survival.

natural health, public poisons, toxins, fluoride, GMO, glyphosate, radiation, geo-engineering, pharma medicines, vaccines, EMFs, RFs, nanobots, nutrients, minerals, super foods, seeds, flaxseed, greens, kelp




Transformation from Evil to Good - (Brighteon)

Transformation from Evil to Good - (Rumble)


Align with Reality

~ Attune to “God”, transcendental creative awareness

~ Resolve to improve

~ Research reality

~ Share knowledge

~ Support good efforts


Diminish Evil

~ Defund the criminals

~ Stop money laundering

~ Eliminate criminal sources of income

~ End child atrocities

~ Cease trafficking of humans & debilitating drugs

~ Terminate manipulation & abuse

~ Dispel cabal plans for high-tech tyranny

~ Remove criminals from positions & prosecute


Take Action for Restoration

~ Develop real natural science

~ Build community food & health programs

~ Reveal suppressed healing & efficiency technologies

~ Introduce improved economic, financial & work methods

~ Foster harmonious healing relationships & organizations

~ Enjoy life, learn & grow


Do we want a better world without the dominance of evil criminals and their manipulative agenda, policies and programs? If we want a transformation to sane, healthy living, we need to align with reality, diminish evil and take action for healing, efficiency and beneficial cooperation.

transformation, restoration, creative, awareness, improve, reality, evil, criminal, atrocities, human, trafficking, manipulation, abuse, natural, science, community, healing, efficiency, technologies, economic, financial, work, relationship, organization



"Vaccination" - (Brighteon)

"Vaccination" - (Rumble)


“Vaccination”: Fraud, Disability & Death


Virus Theory Hoax

~ “Virus“ = poison, venom

~ not a tiny invader

~ not an organism

~ lab developed “gain of function”

~ a biological weapon

~ intentionally released

~ fraudulent propaganda

~ brainwashed officials & population


Terrain Theory

~ toxification of the body

~ ingested poisons in food, water, medicines, etc.

~ environmental poisons, aerosols & stress

~ electro-magnetic radiation

~ inadequate nutritional support

~ weakened immunity


“Vaccination” = Injection of Poisons

~ bio-chemical “vaccine” cocktail

~ fraudulent narrative

~ worse bio-weapon than the starter

~ fraudulent trials, statistics & claims

~ deception by propaganda

~ medical marketing & profit


~ reduced intelligence & fertility

~ disability, depopulation & control


One of the greatest frauds in this era of multi-faceted deception is the virus and vaccine hoax that has been brainwashed into nearly everyone for about a century. There are no tiny scraps of wild genetic material trying to take over your cells and make you sick.

The symptoms blamed on a transmitted “virus” are due to poisoning and weakened health by auto-intoxication, environmental toxins, stress, intentional attack with bioweapons, toxic injections and medicines and/or exposure to electro-magnetic raditation.

Why? – These attacks are planned in think tanks and executed through cabal agents and operatives placed throughout society for intended disability, death and control of the population.

More details: 

Earlier videos: “Bioweapon Insanity Harms Humanity”    "Vaccinsanity"


vaccination, fraud, disability, death, virus, theory, poison, venom, gain of function, biological weapon, bioweapon, medicine, stress, electro-magnetic, radiation, nutrition, immunity, vaccine, fraudulent, deception, fertility, depopulation



Social Degeneration - (Brighteon)

Social Degeneration - (Rumble)


evil ~ immorality

ignorance ~ trauma ~ crime ~ destruction

fear ~ anxiety ~ confusion



Cabal Control Goals

deception ~ manipulation

depopulation ~ infertility ~ illness ~ disability --> death or full control


Public Poisons

air ~ water ~ food ~ consumer products ~ medicines

pesticides ~ herbicides ~ fluoride ~ additives ~ aspartame ~ “vaccines”

lead ~ cadmium ~ mercury ~ aluminum ~ barium ~ graphene oxide ~ nanotech

nature ~ the soil ~ trees ~ plants ~ animals ~ people



electricity ~ radio ~ television ~ radar ~ cell phones ~ wi-fi ~ 5G ~ 6G


Control Technologies

finance ~ shortages ~ poverty ~ strife

chemicals ~ frequencies ~ devices ~ media ~ voice-to-skull ~ nanobots

geo-engineering ~ genetic modification ~ biological hacking ~ AI

bio-weapons ~ injections ~ imbedded nanotech ~ trans-human control system


Psy Ops

deception ~ trauma ~ false narratives ~ mind-controlled agents

propaganda ~ pyramid corporate control network ~ controlled authorities & media

virus theory ~ “vaccine” mythology ~ climate fraud ~ staged events ~ disasters


Restoration Protocol

spread awareness ~ de-conditioning ~ real education ~ planning & support groups

public assemblies ~ remove corrupt hierarchy ~ install sane leaders

end deception ~ end hostilities ~ remediation ~ restoration


Cabal conspirators have spent centuries developing their modalities of social engineering and control. By now their financial, chemical, technological, psychological and social degeneration methods of deception, manipulation and poisoning have brought us to the brink of social collapse, chaos, depopulation and mind control. Awareness, de-conditioning, education, planning, action and restoration need to be expanded now.

social, degeneration, engineering, control, evil, immorality, crime, fear, confusion, deception, depopulation, infertility, poisons, fluoride, vaccines, graphene, nanotech, frequencies, technologies, finance, chemicals, nanobots, bio-weapon, virus, restoration



Advanced Detoxification - (Brighteon)

Advanced Detoxification - (Rumble)

(NOTE: see also "Spring Detox & Health Recovery" below)


Spike Protein Detox


Pure Water

• Zinc (30-80 mg per day)
• Vitamin D3 (5000–10,000 IU daily)
• Vitamin C (1000 mg, twice daily)

• Glutathione

N-acetyl cysteine
• Quercetin

• Iodine

• C60 carbon

• Activated Charcoal

• Citrus fruit (hesperidin)

• Peppermint (hesperidin)
• Pine Needle Tea (shikimic acid or shikimate)

• Fennel and/or Star Anise Tea (shikimate)

• Wheatgrass Juice (shikimate)
• Schizandra
Berry (shikimate)
St. John’s Wort (shikimate)
• Comfrey Leaf (shikimate)
• Feverfew (shikimate)
• Gingko Biloba Leaf (shikimate)


NanoTech Detox

• Potassium
• Collodial Silver, Molecula Silver
• Spirulina, Chlorella
• Shitake Mushrooms
• Cilantro

• Garlic
• Ginger

• Oil of Oregano

• Tea Tree Oil

• Evening Primrose Oil


Anti-Nano Device by Tony Pantallesco:


Parasite Detox

Black walnut hulls

Pumpkin Seeds

Artemisia (“Wormwood”)

Larrea Tridentata (“Chaparral”)





Olive Leaf

Peppermint, Spearmint

Paw Paw Twigs


Detox Baths

(feet or whole body)


• Epsom salt (magnesium)

• Himalyan salt

• Soda (sodium bicarbonate)

• Bentonite clay

• Charcoal powder

• Borax

• Vinegar



Pineal Detox

Foods to decalcify the pineal gland and improve the brain.

(pineal – melatonin, 3rd eye insight)

Watercress – iodine, lutein, antioxidants

Pineapple – manganese, vitamin C

Coconut & its Water – hydrates, potassium ions, lauric acid (immune boost)

Banana – potassium, tryptophan (serotonin & melatonin precursor), B vitamins

Avocado – lutein, oleic acid (insulates myelin)

Turmeric – antioxidant, cleanser

Haritaki (fruit) – cleanser, increases brain oxygen, energy

Periodically affix a slice of onion to midsection of bottom of each foot at night until noticeable smell subsides (tie with string + wear socks).


Poisons are quietly included in food, water, air, medicines and household, automotive and workplace products. These toxins accumulate in the body and must be removed for better health. Advanced detoxification seeks to counter the bioweapon spike proteins and nano-technology we all have, as well as decalcifying the pineal gland.


detoxification, poison, spike protein, glutathhione, quercitin, iodine, charcoal, pine, shikimic, shikimate, nano tech, potassium, silver, spirulina, shitake, oregano, epsom, soda, bentonite, clay, borax, coconut, turmeric



Spring Detox and Health Revovery - (Brighteon)

Spring Detox and Health Recovery - (Rumble)


~ Pure water

~ Bowel cleanse – fiber (flaxseed), clay, charcoal, greens, probiotics, (laxative)

~ Liver detox – olive oil/lemon flush, beets, dandelions, kelp, greens

~ Blood cleanse – red clover, yellow dock, greens, larrea

~ Anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, alkalization –

larrea, turmeric, ashwaganda, resveratrol, OPCs, vitamins C+D+E,

bioflavonoids, tocotrienols, glutathione, N-acetyl cysteine, quercitin,

greens, flaxseed, oxygen, neg. hydrogen, carbon 60

~ Pathogen reduction – larrea, nano-silver, oxygen, iodine (kelp, dulse)

~ Movement, perspiration – exercise, sauna

~ Sleep

~ Meditation

~ Fasting


Spring is a season of transition, as is autumn. These are good times of year for a period of detoxification of the toxins that continually accumulate in the body from the poisons in food, water, air, medicines and chemicals in household, automotive and workplace products.

Cleansing the bowel, liver, blood and lymph, and helping the body with anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and alkalization are essential to good health.


detox, colon, cleanse, fiber, flaxseed, clay, greens, probiotics, liver, blood, beets, dandelions, kelp, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, alkalization, turmeric, glutathione, quercitin, oxygen, pathogen, nano-silver, perspiration, exercise, sauna



Official Fraud Must be Stopped - (Brighteon)

Official Fraud Must be Stopped - (Rumble)


~ Cabal plan to break social cohesion and control minds for technocratic tyranny

~ Our governments, agencies and institutions are infiltrated with operatives

~ Propaganda made “legal” in 2012 by amendment of Smith-Mundt Act of 1948

~ Many staged events that did not happen as described by officials and media


Cabal Agenda

~ Control governments & institutions with bribery, blackmail or threat

~ Manipulate the public with controlled media, corporations & deception

~ Cause suspicion and animosity between social & political groups

~ Traumatize the public for greater restriction and compliance

~ Poison us for reducing intelligence, fertility & lifespan – depopulation

~ Remove guns to dominate and control the people

~ Infuse us with nanotech controlled by wi-fi – “transhumanism”

~ Collapse the financial system and economy to worsen poverty

~ Implement central bank digital currency (CBDC) social control

~ Generate disasters to destroy homes and businesses

~ Undermine the power, influence and economic viability of the USA

~ Foster invasion of foreigners and sleeper agents for disruption

~ Create disorder and social chaos

~ Implement preplanned “New World Order” with “The Great Reset”



The evil cabal has longstanding plans to break social cohesion, reduce population, diminish intelligence and control minds for the purpose of technocratic tyranny.

How infiltrated with cabal operatives are our governments, agencies and institutions?

They have produced numerous staged events such as shooting drills that did not happen as described by officials and media. For critical thinkers, such preplanned falsely presented events reflect the evil cabal agenda.


official, fraud, mind, control, trans-humanism, government, propaganda, cabal, agenda, poison, guns, trauma, social, political, collapse, financial, economy, poverty, disasters, invasion, chaos, new world order, reset




Help Expose the Nashville Shooting Drill - (Brighteon)

Help Expose the Nashville Shooting Drill - (Rumble)


~ Another staged event that did not happen as described by officials and media

9-11 ~ Sandy Hook school ~ Orlando night club ~ Las Vegas concert

Uvalde, Texas school ~ Buffalo grocery ~ Nashville school


~ Propaganda made “legal” in 2012 by amendment of Smith-Mundt Act of 1948



~ red cap    ~ map of school    ~ door confusion    ~ no students or staff (on break?)

~ wait for body cam    ~ no time stamp    ~ guides outside    ~ “students missing”

~ “everyone’s on 2nd floor”   ~ search 1st floor    ~ police announce presence

~ shooter stands in window    ~ wait for body cam    ~ shot “dead” ~ different shoes

~ no blood    ~ manifesto    ~ 1 ambulance   ~ no coroner    ~ 1 school bus - 12 kids

~ reached media in 20-30 minutes    ~ crisis actors    ~ anti-gun activist pops in

~ Melissa Joan Hart (“Sabrina”)    ~ 3 kids, 3 adults; 33 staff; 33 Bunton Hills Drive

~ 9 years old   ~ 200 divided by 3, by 6    ~ 10:13 am   ~ 3 guns  ~ anti-gun mother


Another staged event has been produced that did not happen as described by officials and the media. Cabal agents are trying to play us. They are trying to achieve a preplanned agenda.

The Nashville shooting is being exposed by many on the internet. There are many such hoaxes to learn about. Another example: The Joe Biden pretending to be president is an actor, NOT the guy who was a senator and VP.

Help expose the official fraud of these government mind control agents.


staged event, media, cabal, agents, agenda, propaganda, legal, Nashville, shooting, hoax, guns, students, police, shooter, body cam, manifesto, crisis actors, activist, anti-gun, Joe Biden




Prepare for These Changes - (Brighteon)

Prepare for These Changes - (Rumble)

~ Financial collapse

~ Bank and business failures, bond losses, layoffs, unemployment

~ Currency changes – valuation, digital, “crypto”, cash; silver, gold, barter

~ Inflation, pension losses & Social Security insufficiency, poverty

~ Deaths and disabilities

~ Exposure of the false narratives of officials and controlled media

~ Removal and arrests of fraudulent & treasonous operatives in government & agencies

~ War – false flag attacks, sabotage, civil disturbance, invasion, international conflict

~ Power outages or EMP

~ Shortages of food, water and other supplies

~ Staged attack by non-human “aliens”

~ Chaos  --> “Order”

Essentials for Survival

 ~ nourishing, ready to eat foods       ~ pure water

~ matches & candles                        ~ flashlights

~ batteries                                         ~ blankets, coats & clothing

~ tools                                               ~ fuel in your vehicle

~ alternative heating (eg., wood stove, kerosene, etc.)

~ alternative transportation (eg., bicycle, scooter)

~ alternative power (eg., generator, wind, solar, etc.)

~ emergency radio (battery operated or hand cranked)


A severe economic collapse seems to be developing. Banks are already shaky due vulnerability from derivative contracts of little value, and a decrease in bond values from rising interest rates. Changes in valuations of currencies, bonds and other instruments, pension losses, supply shortages, business failures, layoffs, poverty, political upheaval, sabotage events, invasion and more could soon drive our society into a challenging time, even chaos.


change, financial, economic, collapse, currency, digital, banks, derivatives, bonds, interest, pensions, social security, layoffs, deaths, disabilities, shortages, poverty, political, invasion, society, chaos



The Bank Crisis & Economic Collapse - (Brighteon)

The Bank Crisis & Economic Collapse - (Rumble)


The financial markets have been manipulated for decades. The rigging became more sophisticated and thorough as computer technology developed through the last 70 years, and with the development of new asset classes, such as expanded option trading and derivative “insurance” contracts on “subprime” assets. (Eg. bundled mortgages)

Many economic analysts believe that a serious financial crash is now underway with the recent failure of several significant banks. Other major banks are in similar trouble caused by falling bond values due to rising interest rates and exposure to derivative contracts of little value.

The diminishing value of these shaky assets can leave a bank insolvent, where liabilities exceed assets. Temporary funds may be borrowed from the FEDeral Reserve private banking cartel, or other banks, but if outflow is more than inflow the bank may fail.

Banks are intricately tied together, so failure could become a “contagion”. Depositors at many banks may be restricted from access to funds in a “bail-in”, when a bank draws on depositor accounts to stay alive.

The FDIC has a limited amount in its depositor rescue fund. The FED may just create more fiat dollars to take care of depositors, however bondholders and stockholders are farther down the line and will potentially lose a lot. Corporate bonds are in trouble too, with stock declines to follow.

Think of the effects of these dropping asset values on pension funds, 401Ks and other bond and stock heavy portfolios.

The dollar will lose substantially more value with additional money creation. Interest rate increases by the FED are in great part to entice buyers of US debt. These rate increases are not really able to curb inflation much. The dollar and US Treasury bonds are declining in acceptance in international markets.


Factors of Economic Collapse

~ over-leveraged debt

~ rising interest rates

~ toxic assets

shaky bonds, stocks & derivatives

~ bank failures, liquidity crisis

~ over-created dollars, de-dollarization

~ inflation / stagflation

~ layoffs, disabilities, deaths

~ supply chain disruption

~ shortages in food, fuel and much more

~ war

~ social chaos, depression


A severe economic depression seems to be developing. Financial experts anticipate a severe unavoidable financial collapse. Many companies are already projecting up to 50% layoffs this year. Quite a few businesses will close completely, especially those with failing earnings, dropping assets and high debt.

The fuel, electricity, heating and fertilizer issues and industrial closures of Europe will have more effects on the USA over the next few months.

Some researchers are concerned about rolling or total blackouts of power and communications in some areas.

There could be many other shortages, as well as much higher prices, as the economy dives into deep recession.

Make plans for challenges. Many experts suggest having gold and pre-1965 real silver coins as “store-of-value” hard assets. Even more importantly, it is wise to have extra food and water on hand, as well as garden seeds, tools, other necessities, barterable items and especially “know-how” and skills. Work with others nearby to plan, prepare and make things better.


A severe economic depression seems to be developing, as reflected in the recent failure of several significant banks. Other major banks are in similar trouble caused by falling bond values due to rising interest rates and exposure to derivative contracts of little value.

Financial experts anticipate a severe unavoidable financial collapse. Many companies are already projecting up to 50% layoffs this year. Quite a few businesses will close completely, especially those with failing earnings, dropping assets and high debt.


bank, crisis, economic, collapse, debt, derivatives, solvent, bail-in, interest, inflation, federal reserve, fdic, treasury, layoffs, shortages, food, war, social, chaos, cabal, depression, garden, necessities, barter



Bank Problems - (Brighteon)

Bank Problems - (Rumble)

The “banksters” have been major manipulators in the cabal control system for centuries. In 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank and the Internal Revenue Service were fraudulently created in the USA to finalize the transfer of government funding control into private hands.

The governing administration at the federal level had been turned into a corporation in 1871 after the Civil War. This change also followed the cabal orchestrated assassination of President Lincoln for rejecting European bankster funding later in the war, favoring domestic “greenback” dollars issued by the U.S. Treasury.

The corporate federal service system that operates in the District of Columbia is not a part of the real United States of America. The constitutional republic of “we the people” had been put aside at that time. The fraudulent government was gradually transitioned into an administrative theater and management bureaucracy operated under cabal influence.

So, government has been co-opted and used by the cabal banksters to generate massive amounts of funds for unnecessary bloated programs, and many layers of corruption, while drawing a good bit back into their coffers through interest and taxes to hold back on the inevitable inflation from their excessive issuance of fake money.

Now, once again, as in 2008 and 2009, the major bank failure of Silicon Valley Bank may precipitate a financial crisis that further weakens the economy. Trouble is already in progress with the disasters in the food supply system, transportation issues and labor force disruptions from layoffs on the one side, and deaths and disabilities from the harmful mass injections on the other.

Deposits in the bank are assets in control of the bank. If they need them for covering a shortage of funds to meet debt obligations or to maintain solvency requirements, they will use them. The depositor may have to wait to get access, or they may be down the line in a bankruptcy situation.

The FDIC coverage of up to $250,000 per bank account would likely be unavailable as their own reserves would disappear rapidly in a multi-major-bank failure scenario.

I consider it wise to keep only as much of a balance in the bank needed for upcoming outgoing payments.

There are rumors of the introduction of a “Quantum Financial System” as a benevolent alternative to the “Great Reset” digital currency control modality of the cabal’s World Economic Forum. It is important to support decentralized asset-backed currency for real value exchange of goods and services.


bank, problems, banksters, control, system, government, administration, federal, corporation, cabal, management, bureaucracy, economy, disaster, solvency, bankruptcy, FDIC, quantum, financial, Great Reset, currency, World Economic Forum



Population Management Systems (Brighteon)

Population Management Systems - (Rumble)


The control cabal of wealthy elite manipulators works through their secret societies, think tanks and multiple layers of compartmentalized co-opted operatives.

Over the centuries they have carefully crafted legal and illegal financial and institutional management of their conglomerate empire of banks, hedge funds, companies, foundations, bureaucracies, political organizations, intelligence agencies, militaries and dark projects.

Based on their longstanding assumption that population growth, improved intelligence and public knowledge threaten their power and resources, the cabal has planned a gradual reduction in both intelligence and population level by implementing a mixture of mind control, disability and death modalities.

Poverty, malnutrition, pestilence and war have been their tried-and-true methods from the past of limiting what they consider to be their “herd” of servants.

Throughout the last century, with development of modern technologies utilized by the cabal as weapons or control mechanisms whenever feasible, many more subtle methods have been exploited.

Raising awareness of these control efforts is essential for building the momentum to stop the cabal’s evil agenda and end their harming us and our world.


                  Population Management Objectives

Infertility                                 Mass Abortion – Miscarriage – Sacrifice

Reduced IQ                            False Knowledge

Distraction – Confusion        Illness – Disability                

Ignorance                               Early Death


      Public Poisons

Venoms – Plant & Mineral Poisons                        Petroleum Oil & Derivatives

Gasoline Kerosene – Lubricants – Plastics         Chlorine – Fluoride – Mercury – Aluminum

Pesticides – Herbicides                                           Organophosphates – Glyphosate – Dioxins

Additives to Food & Household Products               Pharmaceuticals

Geoengineering – ”Chemtrails”                               Chem-Trains – Chem-Trucks

Cleaning Agents                                                        Personal Care Product Ingredients


   Biological Attacks

“Viruses” – “Vaccines”                                  Soil – Water – Air Contamination

Pharma Medicine – Black Market Drugs    Radiation - Unneeded Surgery        

Parasites – Yeast – Mold – Hydra               Syn-Bio – Nanotechnology

Frequencies – Electricity – Radio – TV – Computers – Internet – Cell Phones – Wi-Fi –5G


    Psychological Attacks

Predictive Programming                               Propaganda – False News

Trauma – Fear                                               Narratives

Mind-Controlled Attackers                           Mass Death Events


    Planned Disasters

Forest Fires                                                    Floods

Earthquakes – Hurricanes – Tornadoes     Explosions

Accidents                                                        Chemical Spills

Radiation                                                       Pandemic – Mass Injection



Processed Food – Genetic Modification     Food Shortage                      

Chemical Farming                                         Fertilizer Shortage

Weather Manipulation                                  Limited Knowledge & Availability of Nutrition

Livestock Reduction – Poisoning – Biological Contamination, eg., “Avian Flu” – Culling

Contaminating Soils, eg., Glyphosate – Aluminum – Barium – HCl – Phosgene – Dioxin

            Destruction & Consolidation of Food Growing, Processing & Distribution


population, management, war, death, infertility, abortion, disability, poisons, venom, petroleum, chlorine, fluoride, mercury, aluminum, pharmaceuticals, pandemic, disaster, earthquake, chemical farming, food shortage, glyphosate, phosgene, dioxin



Which Crisis Is Next? - (Brighteon)

Which Crisis Is Next? - (Rumble)

Which crisis on the list of rotating crises will take the leading role next? Which is the worst? It is essential to be prepared for whichever crises worsen.

Severe economic conditions are coming to a head. Big banks are in big trouble and may keep your deposits to stay in business. (This is supposedly legal.)

At the same time, the criminal conglomerate has reduced domestic oil and agricultural production, killing chickens, limiting and poisoning livestock feed, and destroying many food production and processing facilities (fires, explosions, accidents, contaminants), leading to shortages and inflation. Plus, corporate layoffs are huge.

Meanwhile, assets like stocks, bonds and real estate are gradually diminishing in value as the population declines due to poisoning, infertility and the resulting vastly increased deaths (40% higher).


Current & Possible Crises

banking and economic collapse, bail-ins                  political removals

dollar conversion or replacement                               hyperinflation

food shortages                                                               war

deaths & disabilities from injections                         new pandemic - H5N1 bird flu

invasion, crime, social chaos                                      EMP – blackout

             Earth disaster – CME, pole shift, earthquakes, asteroid, meteors, ZAP, etc.


Preparation Essentials

food storage                                      fuel                             

meds                                                   cash                                       

supplements                                      silver coins                

personal care & hygiene items        tools, seeds, gardening supplies

cleaning supplies                              alternate communication devices

protection, security                           community support

barterable items (food, essentials, ammo, etc.)

warmth modalities (eg. wood stove, wood, clothing, blankets, etc.)



crisis, banking, economic collapse, political, dollar, hyperinflation, food, shortage, war, death, disabilities, pandemic, invasion, crime, social chaos, EMP, blackout, disaster, pole shift, earthquake, meteors, storage



The COVID Pandemic Tool

The cabal conspirators have spent centuries gaining their essential modalities of control.

Now for more than a century they have been developing and sequestering financial, biological, chemical, psychological, cultural, social, communication, technological and geo-engineering tools and methods.

They have planned and strategically rolled these out in phases, to fulfill a coordinated profit, power, depopulation and control-the-survivors agenda.

The pandemic tool and methodology provide a good example of the often-used Hegelian “problem-reaction-solution” format for shepherding the public to a preplanned outcome.


COVID and The Hegelian Dialectic

     Problem      -->              Reaction                 -->   Solution

          “COVID-19”   -->  Masks-Restrictions-Shots  -->   “Protection”

     (Depopulation – Techno-Control)

“Big Pharma” ~ “pharmakeia” ~ sorcerers of poison potions


“Germ Theory” – Pasteur --> Rockefeller

Black Plague, Bubonic Plague, Spanish Flu, Polio, Measles, Swine Flu, HIV-AIDS, Lyme Disease, Bird Flu, SARS, MERS, SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19), “variants”, Ebola, Marburg

“virus” = poison = venom = synthetic venom peptides = “spike protein” = exosome = smart trash cart


vaccine = cocktail of toxic biological, chemical, heavy metal and technological contaminants = poison for profit à sets up future pharma business from effects

venom toxins + nanotech graphene oxide à damaged cells, blood clots, organ deterioration

hydra-parasite --> anomalous clots


Aborted fetal cells (immortal cell lines à cancer)

m-RNA (in a lipid coating)

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) – radiator fluid (Pfizer, Moderna)

Polysorbate 80 – common allergen (J & J) – (takes other components across blood brain barrier)

Hydrogel Quantum Dots with 33 varieties of nanobots

Bacteriophages (hybridized with nanobots for reproductive capability)

Cells from mice genetically-modified with human DNA

Cells from plants genetically-modified with human proteins

Luciferase bio-luminescent enzyme or mNeonGreen from a type of jellyfish

Infertility chemicals by UN mandate

Multi-purpose drug cocktail

Tartigrades for biostasis / thermal experiment in the fatty lipid

Miscellaneous adjuvants – mercury, aluminum, fluoride, titanium

Nanoparticles (have a hollow space for carrying capacity)

“gain-of-function” = “directed evolution”


Terrain Theory – Bechamps --> Natural Health

dis-ease: toxins ~ stress ~ acidity ~ nutrient deficiency

wellness: detoxification ~ relaxation ~ alkalization ~ nutrition ~ exercise



pandemic, cabal, control, biological, chemical, technological, technology, COVID, depopulation, germ, plague, SARS, virus, venom, vaccine, nanotech, graphene oxide, spike protein, blood clots, pharma, detoxification, nutrition



The Control Protocol

The cabal conspirators have spent centuries gaining their essential modalities of control. Now for more than a century they have been developing and sequestering chemical, technological, psychological and social engineering methods and rolling them out in phases to achieve a coordinated depopulation and control-the-survivors protocol.


Control Religion, Finance, Militaries, Technologies & Decision Makers

fraud ~ crime ~ bribery ~ threat ~ force ~ assassination


Control the Population

deception ~ depopulation ~ infertility ~ illness ~ death or full control


Poison the World ~ Poison the U.S.A.

poison the air ~ water ~ food ~ medicines ~ consumer products

poison nature ~ the soil ~ trees ~ plants ~ animals ~ people

medicines ~ vaccines ~ pesticides ~ herbicides ~ fluoride ~ additives ~ aspartame

lead ~ cadmium ~ mercury ~ aluminum ~ barium


Expand Multi-Purpose Frequencies

electricity ~ radio ~ television ~ radar ~ cell phones ~ wi-fi ~ 5G ~ 6G


Expand Control Technologies

chemicals ~ frequencies ~ devices ~ media ~ voice-to-skull ~ nanobots

geo-engineering ~ genetic modification ~ biological hacking ~ AI


Expand Psy Ops

deception ~ trauma

propaganda ~ pyramid corporate control network ~ controlled authorities & media

virus theory ~ vaccine mythology ~ climate fraud ~ staged events ~ disasters


Coordinate the Poisons, Frequencies, Technologies & Psy Ops

mental deficiency ~ stress ~ fear ~ “pandemic” ~ injections ~ illness ~ disability

sudden death ~ gradual death ~ infertility ~ nanotech ~ thought control


Cabal Controlled “New World”

economic crisis ~ supplies ~ layoffs ~ collapse ~ poverty ~ digital currecncy

war ~ societal disintegration ~ confusion ~ compelled injections

imbedded nanobots ~ transhuman technological control system



The Restoration Protocol

spread awareness ~ de-conditioning ~ real education ~ planning & support groups

public assemblies ~ remove corrupt hierarchy ~ install sane leaders

end deception ~ end  hostilities ~ remediation ~ restoration


control, religion, finance, militaries, technologies, fraud, crime, bribery, threat, assassination, deception, poisons, frequencies, medicines, vaccines, fluoride, additives, toxic metals, depopulation, infertility, disability, death, remediation, restoration



Beyond False Perception

“Cogito ergo sum”; “I think, therefore I am”. “As one thinks so is one.”

Limiting ourselves to 5 sense perception, we would miss most of the amazing performance of Creative Reality.

There are those we have allowed to sequester knowledge, hide much of reality and manipulate perception within a restrictive set of at least partially false parameters, sometimes faking legitimacy under the rubric of “the science”.

In the process of creation from the source awareness called “God”, a universal realm of thoughts, conscious and unconscious ideas, as well as active energy, is unfolded. Some refer to this as “Mind” or “Higher Consciousness”.

There are images, frequencies, and laws of mathematics and physics established in this realm, on which we depend for planning, doing, analyzing and understanding.

This universe of ideas and actions operates in a consistent manner.

Creative Reality expresses its aware energy as intelligent frequencies through universal laws, intentionally creating the mental, emotional and physical realms.

Quarks, electrons, atoms, molecules, stars, suns, planets, soil, plants, trees, birds, bugs, frogs, fish, squirrels, cats, tigers, dogs, donkeys, aardvarks and armadillos, peace and vicious violence, love, anger and sadness – all of creation manifests from this source awareness!

The metaphysical statement “I am that I am” is one of Self Awareness.

To the degree that we consciously recognize and unify with Creative Reality, and pursue our intuitive intention for beneficial action, we engage in aware living. This serves our own betterment.

We must expose and turn from the programmed deception of the tyrant-planned control system, the recycled doubt, fear, limitation and mistaken practices that undermine health and well-being and delay conscious reunion with Creative Reality.

Most of us do not follow the wisdom of good thinking.

As a society we have adopted the treat-illness-with-poisons model propagandized by the pharmaceutical witchcraft industry and their controlled media and bribed authorities. Further, we have accepted the problem-reaction-solution deceptions of corrupt false authorities.

Each of us that wants to survive and grow in consciousness must learn to take control of our own well-being, purging the poisons and parasites, and managing the Artificial Intelligence, the nanotechnology and the harmful frequencies of modern life with the wisdom of self power.

In Plato’s cave the captive humans are fascinated by the scary images portrayed on the wall by firelight, and afraid to venture from the cave due to their false perception and fear.

Further, Plato likened the soul operating in a human body to a charioteer with two flying horses trying to go in different directions – two minds – separation – uncertainty, doubt and confusion.

Today there are many more than two or three influences vying for control of mind and body.

Life originates from Creative Reality manifesting aware energy that is good. This aware being expresses itself as loving, beauty and union, as well as allowing expression of a darker separative nature.

Expanding our awareness to recognize the whole of consciousness and move beyond the dynamic interplay of apparently opposing forces perpetuating falsehood, is the way of liberation from limited perception and experience.

Creative Awareness imagines, generates and orchestrates expanding varieties of ideas and expression of itself, multiple levels of realities with nodes of intelligent interaction, communication and creative participation.

I believe that the real purpose of life is to learn and grow in creative awareness, for both this universal idea wellspring and energy fountain, and for each of us as a drop of its temporarily self-identifying spray of creativity.

In the course of purposeful living, we serve humanity with whatever fosters the freedom of will, clarifies the knowledge, inspires the intuition, fires the passion and manifests the action for pursuing greater awareness and creativity.

According to the state of our mind - intuiting, intending, thinking and feeling - we can move through and beyond what seems like time, which is just a conceptual agreement, and beyond apparent mistakes, to experience greater awareness of multifaceted manifestation.

Ultimately each individuated dance of intuitive intention is destined to recognize, unify with and fully realize its expression of loving creative reality awareness.


false, perception, creative, reality, knowledge, science, awareness, universal, unconscious, energy, images, frequencies, intuition, mind, consciousness, experience, thinking, fear, limitation, intelligence, insight, passion, liberation, time, mistakes



Signs of Crisis

There are many signs of the unfolding major time of crisis we are entering. "The Greater Depression" has really started gradually over many years since 2007 or even the beginning of this century. Debt, fraud and institutional manipulation have caused supply shortages, labor issues, transportation difficulties and currency destruction.

Economists have been warning of an impending financial collapse soon, which is already in progress. It is wise to be prepared and to form a cooperative community for exploration of modalities of mutual support and improvement.


~ food shortage & inflation              ~ conflict & uprisings

~ depleted livestock                          ~ debt / derivatives

~ fuel price instability                       ~ financial asset decline

~ diesel shortages                             ~ BRICS replacing dollar

~ transportation issues                    ~ currency changes

~ fertilizer shortage                           ~ border invasion

~ closures & layoffs                          ~ deteriorating infrastructure

~ increasing theft                              ~ attack on carbon

~ deception, fraud / exposure         ~ geoengineering

~ tax relief / stimulus                       ~ depopulation (infertility, harm, deaths)

~ propaganda & censorship            ~ fear by crisis and threat                       


signs, crisis, depression, shortage, labor, fuel, transportation, food, fertilizer, debt, fraud, financial, dollar, currency, carbon, infrastructure, propaganda, censorship, depopulation, infertility, geoengineering, fear, threat, cooperative, community



Major Changes in Progress


~ Economy                                         ~ Hostilities

~ Currency                                         ~ Pandemic Panic

~ Brunson Case                                 ~ Depopulation Injections

~ Government                                    ~ Medical Tyranny

~ Deception & Fraud                         ~ Science Fraud

~ Propaganda & Censorship           ~ Earth Changes

~ Media                                              ~ Climate Engineering

~ Transportation                               ~ Engineered Disaster

~ Power & Heat                                 ~ Disaster Management


Planned and orchestrated changes are in progress that will impact our lives significantly. The cabal controllers are pushing for their “Great Reset”, while independent researchers and analysts are revealing their manipulations. We need to work together in cooperation to inform those unaware and stop the drive into tyranny.


economy, currency, government, deception, fraud, propaganda, censorship, media, transportation, power, hostilities, pandemic, depopulation, medical, tyranny, science, earth changes, climate, engineering, disaster, management, weapons



Economic Crisis: Summary & Outlook

2022 --> 2023


Economic History 1913-Present

1913 – Federal Reserve + IRS

1929 – market crash

1933 – USA bankruptcy & gold confiscation

1944 – Bretton Woods Agreement, “world reserve currency”

1964 – last year of silver-content coinage in USA

1971 – gold redemption ended

1973 – “Petro-dollar” established

1979-80 – inflation & interest about 20%, gold/silver peak

1987 – market crash

2000 – dot com bubble bursts

2001 – 9-11 attack & recession

2007 – real estate crash

2008 – derivatives, bank & market crashes

2020-1 – “COVID” recession

2022 – weakness, uncertainty, market crashes

2023 - collapse or reset?


2022 Economic Summary


The "Great Recession" arising from the 2008-09 financial crash did not fully end, despite government and media claims of recovery. That crisis was just the beginning, the early warning signal of much more serious economic conditions.

The overwhelming debt, the mortgage-backed securities and speculative derivatives that contributed in large part to the "Crash of 2008", remain as one of the greatest financial threats ever, with little attention in the press, and virtually no investigations by authorities. In fact, similar conditions to that crash prevail now and worse than before.

It is estimated the global sovereign debt is now hundreds of trillions of dollars.

Some major financial institutions continue holding highly-leveraged contracts that leave them very vulnerable to financial disaster. Major banks showing monstrous losses in recent years is just one tip of a large iceberg.



Debt, shortages, labor issues and institutional manipulation have brought us to trouble.

The bond market is on very shaky ground, with a possible collapse looming, especially if interest rates are nudged further upward.

As bonds are abandoned, there has been a temporary strengthening of good quality stocks. However, many major investors have reduced or cleared their participation in the stock market.

The bond rating of the United States was reduced twice in recent years, as the government struggles every year to fund its bills. Standard and Poor, one of the primary bond rating services, downgraded U.S. bonds a couple years ago from their longtime AAA status to AA. Then another rating agency lowered the U.S. bonds to a much lower rating.

On the other hand, for some reason the rating was later bumped up again for no apparent good reason.

Over the last few years Moody's rating service has downgraded 15 major global banking institutions, including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. There are rumors some of these plus Wells Fargo are on the verge of bankruptcy.

A recession may last a few quarters as the economy adjusts. Our economic funk has lasted more than 10 years. That is far beyond a recession. It is a depression. The economic stats and projections of governmental administrators are less than accurate portrayals of reality.

Quantitative easing and near zero interest rate (ZIRP) kept the U.S. economy limping along, but layoffs, store and plant closings, jobs moving elsewhere and honestly corrected statistics of economic activity are revelatory of worsening prospects.

Much of the manufacturing work that has gone to cheap labor markets in other nations is no longer available to U.S. workers. These old factory jobs are not likely to come back, at least not soon. Lower cost production in other parts of the world is better for the bottom line of giant corporations.

Many of the U.S. jobs created during this recession have been governmental jobs. However, there is a limit on how many the government can hire. Now government workers are being laid off as well. Local, regional and state governments face financial crises as much as the national government.

With the number of people that are out of work in the U.S.A., or working only part-time, the layoffs now underway by strapped businesses and governments, and the concerns of many about their financial future, people are not buying much beyond necessities.

As a result, under-employment continues to be substantial, even though it is claimed unemployment is low along with bogus new job numbers. Many large retailers are cutting hours, laying off workers and closing stores.

Some companies have reduced employees to part-time status to avoid having to provide insurance under the "Affordable Health Care Act". Then the worker is responsible to obtain coverage, but has less income to do so. Raising the minimum wage would contribute to both inflation and job losses, making the situation much worse.

The number of people out of work or working less than enough to earn a living, is far greater than the doctored, government-reported unemployment statistics. Many of these have gone deeper into debt, while others have gone homeless.

Now with increased deaths of 2500 and 5000 becoming disabled per day in the USA from mass poisoning, both the labor pool and consumer demand are diminishing rapidly.

A number of major corporations that have made a profit in recent years have bought back their stock rather than investing in new or better production.

The breakthroughs to new highs in the stock market averages in the last couple years reflect a major bubble in the market that was being propped up by FED quantitative easing.

Although some analysts thought this was the start of a new bull market, it was obviously not. More astute analysts think the market will drop severely again before long.

The manipulated financial markets will eventually change dramatically to reflect reality unless there is some dramatic intervention.


China as Top Economy

China, one of the largest foreign holders of U.S. debt, is flirting with becoming the world's new greatest economic power. Their workforce of what have been essentially controlled slaves, has been cranking out almost any product at relatively lower cost than other industrial nations.

That emphasis may be changing, but China gotten involved with many nations and gained great influence.

China is the second major holder of U.S. debt and dollars after the FED. For several years they have been unloading dollars by purchasing assets in the U.S.A., in South America and elsewhere, particularly real estate and businesses here. It has been reported that more than half to 60% of the real estate value in Manhattan is owned by Chinese government companies.

Chinese leaders have in the past expressed a desire to take over North America for its resources, infrastructure and space. They may be working in conjunction with the European based control cabal to establish a "New World Order".

Now China, after years of growth to become one of the top economies, has major challenges themselves. These have been made severely worse with the massive coronavirus quarantine.

There is evidence that the Wuhan "coronavirus" was developed in bio-weapons labs. Did it reach the population by accident or on purpose? If the latter, was it to throw a wrench into China's machine, or was it intended to subdue the USA?

Has COVID been used to begin as series of disruptive events that could lead to world economic collapse?

The Chinese stock market lost almost 40% of its value in just two months' time a few years ago. Then they devalued their currency on successive days. Even so, their stocks resumed the decline.

The Chinese economy had been the growth engine of the world for the last several years. As its growth has subsided along with the European financial crisis and the overextension of debt and dollar creation by the U.S.A. and the Federal Reserve, we could be talking about a depression for years to come.


2023 Economic Outlook

We have continued to bounce somewhat sideways, yet gradually are sliding downhill economically into what may be eventually be thought of as "The Greater Depression". 

Further interest rate increases may precipitate major trouble.

Many economists think post-"Brexit", fuel-starved Europe is in the process of falling into a deep depression of unknown length, possibly many years.


The Dollar

The dollar is dying internationally. Even though it is still relatively strong against most other currencies, it is being slowly abandoned as a medium of trade in many international transactions.

On the other hand, the Chinese yuan may recover sooner, even though it was devalued not long ago as Chinese exports and stock market values declined.

The U.S. had wanted a stronger yuan to ease the trade imbalance with China. Subsequently, demand for goods from China has fallen off in the U.S.A. with the lingering hidden recession ("depression"), so China is having economic problems too.

However, China appears to have bigger ideas for their renminbi ("legal tender" currency) known as the yuan. They have accumulated vast amounts of gold, possibly with the intention of establishing their yuan as the new world reserve currency of choice with gold backing.

The use of the dollar is being bypassed in some international business interchanges. American tourists are finding that many vendors in other countries will not readily accept dollars anymore.

A devaluation, or possibly a total dollar collapse may be coming before long for the United States, seemingly preceded or accompanied by several European nations. The Japanese Yen is not in much better shape.

Both the Euro and the dollar could be replaced before long with all digital dollars. We may be getting close to a “cashless society” with social credit controls on fully-tracked purchases. It may take until 2025 or so for this to manifest, as the dollar is so well-imbedded in the world economy.

Since the end of 2019, the FED has been bailing out the financial markets and banks again with a resumption of debt money creation, without calling it "Quantitative Easing" this time. It has been referred to as temporary support for the "repo market".

Could this be the grand finale of banker scams? It would seem the international cartel of major multi-national corporations and banks, the global control system I have described as the “Conglomerate Empire” or the "Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom", is wrapping up their more than a century of plundering the United States and its people.

The cabal and their conglomerate along with their Chinese lender buddies already have controlling financial ownership of the U.S. government, most major corporations and half or more of the property in the U.S.A.

That may eventually include your property. If you think you own any "real estate", realize that you are only a tenant. You pay for the privilege to occupy it, like a football stadium seat license, and then pay the tax (rent) to the "real" owners, the corporate state conglomerate.



Significant international currency and banking changes are said to be in progress that may have a really dramatic impact in multiple markets.

Numerous financial watchdogs agree that precious metals prices, especially silver, have been manipulated by major players using paper contracts and currency trading. These prices have been artificially held down as China, Russia and some other nations, central banks and wealthy elite have accumulated large amounts of these tangible assets at bargain prices.

With the ongoing economic uncertainty, the large demand for real touchable silver and gold has made them scarce. Yet the prices have remained relatively low, mostly due to manipulators placing phony low-bid paper orders that expire unfulfilled.

Some experts look for dramatic rises in the precious metals eventually, especially in relation to the dollar as it continues losing world reserve status.

Those who are investing or playing games of risk in the various financial markets should be very cautious. The newer and less regulated digital token or “crypto-currency” market, which had gained dramatically over the previous decade, crashed by over 60% of its value in 2022.

The future of digital assets depends on the regulatory environment after the corruption and failures of several players in this market, most recently FTX.  

Virtually all markets are rigged, and the elite are poised to profit repeatedly on both ups and downs from insider knowledge at the expense of those who think the markets are real.

Insiders have reported that the mortgage loan fraud has been so extensive that even mortgages that are thought to be paid off may have claims on them from multiple lending institutions.

It is conceivable that many more people may face foreclosure and eviction seemingly out of the blue, including some who are up-to-date on their mortgage payments, but perhaps making payments to the wrong institution.


More Troubles

Experts in economic and societal trends anticipate much worse major economic challenges and social changes in the next few years. Some warn of an impending total financial collapse within the next year or so, with a few voices saying it is already in progress.

The financial crisis in Europe has been flirting with massive collapse there. "Brexit", the British departure from the European Union, has contributed to a European economic catastrophe.

Certainly, the Russian intervention in Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions have been a major factor with disruptions in trade.

If A European collapse were to happen, it would probably bring the U.S.A. down to ruin as well. If Western economies fail, the rest of the world would also suffer considerably. Most independent economists in the know believe a crash is inevitable that may affect most of the world.

The substantial surprise "haircut" tax on all bank accounts or “bail-ins” in Cyprus mandated by the European Union and the international bankers a few years ago, is thought to have been a prelude to a similar process in Europe and the United States, a "beta test".

In fact, the International Monetary Fund has recommended this type of sudden bank account tax on the "wealthy" (meaning non-insider upper middle class) for member nations having financial challenges.

That action would probably trigger a cash panic, possibly a "run on the banks". A bank holiday, a "bail-in" of bank accounts and retirement programs, a limit on withdrawals of what funds may be left and/or an elimination of cash might be imposed.

Depositing money in a bank turns over ownership control of the funds to the bank. Do you trust the bankers to allow you full access to the deposited funds as economic conditions deteriorate?

If you were to try taking out more than $10,000 in cash, especially in smaller increments over several days, you might be surprised at the trouble you would have. You could be arrested and imprisoned for "financial structuring".

Financial transactions are recorded and accessible to authorities, so there is no point in trying to hide major movement of funds.

Wise financial advisors suggest judicious gradual transfer of institutionally held paper or digital assets in reasonable amounts to personally held substantial assets as much as possible.

Some think the FED may be getting out of the currency game if the Treasury begins issuing its own notes, possibly in conjunction with a serious devaluation of the dollar and a global reformation of currency valuations and exchanges.

The fall in the price of oil a couple years ago was one sign of a deflationary trend, although other prices had been rising at the same time. Then oil and gasoline prices rose again, which makes it harder for lower income folks to get by. Since then, the prices bob up and down somewhat, but remain a challenge for the budget of most people.

Meanwhile welfare, food assistance and homeless numbers continue to be very high. If the presently stronger dollar loses value, the prices of imports and oil products would increase again. Enjoy filling your tank at the gas station while you can.

Are there any significant signs of real economic growth? The situation is much worse than the manipulated and understated government figures and pronouncements try to suggest.

If you live in the United States, consider seeking out products for purchase that are made here. They are usually well-made and often less expensive than imports.

I have always urged people to develop their own home business as best they are able, and to become self reliant in every way possible.


Asset-Backed Currency

There is talk of at least the currencies used in international trade, and perhaps all currencies, being required to have backing by assets similar to the old gold standard of the dollar. Supporting assets could include, gold, siver, other minerals, oil, agricultural or industrial production, etc.

Some believe that as fiat currencies fail (backed only by faith in the issuing government), there has to be a return to asset-backed currencies tied to commodities. The international financial interests own the bulk of these commodities, however, so they would still be in control.

There was until recently an impasse at the IMF in regard to making big changes. The United States held veto power over any decision by way of controlling 17% of the IMF voting power. 85% of the vote was required to make a change. Either the U.S. government did not want the dollar to be cast aside, or it was using its leverage for some other purpose. The required vote to make changes was reduced to 70% recently, so now no one member can block decisions.

Some think the newer financial compact, the BRICS nations, could just leave the IMF and BIS. Russia, a major player with China in BRICS, has been shut out of the current “SWIFT” system of financial transactions due to U.S. sanctions.

The growing BRICS block of nations has started their own international banking authority, currency and settlement account system. It is likely most of these will continue as members of the old institutions, while developing their new ones. Similarly, the IMF will likely be involved with the BRICS banking.

Some think we will be going directly to a world currency based on the IMF's "Special Drawing Rights" (SDR's). That would likely be the prelude to a global government through the United Nations, which is the ultimate goal of the corporate state tyrants who run that institution and most national governments as well.

Watch out for the plans the tyrannical World Economic Forum has for all of us to own nothing and be fully tracked and controlled by technologies that keep us stupid and complacent.

Look for a major change in the structure of international economics. Meanwhile, it is considered wise to transfer any liquid assets not needed for current expenditures into substantial goods outside of paper and accounts valued in dollars. Rural self-sustaining property with food, seeds, equipment and other supplies on hand is very valuable.

Most importantly, we need to work together to support economic and societal choices and policies that favor real, sensible economic activity, including asset-backed currency, easy international trade, efficient sustaining technologies, reduction of pollution, well-being and cooperation.



We have continued to bounce somewhat sideways yet gradually are sliding downhill economically into what may be eventually be thought of as "The Greater Depression". Debt, shortages, labor issues and institutional manipulation have brought us to trouble.

Significant international currency and banking changes are said to be in progress that may have a really dramatic impact in multiple markets.

Experts in economic and societal trends anticipate much worse major economic challenges and social changes in the next few years. Some warn of an impending total financial collapse within the next year or so, with a few voices saying it is already in progress.


economic, challenges, inflation, recession, depression, debt, shortages, labor, unemployment, underemployment, FED, dollar, currency, bonds, stock, market, gold, silver, asset, China, yuan, BRICS, IMF, social, cooperation




Clearing False Reality

What many of us think is reality is a set of beliefs and assumptions based on a combination of normalcy bias, myth, propaganda and “psy op“.

We are living in a false reality, a giant mind control experiment incorporating debt, drugs, distraction, deception, disturbance and distress. We have allowed politicians, the media and scientific and medical technocrats to draw us into false paradigms that harm and restrict us.

To uncover true reality takes courage, dedication, awareness, intelligence, freedom, research, caring and, the real power of the universe, a loving spirit.

War, financial concerns, health issues and distress have been common experiences of humanity for centuries due to orchestrated false reality and separation thinking to serve the financial and power interests of The Conglomerate Empire.

The Empire uses psy ops, false flags, public poisons like fluoride, aluminum, drugs and agriculutural chemicals, economic trickery and frequencies to set us up for chaos, genocide and the full technological domination of their Agenda 2030 plans.

It is time for a transformation from falsehood, mind control, economic manipulation, war, human trafficking and torture, to the caring and mutual support for improving our world with understanding and kindness.

A peaceful awakening about our precarious situation is underway as many of us work together in clearing false reality.

Solutions to public poisons, planned collapse and tyranny can be developed by gathering people together in natural communities to form strategies for survival and betterment. Caring cooperation is essential.


False reality deception, war, financial concerns, health issues and distress have been common experiences of humanity for centuries due to orchestrated separation thinking and the financial and power interests of The Conglomerate Empire.

A peaceful awakening about our precarious situation is underway.


false reality, beliefs, assumptions, myth, propaganda, psy op, debt, deception, distress, politicians, media, science, medical, technocrats, war, financial, economic, health, poisons, human trafficking, survival, cooperation




Absolute Genocide

We Must Stop the Crime Harming Us All

The mass poisoning being perpetrated for decades by the elite controllers has been greatly intensified with the life-changing, even deadly toxic injections propagandized for the fabricated “COVID pandemic”.

The seasonal flu was re-branded as a dangerous virus, and many were killed in hospitals and nursing homes with the kidney-destroying drug Remdesivir, causing the lungs to fill with fluid, followed by life-ending treatment with a ventilator.

The fear of death generated, in coordination with the relentless agency and media propaganda to get vaccinated and the horrific contents in the injections, is arguably the worst attack on humanity in known history.

Despite vast evidence of serious health problems such as miscarriages, infertility, strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, neurological disorders and infections, and more deaths than for all previous “vaccines” combined, incredibly the COVID shots continue to be promoted.

Worse, they are now pushed for children as young as 6 months. This is insanity.

How can not only these genetic modification shots, but also the criminal propaganda be stlll allowed, when there is so much research showing their devastating harm?

This is obviously a planned operation and a clear indication of absolute genocide based on the long-held desire by the powerful few to reduce global population.

The shot campaign is part of a multifaceted long-term project of the elite cabal delivering public poisons via food, water, air, medicines, home products and indulgences (eg., smoking, soft drinks, candy, etc.) to reduce the health, intelligence and lifespan of almost everyone.


Depopulation Weapons


Unconventional Warfare

 Public Poisons

– water, food, air, medicines, products, smoking, snacks, soft drinks

~ chemical bio-weapons:

          - fluoride, aluminum, mercury

          - aspartame, GMO corn syrup, estrogen mimickers, toxic wheat

          - glyphosate, atrazine

          - lab-developed “viruses”, “vaccines”, medicines, psychotropic meds          

          - household cleaning and automotive products

          - Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, aka “geoengineering”

è   reduced intelligence, distracting health problems, infertility, shortened life


Frequencies & Technologies

~ EMF's, RF's, ELF’s:

 ~ electricity, broadcasting, cell tower transmissions, wi-fi

~ radio, TV, cell phones, smart meters

~ hypnotism, media programming, mind control, targeted individuals

~ nano technology, graphene oxide in air, food, water and ejections

~ Directed Energy Weapons

~ HAARP, weather modification

~ cyber attack, power outage, loss of communications


Conventional Kinetic War

~ shooting, bombs, missiles

~ troops, tanks

~ restricted movement, curfews, lockdowns

~ shortages of food, supplies, water, heat, etc.


Detox & Healing

Natural Health

~ detox, nutrients, relaxation, attunement

         ~ organic natural foods, super foods, juices, herbs

          ~ clay, activated charcoal, oxygen, water



~ prayer, meditation, relaxation, spiritual attunement, synchronicity

~ breath, mind science, Reiki, zero-point energy

         ~ acupuncture, reflexology, massage, chiropractic, holistic lifestyle

          ~ frequency generator, ion generator, electro-magnetic, far infrared ray, med-bed

          ~ harmonic resonance with 528 hz for healing attunement.



There is so much research showing the devastating harm of the genetic modification shots and the criminal propaganda being stlll allowed. This is obviously a planned operation and a clear indication of absolute genocide based on the long-held desire by the powerful few to reduce global population.

The shot campaign is part of a multifaceted long-term project of the elite cabal delivering public poisons via food, water, air, medicines, home products and indulgences (eg., smoking, soft drinks, candy, etc.) to reduce the health, intelligence and lifespan of almost everyone.


genocide, depopulation, poisons, bio-weapon, fluoride, aluminum, viruses, vaccines, medicines, lockdown, shortages, nano-technology, graphene oxide, cyber attack, power outage, detox, natural health, healing



Surviving the Crisis

With increasing awareness of the possibly difficult years ahead, people are now more inclined than ever to put up food supplies for times of shortage, and to take steps to have pure water to consume, alternative methods of warmth and waste management, and other necessities.

The growing and storage of high-quality food items, and the availability of water, purifying equipment and other essential supplies is needed for a possible period of disruption in the normal distribution systems and outlets.

Survival Basics

~ shelter, warmth                                  ~ pure water, pure air

~ nourishing, easy prep foods             ~ cash, silver coins, trade items

~ matches & candles                           ~ flashlights, light bulbs

~ blankets, coats & clothing               ~ batteries

~ toiletries                                              ~ extension cords

~ fuel in your vehicle                            ~ tools

~ garden seeds, supplies                      ~ get away bags, plans, location


Alternative Modalities

~ heating, cooking (eg., wood stove, kerosene, etc.)

~ water purification (non-electric, hand-pump, pour-thru)

~ power (eg., generator, wind, solar, etc.)

~ waste management (burial, fertilizer, burning)

~ transportation (eg., bicycle, scooter)

~ communication (satellite phone, text device, walkie-talkie

~ news (battery-op or hand cranked radio, ham radio)


We are now entering a time of critical shortages in the midst of a worsening economic crisis. The growing and storage of high-quality food items, and the availability of water, purifying equipment and other essential supplies is needed for a possible period of disruption in the normal distribution systems and outlets.


More on survival at

(recent “Yeswise Insights” blog-casts – ---- archives - )


survival, social chaos, food, supplies, shortage, water, purify, shelter, warmth, heating, cooking, waste, fuel, economic, collapse, power outage, crisis, disruption, silver, fertilizer, alternative, garden, communication



Prepare for  Survival

Major Disruption of Everyday Life Is Highly Likely

Do you know how unprepared most of the population is for a real emergency? Storing food, water and health care supplies for such an emergency is crucial.

How well do you know your neighbors? Do you help each other?

You are undoubtedly aware of serious natural disasters caused by storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, extreme temperatures, wildfires, volcanoes, earthquakes and tidal waves (tsunamis), in locations around the world.

You have certainly heard of COVID, SARS and Ebola. These outbreaks of the last several years have disrupted the lives of millions of people around the world.

Within just the last few years a huge number of homes and businesses in the U.S.A. have been damaged and/or without power for an extended time and crops damaged from high winds, tornadoes, massive floods, snow, freezing, ice storms, wildfires, drought, etc., ravaging many areas. 

Millions have found themselves suddenly without power and many without food, some for weeks.

In Russia, drought and fires ruined the 2010 season's crops forcing them to curtail wheat exports. Now the war in Ukraine, the sanctions and fuel and fertilizer shortages have seriously reduced global food stocks.

In the winter of 2011, millions of dollars worth of vegetable and citrus crops in Florida were ruined by record freezing temperatures. In the last few years, flooding of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers has wiped out many acres of crops in the central U.S.A.

A volcanic event can generate a cloud of ash in the atmosphere that blocks the sun, as happening in the Southern hemisphere right now. A cold growing season produces far less crops, and the ash cloud could last for more than one season.

Ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland interrupted European air travel for more than a week a few years ago. The ongoing rash of earthquakes and volcanic activities around the world suggests that more are coming.

There is a great likelihood of a major new earthquake or a volcanic eruption at anytime at any of a number of locations. Much of the population of California are very used to minor earthquakes that rumble in the depths frequently along the San Andreas Fault.

The Cascadia zone farther north along the west coast off of Oregon and Washington is expected to have a much more devastating event anytime.

The New Madrid fault emanating from the Mississippi River basin could produce a destructive earthquake that eliminates much fertile crop land.  

One or more major disturbances of nature could cause serious food shortages. Food stocks are drastically low in most areas of the world. Even in the U.S.A., grocery stores and the average household have only enough food on hand to last a few days if the supply chain were interrupted.

Meanwhile, the major disruption in the economy in 2008-9, was a forewarning of a worse economic collapse to come, and perhaps a deeper depression of unknown length.

Some experts say this financial collapse or reset internationally is already underway that will spark economic and social chaos.

Further, despite the previous fizzle of super flu “viruses” that authorities warned about for years, a global pandemic emergency like COVID may be developing again.

The devastating effects on lives around the world from masks, distancing, lockdowns, quarantines and shots, would exaggerate the economic and social crisis.


Preparing To Face Challenges

It is crucial for people to understand that no matter how our lifestyle has been for many years, major changes can occur rapidly, even suddenly.

Every household needs to be prepared for disturbances in the normal avenues of distribution of food, water, electricity and other necessities.

The amount of food stocked in local grocery stores could be gone in a day or two as people realize that supplies may not be replenished.

What if natural disasters caused roads to be blocked or destroyed so delivery trucks could not get through? What if all communications and power were knocked out for days, weeks or months by a storm, a large solar ejection or an ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) generated by an enemy?

If your refrigerator, water, lights and heating system were not working; and you could not get cash from a bank branch or an ATM; and no stores or restaurants were open; what would you do for food, water and fuel after a few days? What would others in your community do?

This is not presented to generate fear. It is about the importance of being prepared. Disaster scenarios have already happened on a large scale in Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Alabama, California, Missouri and other central states, and to a lesser degree in many other areas.

In recent years, FEMA has conducted several of the largest disaster drills ever organized, mostly in the New Madrid Fault zone around the Mississippi River. Earthquake experts think a major one there is likely soon.

Federal and state emergency services are woefully inadequate, and may barely function in a situation such as loss of all electrical power.

Food storage and stored water are at the top of the list of preparedness. It is wise to keep enough of these on hand for at least several weeks for everyone in your household. Some of those who have already prepared for such emergencies have enough survival supplies for six months, a year or more.

We are now entering a time of critical shortages in the midst of an economic crisis.


It is important to make plans to have necessities on hand for an emergency. Here is a partial list:

                                        Essential Survival Items

~ nourishing, ready to eat foods       ~ pure water

~ matches, candles, alcohol            ~ flashlights

~ batteries                                         ~ blankets, coats & clothing

~ tools                                               ~ fuel in your vehicle

~ alternative heating (eg., wood stove, propane, kerosene, fuel oil, etc.)

~ alternative transportation (eg., bicycle, scooter)

~ alternative power (eg., generator, wind, solar, back-up battery etc.)

~ emergency radio (battery operated or hand cranked), satellite phone or message device

The best choices for stored foods are nutritious, ready to eat items, that are protected from oxidation, and which do not readily spoil without refrigeration.

I suggest ordering a supply of N Edge org flaxseed and Delicious Greens as high nutrition supplemental foods along with whatever other food items you can store.


It is crucial to understand that no matter how our lifestyle has been for many years, major changes can occur rapidly, even suddenly.

We are now entering a time of critical shortages in the midst of an economic crisis. Every household needs to be prepared for disturbances in the normal avenues of distribution of food, water, fuel, electricity, fertilizer and other necessities.

survival, disaster, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, volcano, ash, wildfire, freezing, shortage, economic, collapse, crisis, social chaos, food, fuel, fertilizer, electricity, power outage, alternatives



High Value Survival Foods


Seeds                          Beans

Flax seeds                       Green

Chia seeds                       Yellow

Sesame seeds                 Kidney

Amaranth                        Pinto

Buckwheat                      Navy

Quinoa                             Black

Sunflower seeds             Garbano/ Chickpeas

Alfalfa seeds                   Mung

Walnuts                           Peas

Almonds                          Peanuts

Chicken seeds (eggs)



Pears                               Pineapples

Apples                             Bananas

Peaches                          Mangoes

Apricots                           Papayas

Cherries                           Kiwi

                                        Grapes (raisins)              Goji berries

Citrus                               Blueberries

Avocadoes                       Raspberries

Paw Paws                       Strawberries


Other Super Foods

Barley Grass                    Mangosteen

Wheat Grass                   Noni

Spirulina                          Acai

Alfalfa                             Pollen Extract

Broccoli/Kale                 Celery

Carrots                            Beets


Herbs and Spices

Turmeric                         Black Pepper

Cinnamon                      Capsicum (Cayenne Pepper)

Thyme                             Oregano

Dandelion                       Peppermint/Spearmint

Kelp                                 Pine Oil

Garlic                              Lavender Oil

Larrea (Chaparral)       Pollen Extract


Certain natural foods, super foods and herbs are more concentrated in nutrients. Many of these can be stored for high value nutrition during a time of shortages in food, fuel and fertilizer. A diesel fuel/transportation crisis with poor crop yields in the November through April growing areas is such a time.

survival, shortage, super, foods, flax, seeds, beans, fruits, herbs, spices, greens, turmeric, barley, wheat, grass, pollen, spirulina, nutrients, nutrition, antioxidants, antiseptic



Critical Thinking Matters

The Cultic Cabal

evil wealthy psychopaths & their conglomerate empire


Weapons for Control:

          war                        EMFs                     media                    floods

          financial fraud       DEWs                    cyber attack          fires

          currency & debt    psy ops                  nanotech               quakes

          food & fuel            government          spike proteins       tsunamis

          chemicals             politics                  body control          eruptions

         poisons                bureaucracy          mind control         social collapse

          plagues                 education              mass insanity        confusion & chaos          


Poisons for Unintelligence & Depopulation:

          pharmaceuticals           aluminum                                 cigarettes

          vaccines                          pesticides                                  alcohol

          chlorine                           herbicides                                  sugar/sweeteners

          fluoride                            glyphosate                                 additives

          mercury                           genetic modification                toxic products



yeswise critical thinking

awareness                       meditation

research                          reformation

recognition                      transformation

realization                       celebration

motivation                       recreation

cooperation                     reconstruction



The teaching of critical thinking was gradually phased out of American education over the past century. As a student and teacher in multiple school systems from the 1950s into the 2000s, I witnessed much of this intentional reduction.

We need to engage in critical research to identify what is wrong with the assumptions, institutions and policies of our world and transform them into something better. Critical thinking is essential for this reformation.


critical thinking, control, manipulation, currency, food, fuel, chemicals, plagues, poisons, shortages, government, politics, bureaucracy, education, media, chaos, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, genetic modification, additives, research, cooperation, transformation



Economic Collapse?

Financial experts such as Jim Rickards, Martin Armstrong, Catherine Austin Fitts, Jim Willie, Peter Schiff, Michael Snyder and many others, anticipate a severe unavoidable financial collapse due to:

~ over-leveraged debt

~ shaky derivatives

~ rising interest rates

~ inflation

~ diesel fuel and diesel oil shortages

~ shortages in food and much more

~ war

~ and more to come.

Based on these conditions and the financial history of the last century, there is expected to be a nearly certain further major stock market crash after the 4th straight major FED interest rate hike.

A severe economic depression seems to be developing. Many companies are already projecting 50% layoffs in the next year. Quite a few will close completely, especially those with failing earnings and high debt.

The retail, travel-tourism and service sectors will likely be hit hard, also anything else much beyond necessities, and those may be hard to come by or afford.

Beyond that, the cabal is trying to crash the economy world-wide, especially western societies, as well as promoting:

~ bio-engineered plagues & injections

~ starvation

~ deprivation of heat and power

~ social chaos

~ wars of all kinds…

all to accompany their long-standing poisoning route of depopulation and control.

Make plans for challenges, and work with others to make things better.


A severe economic depression seems to be developing. Financial experts anticipate a severe unavoidable financial collapse. Many companies are already projecting 50% layoffs in the next year. Quite a few will close completely, especially those with failing earnings and high debt.


economic, collapse, debt, derivatives, interest, rates, inflation, diesel, fuel, oil shortages, food, starvation, war, depression, layoffs, earnings, retail, necessities, economy, cabal, social, chaos



Disaster or Correction?

an Insight Minute

In the current state of affairs, the main issues are matters of whether we are deceived by

lies and led to apparent disaster, or figure out how to make a significant correction in how

to proceed from here.

deception or revelation?

war or peace agreement?

economic collapse or recovery?

starvation or food relief?

cyborg or human?

AI or human-kind intelligence?

depopulation vs. detox & healing?

tyranny or cooperative care?


Insight Minute is a brief exploration of ideas serving betterment, better mind, and well-being.

disaster, correction, deception, revelation, war, peace, collapse, recovery, starvation, relief, cyborg, human, AI, intelligence, depopulation, detox, healing, tyranny, cooperative, kindness



Deep Deception

 Roman maxim of law: “Let one who would be deceived be so.”

 The world has long been a scam field! Much of what we believe to be true is really fraud.

You may or may not know that a cabal of wealthy elite psychopaths has had their hands on the levers of debt financing, currency fraud, deception and corruption of people in key positions for generations.

To maintain power over the masses for centuries they have used:

~ wars, force, fiat currency, usurious debt

~ control of resources, media food and other commodities

~ manipulation of corrupt officials

~ social-engineering, psychological operations

~ pestilence, poisons and frequencies

These arch criminals have planned for decades to greatly reduce the population and control those remaining with these methods and long withheld advanced technologies and critical information.

Now they have brought us to the doorstep of economic collapse, high-tech war, mass deaths from their poisons and frequencies, and other secretly known or planned unrevealed catastrophes to come.

Be aware that COVID, the shots, 5G+ wi-fi and satellites make a planned coordinated surveillance and weapon system promoted by the most thorough propaganda campaign in history for purposes of…

~ phased depopulation by propaganda, fear & ignorance for profit with evil intent

~ corrupting scientists, hospitals, doctors, bureaucrats, politicians, media, actors, comics

~ tracking your every trip, transaction, communication and thought 

~ clogging capillaries & arteries throughout a body with both natural & synthetic clots

~ controlling brains through graphene oxide lipid-coated nanobots guided by wi-fi

~ genetic modification of humans to transhuman branded patentable cyborgs

~ reducing immune systems to dysfunctional

~ reducing fertility to none

~ destroying self-awareness to dementia

~ destroying lives around the world

~ full mind and body control of the survivors

~ establishing permanent full-spectrum domination by top cabal tyrants

Know that growing numbers of awakening people, including many physicians, are exposing this massive criminal conspiracy and helping each other learn of helpful modalities of betterment. You can help by researching and communicating.

I prefer love, awareness and thinking to deception, ignorance and misunderstanding.


The Real World

betterment ~ better mind

awareness and service for good

~ basic tools of perception

~ consciousness

~ survival

~ holistic healing, natural health

~ freedom from tyranny

~ cooperation

~ goodness


The world has long been a scam field! Much of what we believe to be true is really fraud.

A cabal of wealthy elite psychopaths with their hands on the levers of debt financing, currency fraud, deception and corruption of people in key positions for generations, has now brought us to the doorstep of economic collapse, high-tech war, mass deaths from their poisons and frequencies, and other secretly known or planned unrevealed catastrophes to come. You can help expose and end this deception and its harm by researching and communicating. (


deception, fraud, psychopaths, debt, corruption, methods, manipulation, economic collapse, high-tech, war, poisons, frequencies, propaganda, secret, planned, unrevealed, catastrophes, transhuman, cyborg, domination, research, communicating



Life Verities of Holistic Reality

an Insight Minute

A verity is something true - a fact, a principle, an accurate statement of reality. 

The supportive life verities of holistic reality are anchor principles for determining what is real.

    ~ Correct knowledge of reality requires clear perception.

    ~ Creative awareness is the source of perception, thinking, experience and expression.

    ~ Goodness is the unifying quality of creative awareness serving the manifestation of betterment, beneficial reality and the development of greater awareness.

    ~ Holistic natural health and “bettermental” thinking serve the clearing of perception and conscious growth in awareness.

     ~ Holistic loving expresses the spiritual qualities of goodness, betterment and kindness. It is the creative dynamic energy of living and the ultimate purpose of experience.

Integrating these important principles in spiritually-guided mind facilitates self-realization of the greater wisdom of creative loving awareness.


NOTE: The experiences of love and fear, good and evil, honesty and falsehood, kindness and horror, are the differentiating potentialities of freedom of choice.

The darkness of separation and harm is the other side of the light of love and goodness.

Expressions of the appearance of opposition generate the pulse of manifestation and choices, the motive for improvement.


Yeswise Insight Minute is a brief exploration of ideas serving betterment, better mind, and well-being.

There are certain verities of life that can be identified with experience. These principles improve understanding of holistic reality, reduce evil and harm, serve the process of betterment, and help us grow in awareness.

life, verities, principles, reality, perception, creative awareness, thinking, experience, expression, manifestation, betterment, growth, spiritual, goodness, kindness, self, realization, fear, evil, falsehood, separation, harm, choices, improvement



Economic Changes and Collapse


Serious Social Changes

As we move through this Fall, the world is changing rapidly. It appears that a serious crisis is unfolding, as if the COVID experience hasn't been enough.

Food shortages are developing due in part to:

~ fuel and fertilizer shortages

~ transportation system problems

~ incentives for not planting

~ crop and livestock destruction

~ disasters at food production and processing facilities

~ coming unavailability of normal foods

~ undesirable alternatives - eg., insects, meal worms, lab meats

There could be many other shortages, as well as much higher prices, as the economy dives into deep recession.

Other researchers are concerned about rolling or total blackouts of power and communications in some areas.

The fuel, electricity, heating and fertilizer issues and industrial closures of Europe will have more effects on the USA over the next few months.


Financial Manipulation 

financial system: banks, markets, instruments & derivatives

~ debt, interest

~ inflation – deflation

~ currency, the dollar, digital currencies, money

~ employment / unemployment

~ food, health, housing, energy, fuel

~ market manipulation “options”, shortages

media, politicians, government, agencies, NGOs, unions


Economic Collapse

Many economic analysts believe that a serious financial crash is underway wherein the dollar will lose substantially more value. Some are worried that banks may not function or will "bail-in" depositors’ money.

~ “The Great Reset”

~ digital dollar, social control

~ elimination of individual property ownership

~ techno-slavery

~ debt forgiveness?


“The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a nation.”

“The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.”

-         Vladimir Lenin


“You’ll own nothing and be happy.” – Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum


The Quantum Financial System? ~ NESARA / GESARA?


Evil Cabal Goals

Council of 13 ~ Committee of 300 ~ Think Tanks ~ Silent Weapons

 depopulation, transhumanism, technocracy, false power, full control

censorship, elimination or control of alternatives or opposition


Betterment in the Real World

positive wisdom for better mind

awareness and service for good


~ basic tools of perception

~ consciousness

~ survival

~ holistic healing, natural health

~ freedom from tyranny

~ cooperation

~ goodness


The evil cultic cabal, through the think tanks and agencies of The Conglomerate Empire, has developed numerous weapons for their “war on humanity”. They have utilized economic changes, soon a financial collapse, and mass mind control methods, as well as other modalities and hidden technologies to depopulate the planet and control the survivors.

We need a process of betterment: awareness, healing and cooperation to stop evil from dominating the world and restore freedom and goodness. (


economics, financial manipulation, banks, markets, derivatives, debt, interest, inflation, deflation, currency, dollar, digital, money, unemployment, food, health, housing, energy, fuel, technocracy, “options”, shortages, survival, cooperation


The War on Humanity

 Council of 13 ~ Committee of 300 ~ Think Tanks ~ Silent Weapons


"Psyence“ - Mind Control

~ myth, religion, dogma, decrees, laws, rules, “science”

~ mind control research, MK Ultra, social engineering

~ secrecy, conspiracy, think-tanks, plans, propaganda, technologies

~ fear, trauma-comfort cycle, predictive programming, confusion

~ crowd mind, group thinking, mass mentality, subliminal messaging

~ psy-ops, psychological operations, falsehood, false narratives, misplaced trust

~ “Divide and Rule” 

~ “Order out of Chaos”

~ slavery modalities (debt, surveillance, trauma, poisoning, human trafficking)



~ financial system: banks, markets, instruments & derivatives

~ debt, interest

~ inflation - deflation

~ market manipulation “options”, shortages

~ media, politicians, government, agencies, NGOs, unions

~ food, health, housing, energy, fuel, money

~ employment / unemployment

~ currency, the dollar, digital currencies

~ collapse à “The Great Reset”, Quantum Financial System


“The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a nation.”

“The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.”-         Vladimir Lenin


“You’ll own nothing and be happy.” – Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum


Public Poisons

 ~ water, food, air, medicines, products

~ chemical control:

          - fluoride, aluminum, mercury

          - aspartame, estrogen mimickers

          - glyphosate

          - “vaccines”, medicines, psychotropic meds  

          - household products

          - Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

~ reduced intelligence, distracting health problems, infertility, shortened life


Frequencies & Technologies

~ EMF's, RF's, ELF’s:

          wi-fi, cell phones, smart meters, cell tower transmissions, radio, TV

~ hypnotism, targeted individuals

~ Directed Energy Weapons

~ HAARP, weather modification

 Harmonic Resonance with 528 hz is needed for healing and attunement.


Evil Cabal Goals:

depopulation, transhumanism, technocracy, false power, full control

censorship, elimination or control of alternatives or opposition


Betterment in the Real World

positive wisdom for better mind

awareness and service for good

~ basic tools of perception

~ consciousness

~ survival

~ holistic healing, natural health

~ freedom from tyranny

~ cooperation

~ goodness


The evil cultic cabal, through the think tanks and agencies of The Conglomerate Empire, has developed numerous weapons for their “war on humanity”. They have utilized mass mind control methods, economics, public poisons, frequencies and hidden technologies to depopulate the planet and control the survivors.

We need a process of betterment, awareness, healing and cooperation to stop evil from dominating the world and restore freedom and goodness. (

mind control, technologies, fear, trauma, manipulation, social engineering, predictive programming, psychological operations, technocracy, economics, poisons, frequencies, awareness, healing, natural health, survival, freedom, cooperation



"Psyence" – Mind Control Technologies

~ myth, religion, royalty

~ decrees, laws, regulations, rules

~ “authority”, dogma, “science”, false facts & beliefs

~ mind control research, MK Ultra, social engineering

~ secrecy, conspiracy, think-tanks, plans, technologies

~ fear, trauma-comfort cycle

~ psy-ops, psychological operations


~ falsehood, false narratives, misplaced trust


~ debt, economic & financial market manipulation


~ poisons in food, water & aerosols, psych medicines, “vaccines”


~ frequencies, EMFs, nanotech, graphene oxide


 "Psyence“ Modalities

~ crowd mind, group thinking, mass mentality, herd behavior

"sheeple gates" ~ birth cert, immunization, schools, driver’s license, bank account, insurance, job, tax return, (IRS), Social Security, marriage, address (zip code), voting, credit/debit cards ~ registration, tracking)

~ patterned mental constructs, memes, lifestyle cues

~ predictive programming

~ staged agents, leaders, organizations, staged events

~ false flags, scripted narratives, fake news, threats, war, economic crisis

~ political corruption, lying authorities

~ propaganda, public relations, advertising, subliminal memes

~ anti-social behavior, confusion

~ “Stockholm Syndrome” - defending or helping the abusers

~ “Divide and Rule” 

~ “Order out of Chaos”

~ slavery modalities (debt, surveillance, mind control, trauma, human trafficking)


Evil Cabal Goals: 

      ~ full control

      ~ depopulation

      ~ transhumanism

      ~ technocracy

      ~ gain

      ~ false power



positive wisdom for better mind

awareness and service for good

~ basic tools of perception

~ consciousness

~ survival

~ holistic healing, natural health

~ freedom from tyranny

~ cooperation

~ goodness

The evil cultic cabal, through the think tanks and agencies of The Conglomerate Empire, has developed numerous “psyence” methods of control. What are the plans, technologies, memes and modalities of mind control they employ to manipulate and subjugate humanity?

We need a process of betterment, awareness, healing and cooperation to stop evil from dominating the world and restore freedom and goodness. (

 psyence, mind control, technologies, memes, fear, trauma, manipulation, social engineering, predictive programming, psychological operations, technocracy, awareness, healing, natural health, survival, freedom, cooperation



Evil Cabal Projects


The Evil Cultic Cabal & The Conglomerate Empire 

Elite Families







Mega Corporation Execs

NGO Institutions

Corrupt Officials

Corrupt Scientists

Corrupt Media



Agencies, Memes & Projects of the Cabal

United Nations, World Economic Forum, etc.


New World Order

Great Reset

Global Warming, Climate Change


Currency & precious metals manipulation

Agenda 21 ~ Agenda 2030

9-11, Patriot Act, Homeland Security


Pandemics, bio-weapons, experiments

COVID-19, Ebola, HIV, Swine, Lime, Polio, Flu…

Lockdown (“shelter in place”)

War, Nukes

False Blame


Staged Events

shock ~ fear ~ poisons ~ restriction ~ control

9-11  ~  COVID  ~  war  ~  collapse  ~  catastrophes


Evil Cabal Goals:

      ~ full control

      ~ depopulation

      ~ transhumanism

      ~ technocracy

      ~ gain

      ~ false power



positive wisdom for better mind

awareness and service for good 

~ basic tools of perception

~ consciousness

~ survival

~ holistic healing, natural health

~ freedom from tyranny

~ cooperation

~ goodness

The evil cultic cabal, through the think tanks and agencies of their Conglomerate Empire, has developed numerous projects of control. Who are these psychopaths? What are the agencies, memes and projects they employ to mamnipulate and gain control of humanity?

We need a process of betterment, awareness, healing and cooperation to stop evil from dominating the world and restore freedom and goodness. (


evil, cabal, cult, illuminati, agencies, memes, projects, manipulation, United Nations, World Economic Forum, climate change, transhumanism, technocracy, awareness, healing, natural health, survival, freedom, cooperation



The Evil Cabal

~ "evil" - reverse of “live”

~ limits awareness

– false reality

~ service to self

~ thirst for power, profit and pleasure

~ intentional rejection of good

~ extreme indifferent selfishness,

~ commitment to depravity

~ collusion of self-serving manipulators

~ psychopathy

~ insanity

~ war on humanity

“The greatest error of modern society is in discounting the ontological existence of evil.”


Unconventional War

by the evil cultic cabal & The Conglomerate Empire

“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”


Distraction – Deception – Disturbance - Depopulation– Detention

~ manipulation

          ~ fraud

          ~ threat

          ~ ego

          ~ illusion

          ~ false power

          ~ slavery

          ~ genocide

          ~ soul capture



     Normalcy Bias:

          assumption that normal is real and will continue as okay in     

          common agreement.


    Cognitive Dissonance:

          mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by  

new information.

The concept was introduced by psychologist Leon Festinger (1919-1989) in the late 1950’s. He and later researchers showed that, when confronted with challenging new information, most people seek to preserve their current understanding of the world by rejecting, explaining away or avoiding the new information or by convincing themselves that no conflict really exists.


Deceptive Illusion

Eg., “election” of mostly pre-selected officials who get rich serving Conglomerate interests, staged events, false narratives


Evil Goal: full control, depopulation, transhumanism, technocracy, false power


Yeswise Betterment

positive wisdom for better mind

awareness and service for good 

~ basic tools of perception

~ consciousness

~ survival

~ holistic healing, natural health

~ freedom from tyranny

~ cooperation

~ goodness


Evil does exist. It is evident in the attempt by the psychopathic cultic control cabal to establish tyranny through various modalities. They are using unconventional warfare on humanity, including mind manipulation programming, poisons, and more to reduce population, generate chaos and finalize full dominance.

We need a process of awakening, awareness, healing and cooperation to identify evil intention and action, stop evil from dominating the world and restore freedom and beneficial living.

evil, war, deception, programming, mind control, manipulation, transhumanism, awareness, healing, natural health, survival, freedom, cooperation



“Psy-Ops” -- Psychological Operations

(Also see: “Psy-Ops” - A Grandpa Jon easy-chair song video)

public poisons – media – government -- propaganda – false narratives – “climate change”– medical mythology – planned “pandemic” -- staged events -- disasters – wars


4 stages of psychological operation:




Normalization (of intended fabricated reality)


Nescience – from the Latin verb nesciere: “to not know because knowledge was absent or unattainable”

Ignorance – from the Latin verb ignorare: “to not know even though necessary information is present, because that information has been willfully refused or disregarded”


The ten basic forms of mind control by the "NEWS":

1. delivering lies as facts
2. omission of vital information
3. minimal coverage and nothing further
4. clouding or hiding the truth after publishing it
5. ignoring supportive information
6. censorship – controlling opposition
7. using biased guests and false experts
8. repetition of the false narrative
9. false consensus. (It’s not a consensus when important dissenters are excluded. “Science” is not about “consensus”, even of a majority.)
10. false credibility effects – reputation, anchor popularity, acting, language, lighting, visuals – all to convince of validity


Integrated mind control systems:

Public Poisons:

neurotoxins, fluoridated water, heavy metals (aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium), medicines, “vaccines”, drugs, psychotropic meds, food additives, aspartame, GMOs, glyphosate, Atrazine – 2nd most common herbicide, hormone disruptors, estrogen mimickers, chemical castrators, atmospheric aerosol sprays, weaponized frequencies


Mass Hypnosis:

repeated fear warnings, news, buzzwords and statistics; repetitive phrasing, terms or memes such as “the science”, “deadly virus”, “social distancing”, “cases”, “tests”, “vaccines”, “lockdown”, “herd immunity”, “terrorist”, “racist”, “fascist”, “climate change”, “Trump”, Biden, etc.


Psychogenic triggers:

fear, anxiety, panic à break – a reorienting of the psychic world mixing delusion and reality to incite panic and negative emotions or calm



governmental disinformation, agencies, mainstream “NEWS” media, radio, television, movies, videos, social media, advertising, music, entertainers, staged events, coordinated narrative, intensity of coverage



govern-mental, politics, statutory legalities, agencies, regulations, policies


Corporate Conglomerate:

giant companies, non-profits, non-governmental organizations “NGOs”, international institutions


Institutional Policies:

religion, education, money, finance, debt, advertising


Extravaganza Events:

awards shows, stars & celebs, professional sports, entertainment


Staged Trauma Events:

shootings, bombings, riots, fires, storms, floods, building demolitions, market manipulations, shortages, pandemics


Tech attack:

cell phones, social media, wi-fi, modifying injections, nanotechnology



secret attack strategy -- Feign weakness and incompetence and/or hide preparations while undermining the strength and ability of the “enemy” before attacking overtly. (Eg., pandemic, poisoning, cyber interference, economic sabotage, distress, social division, etc.)


Mind Control Technologies:

Nearly full surveillance systems: phone calls, emails, comments, transactions, ubiquitous cameras, listening and video devices, voice-face-body recognition

RNM – Remote Neural Monitoring (plus targeting):

graphene oxide hydrogel nanobots + wi-fi

MIND – Magnetically Integrated Neuron Duplicator

BAPI- Biological Application Programming Interface

TAMI - Thought Amplifier and Mind Interface

SATAN – Silent Assassination Through Amplification of Neurons


Brain Wave Patterns:

Delta – deep sleep

Theta – light sleep, meditation

Alpha – awake, relaxed, creative conscious awareness, right brain

Beta – awake, excited, active conscious awareness, left brain


“Nanoparticles… make a beeline for the brain as soon as they are inhaled. Too big to pass back through the blood-brain barrier, they become trapped there.”

–, Jan 5, 2004


“Once nano-particulates have sufficient control over a host body, they can then be remotely controlled to work as GPS tracking devices, to inflict physical pain and disease, to influence emotional states, to cause memory lapses, to read brain patterns, and even to remotely influence thoughts.”

– The Occult Roots of NASA and The Ongoing Fraud: Part 2


Psycons – PSYchological CONtrol Systems

-        social engineered persuasion

-        public poisons

-        pharma fraud

-        stratospheric aerosol injection

-        entrainment education

-        misinformation media

-        public propaganda

-        predictive programming

-        deceptive distraction

-        disaster disturbances

-        defense delusions

-        war with or without warning

-        criminal corporations

-        bamboozling “banksters”

-        intel influence

-        military mobsters

-        Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - experiences and abduction reports

-        life insurance (death insurance), health insurance (medical insurance)         

-        immunization (immune elimination) - vaccines (pox & poison injections)

-        pharmaceuticals (sorcery poisoning chemicals) - pharmakeia = poisoning sorcery

-        government assistance (govern-mental = mind-control)    

-        Food & Drug Administration (administering drugs + in food, water, air)                 

-        Centers for Disease Control (population control by disease)

-        confusion, chaos

-        food, fuel & power shortages

-        economic collapse, civil unrest, martial law

-        cabal behind it all

-        the super mafia

-        “the deep state”

-        “the shadow government”

-        “The Illuminati”

-        “the hidden hand”

Will civil unrest precipitate more rigorous lockdowns, possibly “martial law”?

Spread awareness and help the movement to end manipulation by the cabal and its conglomerate empire.



Traps of Government Mind Control:

How Much Control Are They Implementing?:


The cultic control cabal wants us either eliminated or under their full dominance. They have a long-planned mind control agenda with multiple modalities, poisons and technologies, to guide the remaining population into their intended tyranny. We are victims of an elaborate system of these psychological operations. Awareness will help stop this.

mind, control, agenda, cabal, ignorance, confusion, fear, government, psychological operations, manipulation, misinformation, distraction, poisons, pharma, injection, intel, propaganda, deception, war, awareness



"What War?"

We are in the midst of a huge multifaceted war. It is time for each and every one of us to know about it and take action to protect ourselves as best as possible.

In addition to the threats of a hot global war with weapons of mass destruction, awakened sleeper cells of planted terrorists and mind-controlled assassins, war technologies such as drones, frequencies and energy weapons, and/or invading foreign soldiers, there are also sub-wars we should be seriously concerned about.

These are the ones alluded to in the formerly secret report “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”.

In particular, it is critically important for your survival to investigate, plan, prepare and implement your best methods for dealing with the wars that are primarily directed on the population. These wars have been intensifying for many decades: